Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 261

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 261 The Final Battle

Shilah walked into the challenge ground which was surrounded by hundreds of cheering people. Kylie was already there, looking different as she wasn’t dressed in her usual red cloak. Instead, she in appeared in an armoured outfit, fully ready for the fight.

Kylie had so much bitterness on her face as she glared at Shilah. She looked closely around Shilah when she stepped out and was able to notice the woman Remata had told her about. At a go, the moment she set her eyes on her, she was able to guess she was the one, also judging from the gravity of worry on her face.

Another thing that puzzled her was the striking resemblance between both of them. Why did she look a lot like Shilah? And to think she had never seen or heard of her before.

A crazy thought hit hard at her – one she didn’t want to be possible or true. There was no way, right? There was no way Shilah had found her mother? Of course, not! Although, news of her mother’s body never being found was heard, but Ayita had been gone for over two decades! Why would Shilah find her all of a sudden? And how?

The rage in her heart increased as the thought nibbled at her. She needed to confirm if that was indeed, Ayita – the same woman that k*il*led her mother. Oh! How much she would love to see the anguish in her eyes when she k*il*ls Shilah.

A large bell was sounded, to grip the attention of everyone. Then, a tall – figured man walked out to brief everyone on the game.

“Every one of you must know why we are gathered here today. Today, we get to watch and experience a historical fight – a fight between two women, two warriors, and two leaders. Just one must rule, and the death of one will determine who that would be”, there was light murmuring and gasp in the crowd.

Ayita clamped her hand over her mouth, stifling her whimpers. Kylie noticed from where she stood.

The tall man looked at the two ladies who were facing each other and bowed: “Let the battle begin”.

Then, he walked away.

Kylie drew out her sword and threw her sheath away. And so did Shilah. The side talks and mumblings from the crowd wouldn’t stop, but in everything, Shilah looked at Kylie with a calm expression.

“This is the most foolish decision you have ever made, Kylie”, Shilah finally said. But it was low enough for just Kylie to hear.

“And it is sad to think it would be the last decision you ever make”, she added and noticed the glint in Kylie’s eyes.

“If I were you, I would choose my words carefully. They might just be your last words”, Kylie responded.

“Then, you must be more foolish than I thought”, Shilah snapped. “Take a look around, Kylie – I am surrounded by my loved ones, by my most precious ones. Few weeks ago, I found and rescued my little boy. And believe me when I say I have no plans of making him grow without a mother. As a matter of fact, he means the world to me, just like his father, and also my mother”.

Shilah purposely paused to watch the surprise on Kylie’s face and indeed, Kylie’s brows lifted.

“You heard me right”, Shilah continued. “I found my mother and I have no plans of leaving her just yet. So, I would advise you to reconsider your drastic decision, Kylie”.

Anger bubbled from within Kylie. Her thoughts were confirmed! It was indeed, Ayita! The wrench that k*il*led her mother!

Her fingers shook as they gripped tightly to her sword. How dare they?! How dare they make such mockery of her?! They took everything from her and intend to live a happy life? Never! She was going to make sure it never happened! Right after she is done terminating Shilah, she would make Ayita her next target.

She fumed with rage as she looked at Shilah, her eyes burning up.

“It would give me so much ple@sure to watch her yell in pains when I drive my sword through your chest”, she gruffed.

“Enough of the talking, then”. With that, Shilah gave the first strike.

The crowd became dead silent,as they paid close attention to the tensed fight. King Dakota was seated at the high stage with his heart in his hand, finding it so hard to believe that Shilah was putting him through such a difficult time. As for Ayita, she could not sit and kept praying her daughter would be fine. There was no way her poor heart would be able to bear any loss.

The two witches stroke their swords against each other, with each strike coming with heavy effort. They both attacked, defended and pushed as hard as they could.

The arena had become filled with so much tension as they watched the great skills of the two women. Kylie was well – skilled and so was Shilah.

Along the line, Kylie got a cut on her arm from Shilah’s sword, but a few seconds later, she returned it.

Still fighting, Kylie sustained another cut on her leg. She tried so hard to return it, but Shilah didn’t give her a chance.

The fight continued between them and lasted for quite a while until finally, one of them was down to the ground.

Wild gasps ran through the crowd as the people sprang to their feet, shocked. Even the King was on his feet, his hands fisted.

That was it, a winner was going to emerge.

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