Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 115

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 115

Nosheba walked into the exurbant room, being firstly welcomed by different aroma of dishes – and the sweet fragrance that always clocked around the King’s room.

She paused at the door and took in a deep breath with her eyes closed, before re-opening them and looking around to find the King sitting across the table.


“My King” she hastened her steps and walked towards him. “Greetings, My King”.

She was full of life and blossomed – the King noticed.

“Please, Nosheba, take a seat” Dakota pointed out and she took the empty seat in front of her – now facing the King.

The King ran a quick glance round her body, scrutinizing her dress to be sure it was exactly what he wanted. And when Nosheba noticed it, she blushed helplessly – finding it alluring that the King was staring at her. This moment was just so special to her.

“How’re you doing, Nosheba?” Her heart beamed when he asked.

“Oh! I’m doing just fine, My King. And I actually feel better now that I’m here. The baby’s fine as well” she answered quickly, touching her tummy at the end.

If that wasn’t a smile…. well, she thought she saw the King smile.

“That’s good to hear” Dakota nodded.

“I had the cooks make different meals just incase you might… you know? Have those different cravings”.

“Oh! That is more than thoughtful, My King. I’m glad” she lowered her head.

“Please, don’t worry, I’ll just dish them out”.

And standing up, she started dishing the meals herself.



Dinner with the King had taken quite long as Nosheba took her time in selecting each meal and eating courteously. Perhaps, she was purposefully slow ’cause she wanted to spend much time with the King and enjoy the moment.

*Oh! Come on, Nosheba, the King is yours now. Carrying his heir has automatically made you his favourite* a tiny voice spoke into her head. And at some point, she smiled.

At long last, her labour was not in vain. The irritation she had to p@ssthrough, having sèx with Raksha all the time and enduring every humiliation from Chaska was never in vain. And at long last, she was going to prove to that man that she isn’t worthless – like he thought. Just at long last.

Everything was falling into place for her.

King Dakota could only pick at his food as his indigestion was at work again. He didn’t meet with Shilah. Hence, couldn’t activate his hunger as usual.

Of course, he could’ve gotten her if he wanted, but he just couldn’t bring himself to have sèx with her just so he could eat with another woman – and he couldn’t tell why. Maybe, it was because he felt he’d be using her unfairly.

Or maybe it was something else.

Nosheba noticed the King was hardly eating his meal, but well, there was nothing she could do about that. She took in more meatballs and drank a lot of water.

“Is there something else you need?” King Dakota asked, wiping the side of his lips with a napkin.

“Oh! Not at all, My King. I’m actually full but just trying to finish this up” Nosheba answered ecstatically.

She couldn’t believe this was the man Raksha wanted her to help in k*il*ling. He must be such a fool.

Few minutes went by with either of them saying a word to each other. Then suddenly, the King dropped his spoon and leaned back on his seat, just staring keenly at her face.

It made Nosheba cringe and stop eating as well. Why was he just staring at her that way?

“Ask me for one thing, Nosheba” he spoke calmly. “Anything at all. And I’ll make sure it’s granted”.

A stunned silence dropped into the room immediately. Nosheba’s spoon dropped from her hand in shock, a loud bang resounding in her head. She gaspard and covered her lips with her palms, finding it shocking. Whaaaat????

“My King!” She called in a whisper, disbelief echoing in her words. The rare opportunity! The King had given the rare opportunity to her!!

“Oh! I can’t believe this” she scoffed ruefully and shook her head. “What have I done to deserve this, My King?”

“Well” Dakota sighed and adjusted on his seat.

“You can say it’s my own way of thanking you, Nosheba, for carrying my heir”.

She giggled and covered her face with her palms for some seconds, finding it so amazing. Goodness! She really couldn’t believe this!

Well, well, well, what could she possibly ask for? She needed to be quick!

She ran her eyes around, trying to come up with a quick reply. This was a very rare opportunity and a thing any Queen would die to have. No matter the request, the King was sure to deliver.

Should she ask to be made his Luna?

Oh! Of course, that wasn’t necessary ’cause she was already his Luna. Yes, the mother of his heir has the greatest chances of becoming his Luna. So, she probably shouldn’t waste this special request on that.

Yes! How about… something to honor her in a famous way? Imagine the other Alphas and VampLords, all gathering in her name…?

With beaming eyes, she looked at the King.

“If…If My King wouldn’t mind, I’d want you to… throw a feast in my name” she paused and lowered her gaze to the table.

“I’d want you… to invite the other Alphas and VampLords and other people of high cla*s*s, My King. The party should be held for the cause of celebrating your heir. If it pleases you, My King”. She concluded with a bow.

King Dakota dived into another silent moment, his jaw on his hand as he stared at her.

Shilah. He remembered Shilah. The first day he had asked Shilah that exact question, she put him first, and not herself. She had given up her request, just for his happiness.

Hm. That lady was indeed unique. It was never faked.

Nosheba’s heart was racing really fast. Oh! She really wanted him to say yes to her request. She could imagine Chaska being there as well – wearing her swollen jealous face, but then, she’d have no choice as she wouldn’t be able to disobey the King’s orders.

People of high cl@sswould be there – all for her sake. And the news would spread all across the world – that she, Nosheba, has become the Favorite wife of the King. Hence, the future Luna. And she’d make sure her father would be there as well.

She laughed heartily in her mind. Oh! What a perfect day it’d be.

But, why was the King taking so long to reply – she suddenly looked at him.

“Your request will be granted, Nosheba” he finally said, changing position on his seat. “As soon as this dinner is over, I’ll hold a meeting and make sure the feast takes place in less than a week from now”.

Nosheba gasped again and bowed her head.

“Oh! Thank you so much, My King! Thank you, thank you. I’ll never forget this”. She placed her palms together and said, excitement ringing all over.

“Please, don’t stress yourself, Nosheba. You should sit properly and eat” he pointed out and she bowed again before sitting up.


The happiness was so evident on Nosheba’s face as she walked out of the King’s room. For the first time, she waved and smiled at the maids she came across – even before they had greeted her. Her time was here! Her time to be at the top and rule! This was it!

She chuckled heartily and hummed one of her favorite tones all the way to her room. Oh! It was a tone she hadn’t hummed in a very long time. And that was because she had no reason to.

Getting to her chambers, it dawned on her there might be just another goodnews waiting for her. Of course, there should be! Shilah!

She walked into the room with e*cstasy but couldn’t find Nivea in, just her baby alone on the bed – sleeping. Where did Nivea go? She should be there to give her some feedback about Shilah.

She was about going to check the bathroom when the main door opened and she turned to see it was Nivea.

“Where did you go?” She asked impatiently.

“I’m sorry, My Queen. I went to peep at Queen Shilah’s room. This would be the seventh time I’m going there” Nivea replied, having a displeased look on.

Nosheba’s brows arched.

“The seventh time? Wh…Why?”

“Because…. she hasn’t screamed yet, My Queen. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t even seem to be in any pains”. Nivea answered, puzzling Nosheba some more.

“What’re you talking about? Is she in?” She asked.

“Yes. At…at my fifth time of checking, I had actually seen her going to get some water. She looked perfectly fine, My Queen, and it made me wonder if she really took any poison” Nivea said.

But that’s not possible – Nosheba muttered, taking some steps forward.

It’s been hours already and the poison should’ve had it’s effect on her a long time ago. What could be wrong?

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