Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 112

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 112

Gina sprang on her feet immediately, shocked that the Queen had barged into the room without an invitation.

With fear, she ran to Nosheba who was holding a basket of fruits with her.

“G…. Greetings, My Queen” she bowed, her both hands fiddling in front of her.

“Your presence is highly appreciated; but at the moment, My Queen is unwell and needs to be alone”.

Nosheba took her eyes away from the omega-wolf and stared at Chaska on the floor. She f0rced herself not to smirk.

“But I mean no harm, dear maid” she took her gaze back to Gina.

“As a matter of fact, I knew your Queen must be unwell and that’s the reason I came over to see her”

She tried taking a step, but Gina blocked her way – respectfully.

“Please, My Queen….”

Before she could get the remaining words out of her mouth, Nosheba’s hands cut through the air and landed right on her face.

“You trash!” She spat.

“Do you think you’re worthy enough to stand in my way? Who do you think you are?”

“Gina!” Chaska called, standing on her feet.

Her w*et eyes had gone really red.

“Leave us”.

The angry maid, holding her cheek, bowed and left the room.

And now, it was just Nosheba and Chaska.

“How dare you, Nosheba?” Chaska gritted.

“How dare you lay your filthy hands on my maid?”

“Oh! Don’t yell at me, please. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hurt the King’s heir” Nosheba rolled her eyes, infuriating Chaska some more.

“By the way, have you been crying? ’cause your eyes…”

“My eyes should be none of your concern. Now,get out of my room!” Chaska roared.

“Calm down, Chaska. Please” she huffed and touched the round table beside her.

“Anyway, I only came to hand over these little gift to you. You know,the last time I put to bed, you came visiting with some fruits. So, now I am pregnant with a boy, I decided to return the favour” she lifted the full basket and placed it on the table.

“They’re very fresh and hope you like them” she added with a smile, enjoying the agony she watched from Chaska’s face.

“You’re insane, Nosheba” Chaska fumed.

“Simply because you’re pregnant, you think you’ve won, right? Don’t forget, you still have eight months to carry that thing….”

“And if you think you can do anything to hurt my child, then you must be joking!” Nosheba cut her off, huskily.

“The King will protect me with his life. And if anything eventually happens to me, believe me, I’ll make him know you were behind it”.

“You will do no such….”

“Then, don’t push me!”

A stunned silence stepped in with both women glaring at each other.

Then Nosheba, taking a step closer to her, stood in front of her with a deadly smirk.

“Just accept your defeat, Chaska. Embrace the fact that I’m now the leader. Don’t worry, I’ll make the King still recognize you as his wife. But, when I put to bed and becomes his official Luna, Oh! I’m so going to make life miserable for you for every single thing you did to me…”

“And I’ll make sure that moment never happens. Now, get out of my room!!!” She yelled at the top of her voice and with a smirk, Nosheba turned around and started towards the door.

Chaska’s chest was rising and falling heavily, indicating how angry she was. And when Nosheba got to the door,she stopped and looked at her.

“I understand how you must be feeling right now, Chaska” she grinned evily. But you need to understand that it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault you ended up a loser, she grinned evily, opened the door and left.

“Argh!!!!!” Chaska turned and kicked more things on the floor.

“I Hate You!! I Hate you!!” She cried out.

“You witch! I’ll never be the Loser!! I’ll never be the loser!!”

She fell on the floor and bursted into more tears.



Queen Nosheba had a huge smile on her face as she walked back to her room. The news of her pregnancy was already flying round the palace and every maid she came across, bowed and greeted her with so much fear and respect. Well, everyone eaa trying not to get on her bad side as they wouldn’t want to *hurt* the baby in anyway. They knew the Queen could be really dramatic.

As for Nosheba, she’s never been this excited her whole life – thinking of the fact that she was gradually going to become the King’s favorite…Oh! Her life was complete!

Her next line of action lingered on her mind – giving the poison to Shilah and getting rid of that thing in her womb. Although, she never planned on having her hands stained with blood, but apparently, she didn’t have a choice as she wouldn’t let anything get in the way of her plans.

Walking into her cozy room, she found her maid arranging a dress on the bed while her baby was sleeping right next to it. . No doubt, it was hers.

“My Queen! You’re back!” Nivea beamed, clasping her hands happily.

“The new dress has arrived and it’s time to get ready to go to the King’s chambers, please. Your bath water is all-ready and I really can’t wait to get you dressed up and shining, My Queen”.

She sounded so ecstatic – it gave Nosheba so much joy. Well, Nivea has been that way since the news of her pregnancy came ringing in her ears. She just couldn’t believe at long last, her Queen was pregnant with the King’s son.

“You’ve done well, Nivea” Nosheba cooed, walking closer to the bed with a satisfying smile and lifting the dress up.

“Don’t worry, when the King makes me his Luna, you’ll become the highest ranking maid”.

Nivea gasped, her hand on her chest.

“Oh! Dear Selene! That would be the best thing that would happen to me, My Queen – placing me ahead of the others. Oh! Thank you so much for. I’ll forever be grateful”.

Nosheba only answered with a smile, admiring her expensive dress. She still couldn’t believe she’d be having dinner with the King – alone. This was more than a dream come true for her.

“My Queen” Nivea called from behind.

“Erm…! Now, you’re pregnant, does it mean your plan with Prince Raksha would be coming into effect?”

“Raksha?” Nosheba scoffed as she dropped the dress, going over to the window to stand.

“Raksha and his mother must be fools to think I’d really trade my baby for them. They actually want to use me, they had no idea I also wanted to use them. Since the King couldn’t have a son, I only wanted Raksha to get me pregnant with one. And now that has happened, Raksha and his mother are completely useless to me”.

Nivea was shocked.

“B…But, My Queen. Don’t you think that is… dangerous?”

“I’m already working on a plan to get rid of both of them” Nosheba huffed.

“Raksha’s sperm only fathered this child; but as far as I’m concerned, it belongs to the King alone. He must be a fool to think I’d ever go along with his stupid plan” she said with a smirk, placing her hand on her flat tummy.

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