Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 40

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 40

“The King is on his way” Dyani announced, and Shilah turned to see the King walking towards them with some guards behind.

King Dakota was marching in his King-ly attire; his sword sheath in his left hand, while the other moved around.

His King-ly attire made him look so huge and matured, eyes cold and deadly like one going for a war. And with the guards behind him, it gave him so much power and authority. And at that point, Shilah funnily wondered how she had been able to survive him in bed.

As he got close, she lowered her gaze to the floor, suddenly feeling so timid.

“Greetings,My King” Queen Dyani greeted beside her.

But Dakota said nothing, and that prompted Shilah to look up at him, and woah….she found his eyes on her.

Cold shivers ran down her spine when she noticed the King was staring at her, blankly; with those eyes that seemed like they’d only known blood and violence.

Prince Raksha was behind him, and noticed how the King stared at Shilah, like he had something in mind.

Pishan was also there, but Raksha was the one going with the King. Yes; Dakota had told him about it just the previous night.

“Gr…. Greetings, My King” Shilah finally decided to say, wondering If that was probably the reason he was staring at her.

“Get into the carriage” Dakota’s cold voice came, and with a glance, she walked in.

“Greetings to you too, Dyani” Dakota finally responded to her and entered into his carriage.

The rest of the guards around climbed onto their different horses, including Raksha who’s horse was behind the carriage.

They all got set and with a signal, started riding out immediately.

As Shilah sat in the moving carriage with the King, she couldn’t help but feel more nervous. About a week ago, she was serving as a maid in her father’s house; but now, she was sitting next to the King; the all Famous king. Every other pack leader was called “Alpha”, but with Dakota, there must be a “King’ before any other titles. That was the difference between the Alpha of a pack, and the Alpha of all Alphas. He was Everybody’s King.

Shilah could still feel that cold aura around him; at regular points, she was tempted to look up at him and see what exactly he was doing; but hell; she wouldn’t try that. Didn’t have the guys for it.

So, she just sat anxiously, with her gaze on her own side of the quarter light, hoping the King wasn’t staring at her.


Queen Chaska was standing in front of her window, staring down at the King as he got into the carriage with Shilah. A bile feeling crept into her throat, watching them both.

She should be in that’s position. Yes, it should be her, and not some foolish stranger. Why would Shilah just arrive and start getting into compet*itions with them? That was nonsense!

She took in a deep breath, trying to calm nerves down. No matter what, she was going to make sure that would be the last time Shilah would ever have to go out with the King again.

Her maid was standing beside her, also gazing out, but Chaska could notice the sadness in her eyes.

“What is it?” She brought her self to ask, and Gina let out a pathetic sigh.

“It’s Pishan, My Queen” she muttered, bending her gaze to the floor.

Chaska looked out the window again and noticed Pishan standing there.

“And what about him?’ she looked at Gina and asked, almost having a ridiculous look on her face.

“I….. I think he has a lover” she gulped hard.

“Yesterday, he sent for a necklace; a female necklace, and it was so obvious he was giving it to someone. We both know…. Pishan doesn’t have any relative alive. It’s so obvious … he was gifting that necklace to another girl”.

“Okay; And how’s that supposed to concern you?” Chaska scoffed, earning a pathetic stare from Gina.

“Don’t tell me you’re still in love with that guy, Gina”.

“You know that’s the truth, My Queen” Gina winced.

“Oh, please; snap it out, Gina. Pishan is the King’s gamma; you know that. As a matter of fact, he’s closer to the King than his beta is. So, what makes you think he’d go for someone who’s an Omega and a maid?”

The words hit Gina hard in the chest.

“Listen to me, Gina; you’re a nice person. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be by my side. But, I think you need to get your mind off Pishan so you’ don’t end up being heartbroken”. Chaska added and walked away, leaving Gina with a tear on her face.


The ride was a very long one, Shilah was beginning to feel dizzy.

No wonder the King had wanted them to leave that early. He knew it was going to be a pretty long and she was hoping they wouldn’t have to ride by nightfall. Probably, the meeting wouldn’t take too long .

Dakota was silent on his own, having so many thoughts roaming round on his mind. He couldn’t even list them out, as his problems were always many.

He was hoping the meeting wouldn’t be long as well. He just had some disputes to settle between two to three packs, then some agricultural problems, as well as the co-relationship between the Vampires. Well, the meeting might be oont, but he was hoping it wouldn’t be extremely long.


After some more time, just when Shilah was about getting dizzy, she felt the carriage being pulled to a halt and guessed they had arrived.

At last….

Two guards showed up by the sides immediately, and that was when Dakota stepped out, followed by Shilah who looked just like a new bride behind him.

Taking a breath of fresh air, she looked around and discovered they were standing in front of a really huge building. There were no trees around, and the place looked just like an abandoned palace.

Shilah could find so many horses and guards around and didn’t need anyone to tell her it belonged to the others who had prolly arrived already.

And as soon as Dakota made to start walking towards the entrance, all the guards around went on their knees, bowing in obeisance. Oh….

Shilah’s hands were holding the tip of her dress, and walked nervously behind King Dakota as they walked towards the entrance of the building.

Raksha and one other guard followed them behind, while the rest stayed back.



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