Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 12

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 12 The new wife

King Dakota stood up afterwards and took a step back.

“Pishan!” He called and his gamma came running towards him immediately.

“My King!”

King Dakota hesitate a little, just staring down at Shilah as she stayed there on her knees, shaking with fear.

“Stay back here with three other guards, await the disobedient one to pack up her things and bring her to the palace. If she delays unnecessarily, you go in there and k*ll her”. He passed the orders.

“As you wish, my King” Pishan said with a bow and afterwards, Dakota turned and marched towards his horse.

Shilah couldn’t breathe anymore.

“No…! Please, please….” Shilah whimpered.

“I…i didn’t want to do it….”

But it was too late as King Dakota had already gotten to his horse and climbed onto it.

Pishan selected the guards he wanted to stay back with him while the rest got ready to follow the King.

“On your feet. Now!!” Pishan yelled at Shilah, and she jumped up in fear, still weeping.

“There’s only one thing that can stop me from using my claws on you” he said to her face. Now, go in there and pack your things. If you’re not out when I want, I’ll come in there and slash your throat. Now, move!!”

Shilah turned around fearfully and ran into the house. King Dakota had already hit his horse; it neighed and started riding him away, together with the rest of the guards who followed.

“You” Pishan pointed to two of the three guards left with him.

“Go round and stay at the back to be sure she doesn’t try to escape”

And with immediate effect, the guards ran to the back of the house.


In a beautiful capacious room, one of the rooms from the Mighty palace of King Dakota; Queen Jadis could be seen, sitting on the bed with her eyes closed and her lips stretched in a small smile as she enjoyed the manicure she was receiving from the maid.

“Hmmm… Feels so good” she hummed with her eyes closed.

She’s always loved manicure – they sent some kind of tingles down her spine.

Expensive jewelries flashed through her neck, wrists and fingers as she was adorned like a Queen that she was.

That was Queen Jadis – The second wife of the late King, and King Dakota’s step mother.

She was hardly talked about, probably because her reign has passed since the Late King and her rival wife were dead. Now, it was just Dakota and his wives that were the trending topic in the mountain.

But, back then .. during her time…. she was more like a goddess. Her rivalry with Dakota’s late mother was always being discussed by the people of the mountain. Well, not until Dakota’s mother gave birth to a male child before her, and became the King’s favorite. Curse those times!

“Should I add some oil to it, My Queen?” The maid in front of her asked and queen Jadis opened her eyes to look at her.

“Yes … I think so”. She said with a smile.

Just then, the door went open with her son – Raksha – barging in with an angry look.

The Queen was surprised because she knows seeing her son in that manner was not a good thing.

“Greetings, My Prince” the maid greeted with her head bowed, but Raksha didn’t even spare her a glance as he stood in front of his mother and kept his gaze fixed into space.

His hands were fisted.

“Leave us” the Queen ordered the maid who stood up and left immediately.

And finally, it was just the mother and son in the room.

“Raksha” she called calmly, but with a worried look.

“What’s the problem?”

“There’s always a problem, mother” he snapped.

“There has always been a problem since Dakota became King. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like I exist in this Palace. I’m his beta, which is the second highest rank of the pack, yet, I’m being treated like an Omega.

“Dakota hardly sees me in a day. Any job that’s meant for me, he passes it onto his gamma! It’s always Pishan, Pishan, Pishan! When he’s training, it’s with Pishan by his side, when he’s going out on a mission or a meeting, it’s Pishan! When he wants to p@ssa message to other mountains, it’s Pishan! Pishan has more fame and respect than me, mother! If not for the fact that I’m your son, I’m so sure no one would’ve known me in the entire jackals community! I’d be totally useless!”

A deep silence followed his roar as his mother bent her head and sighed.

It gave him enough time to pant heavily and breathe out his anger. Well,he couldn’t breath out all of it.

“Raksha” the Queen finally calld with a sigh.

“Come on; come over and sit here”.

She tapped the bed beside her and with a grunt, Raksha went to sit next to her.

Then, she pulled him close so his head relaxes on her shoulder.

“I understand how you feel, son” she cooed. “And I know you don’t like it. But I think you should worry less. Are you forgetting we have a brighter future ahead?”

A smile touched her lips.

“I know, Mother. But I still can’t help but feel bittered about it. And I fear, before that time comes, I might have died of frustration already”. He said.

“Oh! Come on, Raksha. Don’t say something like that” The Queen scolded softly.

“You’re not going to die, okay? All I need is just a little bit of patience. Be patient,son. And everything will be fine. Okay?”

Raksha was so angry, he couldn’t nod to that. But his mother knew he was going to listen to her anyways.


Shilah stood with tears in the room as she closed up the last bag. She was done and wa doomed. Her heart wouldn’t stop beating heavily.

*You’re going to be my fourth wife*. The King’s icy words rang in her head.

His fourth wife. It was still like a dream to her.

How did it get to this point? How on mother earth was she going to survive in the hands of the King? And the people of the palace? She’s heard so many stories about them. How on earth was she going to survive it?

“Shilah!?!” She heard her name from outside and realized her time was up. She didn’t want to get into more trouble than she already was.

She took up her two bags and walked out of the room immediately, sniffling and wiping her tears on her shoulder.

Getting out, she found the guard looking so impatient.

“You’re lucky you made a move just before I did” Pishan grunted and called on the other guards at the back of the house.

He did that with the mind link.

“Take her bags from her” He ordered the guard beside him and quickly, they collected Shilah’s bags from her.

Then, he looked back at her.

“Now, come with me”.

“Please….” Shilah suddenly said, her voice cracking.

“Can I have a word with my father?”

She couldn’t even look at him, but kept her tearful eyes fixed on the floor.

“You’re in no condition to make demands, Shilah. Now, come with me” Pishan said and turned around to leave, but Shilah called him back.

“I beg of you” she whimpered.

“I might not have this opportunity again. Just this once… please”.

Pishan might be hard and all because of his condition. But, yeah, he knows when to be merciful.

“Fine. You have to the count of 60” he said and turned around, headed for his horse.

Mr Walter, who was still on his knees and had been hearing everything, stood up when he saw Shilah walking towards him.

They walked some distance away.

“Why are you doing this to me, father?” She asked whisperingly.

“Why have you chosen to punish me this way?”

“What’re you talking about, Shilah? Can’t you see I’m only trying to save the family?” He walked huskily.

“If I hadn’t say what I said, we’ll all be dead by now”.

“So, you’ll prefer sending me to the hands of a beast, where my survival isn’t certain? Just to save you and your family?” She asked.

“Why didn’t you put the blame on someone else? Why didn’t you put it on Ina, Vanessa, or pia? Or even Evo? Why does it have to be me? I had gone out there because you f0rced me to, And now, I’m the one getting punished for it? How could you do this to me, father? What have I done to deserve this from you?”

“Listen, Shilah” Mr Walter shook his head.

“The deed has already been done and these tears you’re shedding right now, won’t do you any hold. So, I’d advise you to just go with the guards and accept your fate. Don’t worry, we’ll never forget your sacrifice”.

“Shilah!” Pishan called from his horse and she gulped down whatever it is she had wanted to say.

More agonizing tears streaked her cheeks and in a painful tone, she said;

“You’ve hurt me, father. And I’ll never forget this” .

And with that, she turned around and left, going to meet the guards; to accept her fate.


Queen Chaska was in her room, having a smile on her face as she knitted the small vest in her hand. She was making it for her youngest daughter.

The door suddenly burst open with her maid – Gina – running in, looking like she’d seen a ghost.

“My Queen….”

“What’s the problem, Gina?” Chaska asked with furrowed brows.

“There’s… there’s… something new. I um… just got some information”. She stuttered and moved closer to Chaska to whisper in her ears:

“The King is bringing in a new wife”.

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