Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 149

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 149 A choice to make

Nosheba paused and stared at the Queen she wasn’t expecting to see at such time of the day. She looked different -younger – as she was dressed in an all-black attire and placed her torch on the lamplight.

Regaining her stance, Nosheba let out a smirk and stood on her feet, holding onto the bars of the cell.

“At last” she scoffed.

“You finally showed up. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t be coming to see I and your unborn grandchild. But it’s a good thing you just did”.

Queen Jadis stared grimly at her.

“You must forgive me, Nosheba, for I have been too busy, making preparations for certain things before I make my visit”‘ she replied, but Nosheba didn’t want to pay attention to the sarcasm in her voice as she was really hoping that would be her way out. Her saving grace would probably be Queen Jadis.

“Oh! It’s fine” She chuckled.

“You don’t have to apologize any further. I guess you’re here to get us out of this mess as it’s very important to both of us”.

Queen Jadis equally chuckled and took a step closer to her cell.

“Actually” she said. “I am here to make sure you keep my name and that of my son out of your mouth”.

Nosheba’s brows arched. But she didn’t let it show for long.

“Well… I guess the only way that can happen is if I’m out of here. Am I correct?” She asked and Queen Jadis let out a snigger.

“You are not getting out of here, Nosheba” she said.

“Isn’t it obvious? The King is never letting you go free – not after what you’ve done…. “

“After WHAT WE’VE DONE” Nosheba stated corrigibly, her mind beginning to beat real fast.

“I wasn’t the one who got caught” Queen Jadis also corrected.

“But you will – when the King questions me” Nosheba added: and there was a brief silence. .

“If you think I would keep my mouth shut and go down alone, then you’re lying, dear Queen” Nosheba continued.

“So, I would advise you….”

“Believe me, Nosheba, you would want to go down alone” Queen Jadis smirked and Nosheba’s eyes dimmed.

“Why do I have a feeling you are here to blackmail me, Queen Jadis?” Nosheba asked and bursted into a hysterical laughter.

“Just so you know, there is no amount of blackmail that can ever work on me, Jadis. If I am not out of here, then be sure we are all going down together”.

Immediately, Queen Jadis dipped her hand into her dress, took out a small wrapped cloth and f0rced it through the bars of the cell.

It fell Nosheba’s feet, and reluctantly, she bent to pick it up.

“What is this?” She asked as she stared at the suspicious cloth in her hand.

“You should open it and see for yourself” Queen Jadis smirked.

And hesitantly, Nosheba unwrapped the cloth.

What she saw from it made her heart leap from her chest immediately as it looked unbelievable. At first, it was confusing and she didn’t want to believe it was what it was.

A finger. A middle finger.

She furrowed her brows in confusion and looked up at Jadis.

“What is …What is this?” She asked with a scoff, trying so hard to keep her lips still.

“Oh! Come on, Nosheba” Jadis rolled her eyes.

“Don’t tell me a mother cannot identify her daughter’s fingers anymore”

And that was the moment Nosheba knew she was doomed. Yes: she was.

Her eyes drooped as she stared down at the finger in her hand, conforming it to be that of Paula – her first child.

She could feel it. It was indeed her child’s.

For a second, she felt her heart split into two. But the next, she straightened up and looked at Queen Jadis.

“So, you could stoop so low to cut off a child’s finger?” She asked, her face wearing a seething enraged look.

“Yes, I can stoop so low to do anything – including k*il*ling Rancho who is already dead” she replied and Nosheba flinched.

What? Rancho was dead? She thought.

“You are the only obstacle on my way, Nosheba. And for your sake, I would advise you to do the right thing…”

“And what makes you think this is enough to stop me?” She snapped in.

“I mean, you bring me my daughter’s finger and think you now have access to bend me to my will?”. Queen Jadis laughed.

“I know you’ve always been a shameless mother, Nosheba, a worthless mother” she said.

“But, I would really want to watch you be the reason behind your own daughter’s death. Definitely, if you mention my name to the King, I am sure to go down with my son. But, just so you know, I already hired some men and placed them around your daughter. And the moment they hear you exposed me, they would slit her throat and run away. So, before you expose me, just be sure we are all going down with your daughter. And I really hope you are ready to make that choice. Poor daughter of yours. In the other world, she’s definitely going to regret having someone like you as her mother”.

“You do not have the right to say that to me!” Nosheba banged the cell, making Queen Jadis laugh at her helplessness.

She had gotten so angry already.

“You cannot do this to me” she gritted her teeth.

“This was all your idea. You and your son brought me into this! Moreover, I am carrying your grandchild!!!”

“That thing seized being my grandchild the very day you decided to double-cross me and my son” queen Jadis snapped back.

“You thought you were going to win, Nosheba. You thought the battle was such an easy one to fight. Little did you know….” She paused and sighed deeply.

“Anyway, you can think about my offer. Going down alone, or going down with everyone – including your daughter”.

“This is madness!” Nosheba stated raucously.

“You must not go unpunished, Jadis! You must not go unpunished!!”

And letting out a cold smile, Queen Jadis started walking away.

“No!! Come back here. You cannot do this to me!! I am the mother of your first grandchild! And I’m carrying your second!!! I took all the risks for you and your son!! You can’t leave me this way!! You can’t do this to me!!! No!!!” Nosheba continued screaming as the Queen walked away.

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