Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 64

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 64


Kylie sprang on her feet immediately, her eyes blazing and the hem of her big dress flopping along with her.

“What’re you talking about?” She demanded, her eyes jarring at the sister that had delivered the news.

“What do you mean King Dakota is riding to the gates?”

“I’m as shocked as you are, Supreme Sister. They’re….” Before she could get the rest of the words out of her mouth, Kylie walked past her and stormed out of the room, not minding her halfly – done hair.

Sukie followed immediately, together with the other sister.


King Dakota and his men had been riding for hours, non stop – even through the night. He had be been so determined to get to the Witches Palace and he finally did.

Their fast horses racing towards the gate, he saw the witches coming out, their Queen in front of them. They were all dressed in red garments, their hoodies all over their heads, but Kylie’s garments being the longest and swept the floor.

Kylie was in awe. Since the enf0rcement of the restriction law centuries ago, no Mountain Lion or blood s*cker has ever stepped foot in the witches territory. Of course, they had no reason to and didn’t want to get k*il*led. It was part of the law;- every man to his territory.

But now, seeing King Dakota riding towards them, she just couldn’t understand what was going on. What was he doing there???

Sukie, on the other hand, was shocked. She was standing beside Kylie and could spot Pishan on his horse, her heart racing heavily. What could be going on? Why were they riding to the palace? Was he there to expose her?

Oh! Of course, not he wouldn’t. He promised her!

Only the sound of the horses’ hooves could be heard aa they dug through the ground and rode, and finally, were pulled to halts by their riders when they got close enough.

Together with over fifteen of his men present with him, King Dakota climbed down from his horse, his sword in his sheath beside him as he walked towards the witches, his eyes specifically on Kylie.

Sernity dwelt amongst the sisters; not even a word was heard from one of them.

Due to the law, that was the first time Kylie was meeting Dakota face to face. Although, she’s seen artistic images of him, heard so much about him and also heard he was a calm handsome man, she just never thought he’d look this violent like the man coming in front of her with those deep blue eyes.

“King Dakota” her voice was finally heard when he stopped working, standing so close to her with his men behind him.

“I never thought I’d see you here in my palace, especially when it’s forbidden”.

“There’d be no need for the courtesy, Kylie, because if I had my way, I wouldn’t want to be here” he gruffed.

Kylie was stunned.

That was disrespectful! He just called her by her name!

Pishan was standing closest to the King while Raksha stood next. And as he stood there, his eyes ran into the nervous Sukie who had also been staring at him. That face …he never thought he’d be seeing it soon. He really hoped Dakota wouldn’t do anything to hurt them/hurt her.

“I see’. Kylie continued.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it a ple@sure seeing you either. And I hope you don’t mind me asking what you’re doing on my land. Right now, I have every right to k*il*l you and your men”.

“And I have every right to k*il*l you and your sisters for trying to k*il*l one of my own!” Dakota chipped in as soon as she was done and watched as Kylie’s face crumpled up.

“You and your sisters” he continued, his voice sounding more hoarse.

“You broke the law already and attacked one of my own”.

“What’re you talking about?” Kylie scoffed.

“You and your sisters, made a poison, applied it on an arrow and shot one of my wives with it! How dare you?”

Kylie was looking evidently confused. She scoffed again and glanced at the sister beside her, before turning back at Dakota.

“I must say I’m the most confused person on earth right now because I don’t have a zilch on what you’re talking about” she said, her eyes blaring at the angry Dakota.

“Why would my sisters and I attack your people, Dakota? That has never been heard of for centuries. If this a stunt, King Dakota, I’d suggest you call it off cause it’s not funny”. She was sounding a little angry as well.

King Dakota stretched out his palm to Pishan who handed the arrow to him.

“Then, how do you explain this?” He threw it at Kylie who was fast enough to catch it.

She stared at the greenish blood on the arrow and flinched.

The poison! It was indeed made from the blood of a witch. She didn’t even need to study it as it was obvious already. She was very familiar with the poison and knew the resources used in making them of which a witch’s blood was the most important. And it couldn’t just be taken unconsciously from a witch, it had to be given voluntarily because it required a reasonable potion.

Someone….A witch did this!.

King Dakota watched as the confidence depreciated from Kylie’s face. She didn’t even have the guts to look him in the face anymore.

“You and your sisters are the ones playing a stunt here, Kylie’ Dakota continued.

“A stunt that isn’t funny”.

“I swear on the laws, King Dakota, I don’t know anything about this” Kylie looked up at him and said.

“So, who made the poison?” Dakota scoffed.

“I don’t know! I never authorized this; I’d never do so! Our elders fought so hard to keep the law. Why would I jeopardize it at my own time?”

“Well, that is your business because one or some of your sisters here are responsible for this. And for the sake of kindness, I’m giving you one last warning. I’ll leave here without harming anyone, but if something like this repeats itself, mark my words, Kylie; I’ll be back. And when I’m back, you should be ready for a war!”

Anger crept onto Kylie’s face. And after a long glare, King Dakota turned around and marched towards his horse.

His men followed, Pishan giving a silent stare at Sukie before turning around as well.

And with ruffled sounds, they all got onto their horses, turned them around and started riding away.

The sisters remained silent, just watching the men aa they rode away.

Kylie lowered her gaze to the arrow in her palm s, stared keenly at it and finally, threw it angrily on the ground.

“Sukie!” She called aloud, her eyes on the ground.

“Supreme Sister” Sukie who was already beside her, bowed.

“a*s*semble all the sisters in the hall. Sister Elphaba!”

The elder came running out immediately. They could all tell Kylie was dangerously angry and could do anything at that moment.

“Supreme Sister” the woman bowed in front of her.

“Take me to the location room. I need to see the map”.



Kylie was breathing so hard as she walked into the dark room with the Elder. Her hair had already become ruffled due to the cold breeze from outside, but that didn’t matter to her.

The room was sacred and needed to be dark. So, Sister Elphaba lit a candle at the door which helped them get to the wall where the huge map was pinned.

It was known as the magical map – helped in telling and locating a new witch or any witch at all, outside of their palace.

But staring at the map, all the lights were pointed at the palace which meant every breathing witch was in the palace. If there had been a witch elsewhere, the dotted light would have pointed out the location on the map. But since there was no light elsewhere, it meant there no witch elsewhere. And whoever made that poison, came from the palace.

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