Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 129

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 129

The suspense in the hall multiplied as King Dakota moved onto Shilah next, his sword dripping with the blood of Arin.

That was the moment Nosheba had been waiting for – the moment Shilah gets slain. Of course! That was the purpose of the whole plan!

With her eyes stīll pinned on the floor, Shilah could feel the King stand in front of her, and that was the moment a tear slipped down her cheek.

Few weeks ago, she felt so loved in the arms of this man. But today, she was about getting slain by him. How ironic.

The King’s sword and legs were the only things she could see as she had her head bent downwards with the tear dropping down as well. Was this really what she deserved?

Pishan stared keenly at the King as he glared at Shilah with the sword in his hand. Right there, he could see so many emotions in his eyes – an angry King, a betrayed Husband, a hurt man. And above all… a man who couldn’t do what he was about doing.

It was beginning to create suspicions from the people around – wondering why the King was taking so long to use the sword on Shilah like he had done to Arin. Even Nosheba’s face was beginning to look discomforted.

But for the King, it was just him and Shilah. The crowd around him didn’t matter as he focused all his attention on the lady in front of him – the lady he had took in as his third wife few months ago and found solace in. The mere thought of her betrayal pierced his heart so deeply.

And finally, to the shock of everyone, he dropped the sword on the floor, And walked away.

Shilah gasped.

“What??” Another flinched from the hall.

“Did the King just walk away?” That came as a whisper.

And for the first time since Shilah stepped into the hall, she lifted her gaze from the floor to look at the King, but his retreating back was the only thing she could see.

While those present dived into wonderment, Pishan quickly went after the King.

“My King! My King!” He called from behind when they were in a quiet place, but King Dakota didn’t even stop to spare him a glance as he continued walking.

Some seconds later, they walked into his chambers and that was the moment Pishan realized just how weak the King had been. Yes, for the first time, he could see the King’s weakness and it startled him to the bones.

“I couldn’t do it” he broke down, holding onto the table for support. “I know I’m supposed to k*il*l her, but I just couldn’t do it. I can’t”.

Though, he was backing Pishan, but Pishan could guess the emotions he’d probably have on. Of course, the King was never a man to shed tears, else, he’d have thought he did.

Silence broke out between them both as Pishan thought of what to do. Despite the King’s dilemma, he knew Dakota to be a man who hated pity and consolation. He always preferred comforting himself and standing on his own. Thus, he was confused.

“My King…” He took a step closer.

“Go to her, Pishan” King Dakota cut him off. “And tell her to get out of the Palace. I don’t ever want to see her here – again”.

Pishan’s eyes dimmed. What?? That was his judgement?? He looked at the King with so much surprise, but unfortunately, the King wasn’t looking at him.

“As you wish, My King” he bowed and left.



The number in the hall had reduced as most people thought Shilah would be taken back to the cell and await further judgement. But someone like Nosheba and Chaska were still there as they wanted to see to the end of it – especially Nosheba. Her anger knew no bound.

Dyani could be seen beside Shilah on her knees, hugging and consoling her, but when she noticed Pishan’s presence, she seperated from the hug and awaited him to get close.

The suspense in the room increased as they all sent Pishan might have a message from the King. Would Shilah be taken back to her cell or…?

They all stared curiously at him as he walked silently and stood in front of the sniffling Shilah.

“I have a message from the King” his voice was heard. “You’re expected to leave the Palace right away and never return.”

“Oh, no!” Dyani was the first to react, her palm going over her lips.

Shilah scoffed on the floor, releasing the long breath she had been holding the whole time as she could hear the rest of the people in the hall mumbling.

Pishan signalled the guards around to help Shilah from the floor, and they did.

“I am expected to escort you out,” he told her and took some steps back.

Shilah, being literate enough, was aware she couldn’t take even a pin from her room as regards to the laws of the mountain. So, dressed in her ragged cloth, she turned and walked behind Pishan.

“Shilah!” Dyani called careful and ran to her, catching up with her and pulling her into a tight hug.

“Oh! I’m so sorry” She whimpered on her shoulder as they embraced each other.

Pishan had also stopped walking and just stared at the two ladies.

“I’m so sorry this is happening to you when you’re innocent. But I promise you, the truth will definitely prevail. And I’ll do everything in my power to be of help. I promise you”.

Seconds passed with her words digesting into the weak Shilah who just wanted a place to sleep.

Feebly, she tousled Dyani’s hair.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine” came her whispered words.

“We need to go now”. Pishan husked, making them seperate the embrace.

And with a final wave, Shilah left while Dyani remained in tears.

As she walked down the hallways with Pishan, it brought back memories of when she had walked in as the King’s wife. The same eyes staring at her, were the same eyes that had been staring at her back then. The only difference was, back then, they had been staring at her as the King’s latest wife, but that very day, they were staring at her as the King’s rejected wife. What a humiliating way of leaving.

The humiliation was nothing to her, but the fact that the King had sent her away. She won’t get to see him anymore, won’t get to be in his arms again and please him. Does she really deserve this?

A tear streaked her cheek, and finally getting to the gate, Pishan left her to depart.



“NONSENSE!!” Nosheba growled as she stormed into the room with her maid, her long dress speedily sweeping the floor.

“This is just absolute Nonsense!! How could he let her go, just like that?!”

Her face had gone all red as she fumed with anger and Nivea was trying her best to pick her words in order to avoid being picked at.

“She wasn’t even whipped, wasn’t beheaded as supposed, but simply chased out of the Palace like an offensive child?? He didn’t even banish her from the mountain! At least, that would’ve been better than watching her walk away with a scratch!” She yelled angrily.

“Um… My Queen”, Nivea decided to chip in.

“I… I understand your pain, but on the other hand, I still think it’s better she’s out of the palace. At least, she wouldn’t be a problem for us anymore”.

“I know she’s out of the Palace, Nivea, but I wanted her Dead!! Or are you forgetting she’s pregnant?? She’s carrying the King’s son and needs to die with it before it gets discovered!” She grouse.

“Y…Yes, I know she’s pregnant, but with what has just happened, I don’t think the King would accept any child from her as he would think it’s for another man. So, you see, My Queen, everything is still going in our favour”. Nivea said, but Nosheba exhaled in discomfort.

She just wasn’t okay with the King’s decision, not at all. Arin was k*il*led. So, why was Shilah spared???

A knock on the door interrupted the moment and Nivea hurried to check it out.

Opening the door, she discovered it was a guard.

“Is Queen Nosheba in? Someone is here to see her” the guard said, to the hearing of Nosheba who was listening from the room.

“Okay. Who is it?” Nivea asked, holding the door open.

And the guard replied, “He said his name is Dagger”.

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