Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 4

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene




It was the dawn of a new day. The sacred day. The day every mountain Lion in the entire Wind Walker pack was to stay indoors.

Shilah could be seen in the kitchen, trying to prepare a meal for the family – as usual.

She couldn’t tell, but it seemed something was wrong; wrong with one of them.

She’d heard them running about and even crying. But since she was hardly part of the family, she couldn’t ask or try to poke nose.

She just remained in the kitchen, doing what she knew how to do best – cooking.

The environment was so calm and quiet, unlike before when she could hear the voices and movements of the passerbys

As her meal cooked in the pot, on the local cooker, she walked towards the window to have a look and smiled at how serene the environment looked. Only the birds flying around could be seen. And it made Shilah wonder what could be going on out there with the King? Why did he order for a total shut down?

Suddenly, she heard a scream and quickly turned away from the window. What could be going on?


“Pia!” Vanessa called out, frightened at the way she’d screamed.

“Oh, mother! What do we do!? She’s losing consciousnes!”

Pia – who was the last daughter of the house – was putting her family in a tight corner as her ailment had gotten worst. Although, she’d been showing some symptoms of sickness the previous day, they had no idea it would get so worst.

Her father hurried to sit in front of her on the bed and observed her eyes.

“Pia, please …” The mother winced.

“The entire mountain is on lockdown” her father said

“We can’t get any physician or anything from the market. But….if we could get some hem leaves, I think it should help calm down the fever to some extent”.

“Some hem leaves?” Ina asked.

“But there’s no hem leaves around, father. And we can’t get one unless we go to the area close to the cave”

“Are you trying to say it’s impossible saving Pia’s life?” Her mother wept. .

“Please…! Someone needs to go get it”.

“But that’s not possible, mother! Are you forgetting there’s a lockdown order from the King? Everyone has been asked to stay indoors…”

“But my daughter’s dying!!” She cried out.

“Please, I can’t stand this….”

A longer time passed as they all stared helplessly, and suddenly, Ina came up with a suggestion.

“Mother, Why don’t we ..send Shilah to go for us?”

“What?? What’re you saying?!” Vanessa flinched.

“How can we send Shilah?? It doesn’t make any sense or change the fact that she would also get k*ller as soon as she’s caught”.

“Well, we don’t have an option, Vanessa! What do you suggest we do?” Ina grumbled.

“Pia is dying, and since neither of us can go out to get the leaves, Shilah should go for us. Besides, she’s always been the messenger”.

Vanessa turned to look at her parents, seriously hoping they weren’t trying to consider it .


“Go get Shilah” her mother cut in immediately, her eyes on her unconscious daughter.

“Go get her, now!”


“Father….!” She turned to her father.

“Listen to your mother, Vanessa. We don’t have an option” he answered with his hands on his waist and quickly,Ina left the room, going to get Shilah.


Shilah was stiring the content in her pot when suddenly, the door bursted open with Ina rushing in.

Huh? What’s going on? Why was she looking so troubled??

“Shilah, suspend whatever’s it is you’re doing and come with me – now!” She said in a hurry and left the kitchen room.

Shilah was muddled. What’s happening? First, she had heard a scream; now it’s Ina looking like an insane woman. What could be happening?

She turned off

the local cooker and rushed out of the room, trying to meet up with Ina.

She continued walking behind Ina until they’d gotten to a room. That was Pia’s room.

“She’s here” Ina announced as they walked into the scattered room.

Shilah was surprised when she found Pia on the bed, looking really unconscious.

Goodness! What is wrong with her???

She knew she’d been sick the previous day, she just had no idea it had gotten to this extent.

“Shilah”, Her step mother – Madame Walter – called as she stood up from the bed.

“Listen to me, and listen very good. As you can see clearly, we’re losing Pia and I will don’t want that to happen. So, we need some leaves to help treat her for now. We need some hem leaves and need you to go get them for us”.

Shilah went d*um*b.

For the next few seconds, she couldn’t say a word as she tried processing what she just heard. Hold on…. What’re they talking about?

“Hem leaves?” She finally scoffed, her eyes drooping.

“I don’t … I don’t think I understand. The hem leaves can only be found around the cave…”

“We know where the hem leaves can be found, and need you to go get them” Ina snapped in.


“But….the Alpha King has declared a total lockdown. No one’s expected to leave the house…” Shilah stuttered, her heart beating so heavily.

“Well, I can’t lose my daughter, Shilah. So, you need to go get it for us”.

There was a stunned silence. Then, her father walked up to her.

“I understand how you’re feeling, Shilah. But you have to do this for us. It’s important. Don’t worry…the moon goddess will be with you; you won’t get caught” he stated calmly.

“But father, I can’t do what you’re asking. What if I get caught? Or the Alpha senses someone disobeyed his orders? I’ll definitely be k*lled….”

“Just listen to me Shilah, and do as you’re being told!” He said raucously.

“You’re always being objective! Consider this as a request from your Father and go! Leave!!”

Shilah shook a little in fear; her eyes were already glistening.

She couldn’t believe this. Her own family trying to send her to her death? What has she done to deserve this?

“Go, Shilah! We’re running out of time. Go!” Madame Walter yelled and in a confused state, Shilah ran out of the house. Maybe, this would be her last day alive.


Queen Chaska stood in front of the window, staring out as she watched the King, his Physician and his gamma getting ready to climb onto their horses.

The morning was unusually cold and quiet, and Chaska could tell it wasn’t just because there was a total lockdown. But it smelt…. strange.

The cold breeze airing through the window and touching her cheekbones, the wind howling around, the morning clouds… they just didn’t feel like the usual morning components and she could feel it.

Why did the King order a total lockdown across the mountain? Since the previous day, he wouldn’t let anyone see him. Chaska had made several attempts to visit his chambers, but he wouldn’t let her in and feeling devastated, she had to give up.

But why was he ordering a lockdown? And where was he leaving with his Physician and gamma?

She continued watching them and just then, his beta – Raksha – walked upto him.

“My King”, he bowed.

“Where are you headed? Do you need me to come along?”

Raksha was actually his step brother, and he’d made him his beta so he gets the second highest rank in the pack.

King Dakota, who was fixing his horse, said nothing to him until he was done.

“Don’t bother, Rashka” he answered and climbed onto his horse. .

His gamma and Physician also climbed onto their own horses and together, they rode out of the palace.

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