Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 113

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 113

Nosheba turned left and right in front of the mirror, liking how lovely she looked.

The gown was long and swept the floor, glittering with some tiny gem stones on it. Her long dark hair was perfectly packed, a light makeup done on her, making her look so young and beautiful. Oh! She loved herself!

“You look astonishing, My Queen” Nivea commended from behind.

“I’m sure the King would fall in love with you over again the moment he sets his eyes on you”.

It made Nosheba’s heart blossom.

“You know why I like you, Nivea? You’re always too good with words”.

Nivea also lowered her head in a blush.

“T…The ple@sure’s all mine, My Queen. Thank you so much” she beamed.

A knock was heard on the door and Nosheba insisted on checking it out, having a feeling it was Raksha. With the length of her gown sweeping the floor, she walked to the door and opened it to the face of Raksha who was holding a small covered plate.

“Blessed Selene!” His eyes beamed as he gave her a slow head-to-toe stare.

“My goodness, Nosheba. You’re looking stunning”.

“Thank you, Raksha” she chuckled lightly, still holding the door open as she had no intentions of letting him in.

Raksha noticed, and didn’t look comfortable with it. “Someone might see me with this. Let me come in…”

“I’m about leaving, Raksha. Remember I have dinner with the King. What’s the problem?” Nosheba cut him off, trying as much as possible to soften her voice.

His presence was so irritating to her now, but she didn’t want to show it just yet.

“Uhm…Okay” Raksha shurgged and looked down at the covered plate in his hand.

“Well, the poison is ready. I’ve mixed it with the soup just like you said and all that is left now to do is serving it to her. But how do you intend to do that, My love?”

Nosheba smiled, taking the plate from him.

“You’ve done a great job, Raksha. Now, just leave the rest to me”. She said as she opened the plate to confirm it.

“Okay. But….”

“I really need to go now, Raksha” she cut him off. “You know I need to give this first to Shilah before going to the King. And I wouldn’t want to keep the King waiting”.

And before he could say anything else, she banged the door on him.


Shilah laid quietly on her bed, staring at the ceiling which was the only thing that could prick her interest at that moment.

The atmosphere was dark already. So, she had to lit the lanterns in her room that gave a shadowy coverage all over the room. And that was exactly what Shilah needed – the calmness, the coldness.

Her hand caressed her flat tummy – a habit she had developed few days ago and she really couldn’t tell why – since she wasn’t pregnant.

She thought of how her life would become. Since the test results were announced, the King hadn’t even summoned her to his room. Perhaps, he was busy with his pregnant wife.

She was totally happy for him and the pregnant wife. But somehow,she felt bad he wasn’t spending much time with her unlike before. Could it be possible…she was now addicted to his presence and didn’t want to be away from him for so long? But, why would she get addicted?

Urgh! She couldn’t be in love, right?

She turned restlessly on the bed. And just then, a knock was heard.

Oh! She really hoped it wasn’t Dyani ’cause she badly wanted to be alone at that moment.

“Who’s it?” She asked tiredly, trying to sit up.

But her legs froze when she heard that intimidating voice, “It’s Queen Nosheba”.

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