Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 83

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 83

Silence stretched between both of them in the cave as Shilah felt so uncomfortable with the King’s gaze on her. She really didn’t do anything wrong, did she?

Oh…! Maybe, the way she had touched his wolf, the way she cuddled it and even stroke it’s head. Or.. maybe the words she said to it. Could it be possible the King had gotten upset with it?

Footsteps were suddenly heard and Shilah turned to see Pishan walking towards them .

Ah! Thank goodness. At least, the King can have someone else to focus his attention on.

Pishan noticed how the King stared at Shilah who was looking like a snail on the floor, and he kinda wondered what was going on.

“Uhm…. My King” he called.

“It’s time to go”.

His leg was bleeding, together with his neck which had a lot of scratches on it. And Shilah wondered how he was able to walk without leaping.

Finally, Dakota sighed and stood up, taking his gaze from Shilah.

“Is Mato getting any better?” He asked, c*oc*king his head to Pishan’s direction.

“Yes, yes. He’s fine now and can walk on his own” Pishan nodded, recalling the old man had gotten really affected by the King’s attack.

A few seconds passed. Then:

“Let’s go” Dakota mumbled and took the lead, walking out of the cave.

Pishan hesitated and looked at Shilah with those cranky eyes. He was actually the only person to find the King’s wolf sleeping in her arms, before the King had shifted. To say he was surprised would be an understatement as it just seemed impossible. The semester wolf that had nearly k*il*led him and the Physician, was sleeping peacefully in her arms?? How possible?

Shilah noticed how he stared at her and wondered if it was his turn. What exactly did she do wrong?

“You alright?” Pishan suddenly asked, amusing her.

“Y….Yes, I’m fine. Thank you” she lowered her gaze shyly to the floor.

After which, he started walking away and she lifted her head to look at him. At last..

Taking a deep breath, she followed behind.


They got out to the cave to where their horses had been tied, but since Shilah didn’t come with her, she had to share with Pishan.

The full moon had left the big sky, but the sky was still very bluish and lit up their path as they rode along.

It was quiet, no one saying a word to each other as they all seemed to listen to the chirping of the crickets. No howling could be heard from afar again and that was because they’d all probably shifted already, since the full moon was over.

Riding behind him, Shilah kept staring at the King, noticing how unusually calm he was – like he had something going through his mind.

Recalling the time they’d spent together, she couldn’t help but feel some tingles rush down her spine. Only the spirits could explain that moment because it was too divine.

She felt her cheeks glowing red and quickly took her eyes off his broad back.



Finally, they arrived at the Palace and some guards were already waiting at the horse stables to get the returning horses.

Dakota climbed down from his horse and didn’t spare anyone a glance as he just started walking in immediately. Pishan waited for Shilah to get down before getting down we well and going after the King immediately, not wanting to leave him alone.

Shilah looked around and noticed the guards at the horse stable were staring keenly at her. They were probably wondering why she had gone out with the King on a full moon.

Not wanting to attract more attention, she started walking away.

“Shilah!” Dyani called and ran to her.

She had been sitting at a spot and waiting for her to return.

“Bless Selene! You’re back!” She gasped as she pulled her into a hug, making Shilah feel relived.

“Dyani. Why are you outside?’ She asked as they disengaged from the hug, but still holding her hands.

“Of course, I was worried about you – couldn’t even settle. What happened? You took so long. And…. you weren’t hurt” she scoured her eyes all around her body.

“Did the tea really worked for the King?” Shilah shurgged and sighed.

“Well….Not just the tea. As a matter of fact, I didn’t get to give him the tea”. Dyani was perplexed.

“You didn’t? So….what happened? Did you hide or something?” She asked, but Shilah said nothing.

“Okay; come on. Let’s go in first” still holding her hand, they walked in together.


King Dakota walked into his chambers, and five seconds later, Pishan entered.

“Forgive my curiosity, My King, but I’m as confused as anyone could be,” Pishan said. “What really happened there? How was your wolf able to fall asleep in her arms?”

The room was dark and quiet, and Dakota reached for his lantern and lit it up.

“I’d be the happiest man if I had answers to that question, Pishan” he gruffed, his back turned against Pishan as he went to place the lantern on the table.

“I can’t even explain it – my wolf becoming so vulnerable to a mere woman?” He scoffed and shook his head.

“Wh…. What was she even doing there in the first place?” Pishan grilled, his brows arching.

“She said she came to give me some tea to calm me down, but it slipped her hands when she saw my wolf” Dakota paused and sat on the table, partly.

“I can’t even explain it, Pishan. But at that moment when I had wanted to hurt her, something stopped me, especially when she pleaded with me not to.

“I just felt an unusual calmness, one that broke through my anger and bloodthirst. I suddenly wanted to do nothing more but to touch her, to be in her arms….” He paused again and sighed.

“Whoever that lady is, Pishan; she’s unique”. He added.

Pishan was lost for words, confused.

Indeed,she was unique as it was something that had never happened in over ten years. The King’s wolf being calmed by a woman’s touch? It was so strange…

Oh! He really hoped Shilah was genuine; because this was what he’s always prayed for, for his friend, the King. He’s always prayed for a solution to his problems. And gradually, that solution seemed to be in form of a person.


The next Morning,

Shilah had woken up to an order from one of the King’s guards. She was told the King was calling for her in his Chambers.

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