Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 127

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 127

Still laying on the cold dirty floor, Shilah could see her life flashing right in front of her very eyes.

The pain at her lower abdomen had reduced, but the pain in her heart was still as fresh as it had been when it happened some hours ago.

What would the King think of her? That she was a w*ho*re? A cheat? And a deceiver? But what reason would she even have to cheat on the King in the first place? And why would anyone think of doing this to her? Setting her up this way?

Her heart grew heavier, recalling the look of betrayal she had seen in the King’s eyes that very morning. He looked so hurt…

More tears came strolling down her cheeks and with her hand on her tummy, she did the only thing she could do at that moment, and that was praying to the Spirits she believed in.

“Dear Spirits” her feebled voice began. “I’m lonely, and helpless. And all I ask for is your help.

“Please, save me from this mess, prove my innocence to the King and expose my enemies. Help me out of this situation – alive. And give me the strength to survive. These I ask”.

And with the last line said, her eyes dozed off.


“So…. you mean Nosheba pulled such a huge plan without us?” Queen Jadis asked a paranoid Raksha who was leaning angrily on the table.

“But why would she even do such in the first place? I thought we were working together? “

“I thought so too, Mother. But now, I really can’t understand what she’s driving at. And I’m stīll wondering who must’ve helped her out,” Raksha grumbled.

“You don’t think Arin did this on his own accord, do you?” Queen Jadis rose a brow.

“Of course, not. Arin knows the implications of this and there’s just no way he’d risk his life voluntarily for something this dangerous. He must’ve been f0rced”. Raksha replied and Queen Jadis dived into some deep thoughts.

“You know” she sighed

“It’s actually a great thing that she’s getting rid of Shilah as that is the common enemy we all have. But the problem here is the fact that she’s doing it on her own! This is meant to be a team work,and with the way she’s taking it, I can’t help but think she’s beginning to have her own motive”.

“I really don’t understand, mum” Raksha shook his head.

“But Nosheba seemed too real. I can’t even imagine she’d want to trick us. It’s not possible”.

Another round of silence dawned on them. “Well, I guess you should talk some sense into her, Raksha”.

“And how will I do that when she hardly gives me the privilege to see her?” Raksha grumbled.

“These days, whenever I go to her, she just finds one excuse or the other to push me away. She’s changed, mother.

“But don’t worry, this time around, I’ll find a really good way to speak with her and know what’s happening because there’s just no way Nosheba would do this to me”. He concluded hopefully.




Just like the wind, the time was flying so fast.

Just like a wind, it’d been two days since the ugly incident happened between Shilah and the King.

And for the past two days, the King had been like a snail in it’s shell, not leaving his room for anything, neither was he eating. Afterall, there was nobody to make him eat.

He couldn’t respond to messages, wouldn’t attend his King-ly matters, and wouldn’t let anyone into his room – not even Pishan. It had gotten that worst, Pishan was beginning to get extremely worried.

For the past two days, Dyani had been trying to get to Shilah, to give her something suitable to wear since she had been almost nàked ever since she was locked up, but the guards wouldn’t let her go any closer as they had received strong instructions from the King’s gamma not to let anyone into her cell.

She had pleaded relentlessly, but all to no avail, and that very day, she had decided to go through Pishan since he was closer to the King.

Pishan had been in his room, reading the letter he had received from Sukie that very morning. With a small smile on his face, he read her invitation to come see her at the village she’d be going with The Supreme Sister in a few days’ time. Alas, that was the only thing that could make him smile in such disheartening times.

Sukie – he thought of her young beautiful face and how he had felt each time he was around her.

*But, she’s a witch* a tiny voice spoke into his subconsciousness. *And you’re a wolf. Witches and wolves can’t go together*.

He sighed and dropped the letter, and just then, a knock came upon his door. Who could it be now? He really didn’t want to be disturbed.

With a grumble, he walked over and opened the door and there he found the third Queen, standing and looking like a prodigal daughter. Oh.

But what was she doing there? If he wasn’t mistaken, that would be the first time the Queen would be knocking on his door.

“My Queen,” he called, amused. “Greetings to you”.

“Um… Greetings to you too,” Dyani stuttered nervously. She looked drained and tired too.

“Please, Pishan, I’m here to ask for your help’.

“Okay. What is it, Queen?” He seemed interested.

“It’s Queen Shilah” she looked up at him.

“For two days now, I’ve been pleading with the guards at the cell to let me in so I can give Shilah some clothes to change into, and something to eat as well, but they wouldn’t let me. Please, Pishan. I know you can talk to the King, you’re almost like a brother to him. And I need you to use that influence to get him to change his mind. Please. Shilah is sick and might not end up well in such unfavourable condition. Please, I beg you, let me see her”.

Pishan stared blankly at the Queen the whole time she spoke. How did she become so attached to Shilah? He wondered.

Done talking, she stood anxiously and awaited him to say something else – something positive.

“Queen Dyani” he finally began. “I would really love to be of help. But the thing is… I can’t change the King’s orders. Even if I go to that cell, the guards wouldn’t let me in as well because the order had come from the King himself and if he gets to know they defiled it, they’ll be dead before the next minute”.

“Oh, please…” Dyani whimpered, bending her head downwards.

“And unfortunately”, Pishan continued. “The King wouldn’t let anyone into his room, including me. So, I can’t see him to talk with him, even if I wanted to. I’m sorry, Queen”.

Tears streaked Dyani’s cheeks immediately concluding all hope was lost.

Shilah was going to die in that condition. She was going to die! How can this happen to her?! Oh, no…

Running footsteps were soon heard and Pishan lifted his gaze to see one of the guards running towards him. It gripped Dyani’s attention as well as she turned swiftly to have a look.

“Pishan!” He called, getting close enough.

“What is it, Darci?” Pishan asked, bothered.

“It’s the King. He wants you in his chambers. Now”.


Without hesitation, Pishan left Dyani and went along with the guard, wondering why the King was calling urgently for him. There was nothing wrong, was there?

Perhaps, nothing was wrong. But the fact that he was finally calling forgot someone after two days of silence was more like a miracle to him.

So, with hastened steps, he got to the chambers and barged in, only to find the King fully dressed, looking calm and predatory.

His appearance… adorned in his thick robe and gold jewelries, Pishan could sense his motif.

“My King” he drew his breath, feeling relived that he had seen him in a good state – at least. “You called for me”.

King Dakota had been close to his table and just staring into space and he remained that way for a couple of minutes.

“Get Shilah and the traitorous guard to the meeting hall” his voice had some really cold vibrations. “I’m ready to p@ssmy judgement”.


Pishan was muddled. What? He was ready?

He gulped and looked at the King, not expecting such from him. At least, not when he’s been indoors for the past fourty-eight hours.

“Are …Are you sure?” He asked a little nervously, and King Dakota only gave a nod.

What would his judgement be? Pishan wondered. And the deadliness in the King’s voice somehow made him believe it might not be good at all. He hadn’t even looked at him since he stepped in there.

“But My King” he pressed on. “Are you sure you’re strong enough to face her? You do not….”

“I am not WEAK, Pishan” he snapped his head and gritted his teeth at Pishan, causing him a scare.

Yes, it scared Pishan’ cause he had never seen such look on him before. It was more like…he was on a tiny verge of shifting.

“Now, do as I say before I get someone else to do it”. He added and returned his gaze to the former.

Pishan didn’t want to cause problems for himself. So, with a bow, he turned around and left, going to get Shilah and the guard.

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