Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 128

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 128

Queen Nosheba, feeling tired and dizzy, washed her face in the bathroom for the umpteenth time. Oh! She just couldn’t get enough of it as her head had been feeling hot for a while now. One of the pregnancy symptoms she hated so much.

Done, she wiped her face with the cloth next to her and returned to the bedroom where she laid alone on the bed. Her maid had taken her baby for a bath.

She needed some sleep and wanted to get it, but the troubles in her heart just wouldn’t let her. King Dakota, why was he taking so long to p@sshis judgement on Shilah? She thought.

It’s been two days since the incident occurred, yet all he could do was isolate himself from everyone – including her, the mother of his heir.

She couldn’t keep count of the number of times she’s gone to his chambers, pleading to see him,but his guards wouldn’t let her in as that had been the King’s orders. For two good days! She really couldn’t believe it.

How would he let himself so down all because of that piece of slum??

Anyways, that was what she was there for. And in no time, she’d become the only woman his eyes would ever want to behold.

Thankfully, preparations for her feast was still ongoing and that was the only consolation she had.


Her door suddenly went open, and taking a glimpse, she sprang on her feet when she discovered it was Raksha.

“Raksha!” She gasped. “What the hell are you doing here?? And how can you just barge into my room without knocking??”

“Because I didn’t want to listen to another flimsy excuse of you not being around” he snapped, closing the door behind him.

Nosheba cut her eyes halfway up.

“That’s not an excuse for you, Raksha. What if I had been in the room with someone?”

“Someone like who? Like the person that had helped you with your previous plan?”. He asked and Nosheba stared crankily at him.

“Please”, she touched her head. “I’m sure you had seen me laying on the bed when you barged in. I’m feeling really dizzy and need some….”

“Not today, Nosheba” he cut her off. “Not today, because right now, I need some good explanation for what is happening!”

There was a stunned silence, then Raksha continued.

“Formerly, you were so good and sweet to me. But all of a sudden, ever since you became pregnant and got recognized as the one with the King’s heir, you just changed towards me.

“You now yell at me, always give me flimsy excuses each time I come to see you, and worst of it all, you make plans without informing me. You act like.. nothing ever happened between us”.

“Seriously, Raksha, you baffle me with your choice of words” She scoffed.

“Are you too blind to realize I’m only creating this distance between us so we don’t get caught?”

“Oh! Please, Nosheba” he cut her off. “You never created this distance until you had gotten what you wanted?”

“What I wanted?” Her eyes dimmed. “Listen, you need to understand that I’m not that Nosheba you use to know, Raksha. Right now, I’m carrying the King’s heir and all eyes are on me. So, I need to be extra careful”.

“Well, I hope you don’t forget I planted that heir inside of you”. Raksha said.

“Oh! Spare me all that” she rolled her eyes. “How are you even sure this baby belongs to you? Or are you forgetting I also had sèx with the King??”

“Seriously Nosheba? Don’t be so unthinkable. You took some herbs to flush down the King’s sperm, or are you forgetting you had told me about that?” He scoffed.

It was so obvious he was getting more angry than he should.

“Well, you can think whatever you want. Right now, I need some rest and….” She spoke while trying to walk away, but Raksha gripped her back by the wrist – roughly.

Her eyes snapped as she turned and looked at him. “Will you let go of me?!”

“Are you trying to play smart on me, Nosheba?” Raksha asked, the deadliness in his eyes as he roughly held her wrist.

“Are you trying to say all you wanted was to get pregnant with a boy, and now you’ve achieved it, I mean nothing to you? If that’s the case,then I think you’re forgetting just how dangerous it is. What we both did, the baby you’re carrying – it’s forbidden and the King will have your head the moment he hears of it. You sure wouldn’t want him to know, would you?”

Instantly, Nosheba’s eyes glinted as she bursted into an hysterical laughter, her hand getting fred from Raksha’s. It was so sarcastic, Raksha’s anger couldn’t help but increase.

“Hold on, My beloved Raksha” She placed her both hands on her waist.

“Are you trying to blackmail me!”

She paused and laughed again.

“If that’s the case, then I must say you’re just so funny! I didn’t commit the sin alone, Raksha. Aa a matter of fact, you were the one who came to me with the idea and convinced me into buying it. But, either ways, you can still go ahead and report everything to the King – you have my permission. Although… I just have a little question for you, who do you think the King would punish first between both of us? His second wife? Or his only brother who he had made his second in command? His beta?”

She covered up the distance between them and stood very close to him.

“I might definitely get k*il*led, but you’re sure to go first” she whispered deviously – into his ears – and walked away, towards the door.

“Nosheba!!” Raksha growled just when she opened the door, but he couldn’t go any further as Nivea was standing right on the other side with the baby.

“My…. My Queen” she stuttered with a bow. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything”.

“Of course not, Nivea. You can go on” Nosheba answered non-challantly, still holding the door open.

“Uhm…Okay” she swallowed hard.

“I just heard some news you might like about Shilah. I heard… that the King is taking her to the meeting hall for judgement”.


Standing in the opened cell was Shilah as she slipped in the ragged dress she had been asked to put on. With its torn and short edges, it made her look just like a slave and reminded her of the times she had been at her father’s house.

Although, that was her origin, but having spent months at the palace, dressed and addressed like a Queen and all, she couldn’t help but feel so insulted by her current appearance. But alas, that wasn’t all that was important to her.

Pishan stood before him, with two other guards and watched her as she dressed.

Well, the guard – Arin – had already been taken to the hall, but considering the young lady’s health, Pishan had decided to find her something to wear – at least. The dress only helped protect her nàkedness, as her facial appearance looked nothing like it used to.

“Come on, let’s go” he c*oc*ked his head when he saw she was done and started walking away.

And drowsily, Shilah followed behind before the two guards did.

Shaken, tired and hungry, she walked with her heart beating faster than a horse race. She had been told the King was ready to p@sshis judgement on her, and she couldn’t help but cry over the fact that the truth had still not prevailed. Did the spirits decide to forsake her this once when she needed them the most?

Her heavy heart bled heavily and cried for mercy, recalling all the beautiful times she’d spent with the King. How did everything change so drastically that she was standing a chance to be k*il*led by him? How did it happen?

A weak tear slipped down her right cheek, her mind completely oblivious of the people around her – the people she walked pass. Well, that was because she was walking just like a ghost – eyes pinned to the floor with heavy dragging steps.

After what’ seemed like forever to her, they got into the hall and that was when her feebled mind started taking note of the people around her.

Some high members of the pack were there, all three Queens, The King’s beta and Of course, gamma and some other guards.

All eyes were on her as Pishan led her to the front of the King’s throne where she knelt beside the traitorous guard – Arin.

The King’s throne was still empty, and so was Shilah’s heart empty as she stared at it, wondering what pain would occupy it soon enough. Feeling the traitorous guard beside her, she was too weak to say a word – even if she wanted to. So, she just remained kneeling there, awaiting her ‘judgement’.

Queen Chaska didn’t want to come, but had to as she would love to experience what would happen herself, rather than hearing from her maid. Normally, the King’s judgement on such act would be death, but she still wanted to experience it herself.

As for Nosheba, she was overwhelmed with joy, but anxious at the same time. Yes, she was anxious ’cause she couldn’t wait to watch the King k*il*l his all precious wife with his own hands.

Yes, the King’s judgement in such cases will always be death and she couldn’t wait to experience it with her very own eyes. How relieving it would be….

And Dyani…. fear had become a close friend of hers the moment she stepped into that hall. And watching Shilah go on her knees, she couldn’t help but wonder if her friend was going to be k*il*led so easily.

Everyone present was anticipating, and soon enough, the King’s footsteps were heard.

Yes, you could tell it was the King even without looking as his was always very obvious – hard and predatory.

Dyani’s heart skipped and kept her head down as he walked in from the entrance, and headed for his throne.

When the hall became excessively silent with just one footstep being heard, Shilah knew it was the King. Obviously.

Arin’s fears increased, also realizing it was the King. How did he end up in this situation – he thought. Although, he knew what he was signing up for when he agreed to do this deal, but he never thought they’d leave him stranded to die. And he couldn’t even confess as he’d be putting his family’s life at stake!

With the cold aura floating around him, King Dakota walked in, his steps interpreting just how angry he was. Though, they were calm and steady, one could still read the unseen meaning.

He walked p@ssShilah to the front, and within those few seconds, his scent wafted into her nose and reminded her of the beautiful times she spent with him.

Her eyes still on the floor, she could tell when he stood in front of her. Not just her, but Arin as well.

The eyes of everyone present were as wide and bright as the sun as they all awaited the King’s judgment. And stretching out his hand, Pishan placed the sword he had been holding in his hand.

Pishan – he’s never seen the King that way before. He looked so hurt, and looked like he could dangerously do anything at that moment.

King Dakota, having collected the sword from Pishan, held it properly in his right.

And with those dark eyes staring into space, he spoke:

“I sentence you, Arin, to death” His voice sounded so unusually cold and deadly.

Arin’s eyes dimmed.

“No! My King…” It was too late for him as the King’s sword went right above his head and sliced through his neck, decapping him.

A disgusted gasp ran through the crowd. And for a second, Shilah was shaken. Her breath wavered, knowing she was next.

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