Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 13

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 13

Queen Chaska’s eyes dimmed immediately as she sprang on her feet.

The smiles she once housed on her cheeks, all melted into frowns as she wanted to believe she had misheard her maid.

“What’re you talking about, Gina? Have you lost your senses? How can you speak what is not true?” She asked angrily, her eyes flaming.

And Gina lowered her head in fear.

“May the goddess forbid that I lie to you, my Queen. You should know me, I’ll never bring fake news to you. I heard it directly from a guard; he was among those who had rode with the King to the lady’s house. According to him, she’d disobeyed the King’s lockdown order yesterday, by going out of the house. And in order to punish her, the King decided to make her his fourth wife, so she doesn’t have to enjoy a man’s companionship for the rest of her life”.

Chaska’s heard was beating rapidly in her chest like it wanted to burst out; her eyes were dilating so bright.

“No!!!” She suddenly yelled.

“No! No! It can’t be!!”

She huffed and walked p@ssGina to the door, brushing her shoulder as she did.

She left the room and Gina followed, wondering where she was headed. Hope she didn’t make a bad move by telling her the news?

Chaska’s face was fuming as she walked down the hallway until she had gotten to the balcony where she stood in front of the rails, staring at the path where horses normally rode in. She wanted to know if the so calld wife was there already.

“I don’t want to believe this, Gina” she said in deep breaths.

“The hell! I just hope for the first time, you’ve gotten a false information”.

Gina stood behind her like a w*et puppet, hoping she doesn’t get punished for the badnews. But she didn’t mean any harm.

Chaska was boiling with deep anger. A new wife?? Never!! She wasn’t done dealing with Nosheba and the third Queen. Now, a new one?!! A new rival?

“Never!” She faciled out.

“No other wife is welcomed. What is the King doing?

“Has the King returned?” She turned her head a little and asked.

“Y…Yes, My Queen. He returned a while ago” Gina answered with a bow.

“I need to speak to him!” Chaska rasped, turned around and walked away.


At the witches palace ✍️

Sukie could be seen walking down the hallway with some books.

She was adorned with her red garment as usual, but this time around, her hoodie wasn’t over her head. So, her long hair was falling smoothly on her back, exposed.

The hall was neat and long, with limelights on each side at some distance.

“Sister Sukie!” She suddenly heard her name from behind and turned to see one of the sisters scurrying towards her.

She held a basket with her.

“Sister Martha” Sukie called when she got to where she was.

“Is there a problem?”

“Of course, not” the sister said with a warm smile.

“Someone delivered this; says she wants to pay her grat*itude for healing her yesterday. Must be the woman you went out to heal”.

Sukie collected the basket from her, trying to hide her surprise. The basket contained varieties of fruits, and a letter beneath it.

“Thank you, Martha. I’m grateful” she smiled and walked away, changing direction and heading for her room.

As soon as she got in, she rushed to the bed, set the basket on the floor and brought out the letter.

*Must be the woman you went out to heal* Martha’s words replayed in her head.

She didn’t go out to heal any woman yesterday. Unless….

She broke the seal and opened the letter and her eyes beamed when she read the content:

*Dear Sukie;

I hope this letter finds you.

*I’m writing this to apologize for my yesterday’s ingrat*itude. I want you to know I appreciate your time and sacrifice and I’m deeply sorry for yelling at you. Hope you can forgive me, beautiful witch. And hope you smile after reading this letter*.

Indeed, she did smile as she came to an end of it.

Oh, goodness! Pishan! No doubt; she knew it was him.

Funny he decided to apologize to her.

Just then, the door unheraldedly went open and Sukie turned with a light gasp to find one of the sisters standing at the doorway

Blessed Hecate… she had to close her eyes for a second to take in a deep breath.

“Did I frighten you?” The sister at the doorway asked coldly with a grim smile.

“I wouldn’t exactly call it *frighten* Remata, but at least, if you’d shown some modesty by knocking, I wouldn’t have to call it anything at all”. Sukie replied as she folded up the letter in her hands.

“Well, sorry for knocking. I just didn’t think I’ll meet you doing something wrong. Is that a letter?” She dimmed her eyes and Sukie stood up immediately, as soon as she was done folding up the letter.

“Do you need something?” She asked with stern look.

“Even if I do need something, Sukie, what can you offer?” Remata asked with a cranky smile, her white pretty eyes beaming.

“Anyway, the supreme Sister asked me to call you. She’s summoning everyone down the hall” she added and left, making Sukie release the deep breath she’d been holding the whole time.

If anyone gets to know she received such letter, she’d definitely be dead.

She looked around and found a perfect place hid it. Then, left the room afterwards. And as she walked down the hallway, Remata’s words came replaying in her head; The supreme sister’s summoning everyone down the hall. But why? What’s going on?

Remata. She was one of the powerful witches in the coven, but Sukie couldn’t tell why she was always picking at her. Tho, she was known to be hostile, but her hostility towards Sukie was extreme, it made Sukie wonder if it was because she was closest to the Queen or something else.


She snapped out of her thoughts when she arrived at the hall and found the entire sisters there. The hall was so full, she had to smuggle her way through to get to the front row so she could stand beside the Queen, along with the other top rank sisters.

The Supreme Sister, Kylie, was on her throne as usual, seated with her legs crossed and awaiting the sisters to get settled.

“Can I have silence?’ her request was an order and instantly, the hall went dead silent, everyone wanting to hear the reason for the gathering.

The Queen never calls for a gathering unless it was extremely important.

When Sister Kylie had gotten the silence and rapt attention she needed, she commenced.

“Over the years,

“We’ve lived on rules; rules that were made by our elders who are long resting with the spirits; rules that have guided us and protected us for years. And as we all know,if any infidel tries to break this rule, the penalty is death”.

She paused, giving some room for the sisters to digest the little she had said.

“One of our strongest rules is our absolute abstainance from anything that has to do with the Wolves, or Vampires”. she continued.

Sukie’s heart skipped immediately; she felt her head spin. Why was the supreme Sister going in that direction?

“Yesterday”, Sister Kylie resumed. “we all knew the King ordered a lockdown on his mountain, and we all wondered what his reasons were. And earlier today, I received some information from a very good source,, telling me the reason for the King’s orders.

“King Dakota is cursed, and yesterday, he tried breaking that curse with the use of a sacred process. Tho, it didn’t work. But the interesting part is …. this sacred process involves the use of some archaic items, and some special incantations from a witch.

“Now, The King has no witch with him. So, it only means, one of us here…. helped the King”.

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