Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 114

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 114

Shilah was shocked at the mention of the name – Queen Nosheba.

Queen Nosheba?.

What on earth would she be doing in her room?

She sat still on the bed, trying to think it through. Oh! The spirits would bear her witness that she really didn’t want any trouble from that woman – especially not now she was pregnant.

She could remember the first time she had come into the Palace and tried greeting her, the Queen had nearly hit her face and warned her never to try speaking to her again, and since then, she’s been trying her best to avoid her. So, why was she in her room now of all times?

“What’s taking you so long?” The pesky voice asked. And taking a deep breath, Shilah stood up and left to open the door.

Queen Nosheba stood there with the a little round plate in her hand, having a cover on it. And those round eyes of hers…. were obviously beaming.

Recalling her last warning to her, Shilah couldn’t tell if she were to greet her since she was standing in front of her door.

“Have you forgotten how to pay your respect?” Nosheba suddenly asked coldly, making Shilah understand she really wanted it.


“Greetings, My Queen” She bowed her head and greeted a little nervously, her hands fiddling in front of her.

Nosheba answered with only a smile for a few seconds, probably admiring the way she bowed before her.

“Dear Shilah. How’re you doing?” She cooed, and that was when Shilah lifted her head.

“I’m doing just fine, My Queen. And…And you?’ she replied.

“Oh! Well, I’m awesome. And so is my baby’ she paused and touched her tummy with one hand.

“Tell me, Shilah, are you happy for me… that I’m pregnant?”

Shilah f0rced her eyes to meet with hers.

“Of…Of course, My Queen. It’s the best news so far for me. I mean….we all know how badly the King needs a male child. It doesn’t matter who bares it, just as long as a male child is provided, it’s enough, My Queen”. She answered respectfully and bowed.

Nosheba smiled – sarcastically.

“You do have a point” she said.

“It doesn’t matter who bares the child, just as long as a male child is provided. Now, I see you have a pure heart”.

She paused and sighed.

“Actually, I’m here for a purpose. Where I come from, it’s a tradition that the Queen serves soup to her co-wives when she’s carrying an heir. And since I’ve become the fortunate one, I’ve decided to carry it out that tradition. I’ve given it to Chaska, and as soon as I’m done with you, Dyani would be next. So…here you go”. She opened the plate and stretched it to her.

Shilah was puzzled and never expected such gestures from the Queen. Was it really a tradition? And even if it’s a tradition, she actually never expected her to extend it to someone she didn’t like.

Well… she still saw it an honor that the Queen was being lenient with her.

With a bow, she collected the small portion of soup from her and took some swig. Mm. It tasted a little sour.

“Thank you, My Queen” she bowed gratefully, noticing the wide smile on Nosheba’s face.

Nosheba couldn’t believe it. Oh! She had really taken it! Yes! It’s done!! She couldn’t cloak the smiles on her face as she stared beamfully at her.

“I should be the one thanking you, Shilah” she beamed. “For honoring my tradition”.

Closing the plate back on, she turned around and left.

Shilah stared at the Queen’s back as she walked away, still finding it amusing she had offered some soup to her. The baby must be getting her really excited, right? Well, she wouldn’t blame her – any woman in her shoes would be as happy as she was.

With a shrug, she turned around and walked into the room, laying on the bed to get some sleep.



Nosheba’s joy knew no bounds as she walked into her chambers. Nivea was there, trying to feed some pap to her baby. And as soon as Nosheba walked in, she ran to her and hugged her tight.

What? Nivea was shocked. That was the first time the Queen was ever hugging her!

“I did it, Nivea! I did it!” She laughed and clapped hysterically.

Nivea stood up with the baby.

“She…. she drank the soup?” Nivea asked in disbelief, staring at the empty plate in her hand.

“Oh, yes! She scooped it right in front of me. The poison was taken!” She laughed harder.

“Oh, my! Bless the goddess, My Queen! It’s finally over! The baby will be out and you’ll finally be the only pregnant wife of the Queen!” Nivea exclaimed.

“Exactly! You’re so smart, Nivea. Please, while I’m away, having dinner with the King, I need you to be on the lookout for me, okay? Hang around her room to know when she starts screaming and all. I need you to confirm the baby’s really out”. Nosheba instructed.

“Of course, of course, My Queen. You can trust me on that”.

“Oh! Poor Shilah” she scoffed.

“Her baby will be long gone before she realizes she was ever pregnant”.


In the King’s chambers – cold and gloomily dark.

The round table had been decorated with various meals, jars of wine and two empty cups.

A red cover had been sprayed on it right before the meal was set, and right there beside each plate was a litted candlestick.

The women serving the table, rounded up and stepped back in scrutiny, then the leader amongst them walked towards the window.

“We’re done, Alpha King” she informed.

No response was heard, and with a bow, she turned around and left the room with her a*s*sistants.

King Dakota stood facing the window, his both hands crossed at his back – just staring into space and saying nothing.

His gamma stood behind him, observing. And for a few minutes, both men were silent.

“Why don’t you look excited, Alpha King?” Pishan finally asked, his words clear and sound in the cold room.

King Dakota tilted his head to give him a backward glance:

“What’re you talking about, Pishan? How excited do you expect me to be?”

“As excited as a man who’s just getting his first son after so many years and four wives” Pishan took a step forward.

And the King, taking a deep breath, turned back to the window.

“I’m excited about Nosheba being pregnant, Pishan” he said. “I mean, she’s carrying my son, and my joy can’t even be questioned. I’m just … worried – about something else.”

“Who? Shilah?” Pishan asked and scoffed.

“She’s sick she will be treated, Alpha King. What’s there to be worried about?”

King Dakota said nothing.

“Why don’t you just admit it? You were expecting Shilah to be the Pregnant one, not Nosheba. You wanted all these …” He paused and pointed his hand around.

“You wanted it all to be with her. Right?”

“Don’t misquote me, Pishan” Dakota gruffed.

“Am I really misquoting you, Alpha King? Or you just running away from the fact?” Pishan scoffed and took two steps closer. “Is your heart, perhaps, getting warmer towards her?”

“Just stop, Pishan. You say that which you know nothing about” King Dakota cut in.

“Oh! I do know about love, My King. I’ve experienced something similar to that” Pishan replied. And that was the moment the King turned to look at him.

Pishan was his right hand man and knew him like the back of his palm – same with him.

And if there is one honest thing he knew, it was the fact that Pishan had never fallen in love. Definitely! No matter the beauty of the lady, he’s never been enticed.

“What’re you talking about, Pishan?” He asked with furrowed brows.

“You’ve never had a lover. Or, have you?”

Despite how close they were, Pishan knew there was no way he could tell him about that in particular. He just smiled and stared down at the floor. And just then, the door opened with a guard coming in.

“Sorry for the interruption, Alpha King. But Queen Nosheba has arrived”.

That was more than a relief to Pishan as he took in a deep breath.

“Your date is ready. I’ll leave you two, Dearest King” he bowed and left the room, still having that victorious smile on his face.

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