Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 156

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 156 Nosheba’s Prosecution

Next Morning.

Shilah turned sleepily on the bed, yawning and stretching. The big bed felt so empty and accomodating and it was nothing new as the King had become fond of getting out of bed even before she wakes up.

But when she heard a strange sound, she felt someone in the room and quickly lifting her head to have a look, she found Pishan around the King’s table.

He had a bowl of strawberries with him and was moving around slowly like he didn’t want to make a noise. But when he noticed Shilah awake, he let out a deep breath.

“Sorry I woke you up. Was trying my best not to” he said with a shrug and picked what he wanted from the table.


“Good morning, Pishan” she sat up and itched her eyes.

“Did the King send you to get something?”

“Yes. And I already did” he showed the key to her.

“I will just get one more …” He walked over to the wardrobe to get what he needed and as he did, Shilah couldn’t help but admire his gentility. He was a fine young man and although, looked a little hard, she could tell he would make a caring lover to his woman – whoever she would be.

He took what he wanted from the wardrobe and turning around, Shilah’s eyes caught the sight of the appetizing strawberries in his bowl.

“I’ll take my leave now” Pishan said with a small smile and turned towards the door.

“Uhm…. Pishan, who owns the strawberries with you?” She asked timidly, itching the back of her neck.

“It’s actually for someone in the kitchen. I’m trying to deliver it to her” Pishan replied, getting a hint of what she wanted to say.

“Okay…is it possible to…. get just a few s*eeds? Please?” Shilah asked, sounding so funny and making Pishan chuckle.

He walked towards her with the bowl and held it out. And without hesitation, Shilah dipped her hand in and fetched as much as her swollen hands could get. When she was done, she had a huge satisfactory smile on her face.

“Thank you so much” she beamed, taking two into her mouth at a time.

“You welcome, Pregnant Queen” Pishan chuckled and finally left.


Prince Raksha stood quietly in front of the window, gazing out and staring blankly at the people moving around.

He looked so weak – no doubt – and frustrated as he just had a lot going on on his mind.

Queen Jadis walked in and was surprised her son didn’t even realize her entrance. Seeing him that way got her so worried and wonder what was wrong.

Exquisitely dressed, she walked towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Raksha, what is the problem? What troubles you?”

When those familiar hands touched his shoulder, they sent some chills down his system and relaxed him a little.

“I’m fine, Mother” he mumbled, taking his gaze back to the window.

“Of course, you are not, son. You look so disturbed. You should talk to me – what troubles you?” Queen Jadis pressed on, really wanting to get the truth from him.

“How can I be at peace, Mother?” He sighed.

“How can I be at peace when Nosheba will be k*il*led by the King today?”

“And how is that supposed to be of any concern to you?” Queen Jadis scoffed.

“Of course, it does, Mother” Raksha turned to face her.

“Nosheba gave me my first child, and she’s currently carrying another. I….I loved her”.

“Oh! Spare me that foolishness, Raksha!” Queen Jadis hissed. “Nosheba deserves all that is happening to her for she brought it upon herself. She ruined everything the moment she betrayed us and tried pushing us away. She asked for the music and has to dance it alone. So, do away with this foolishness, Raksha”.

“I know, Mother, but you need to understand me as well. It won’t be so easy watching the King slit her throat when she’s pregnant with my second child. Despite the terrible things I’ve done, I still have a heart, Mother” Raksha grumbled.

“That thing in Nosheba’s womb does not belong to you, Raksha – at least, not anymore” Queen Jadis rebuked him. Henceforth, you do not have any connection with that woman. And the earlier you realize that, the better for both of us.

“Now, if you’re done whining like a child, you come over and help me out with something” she added and walked away.




Shilah sat icily on the bed, patiently waiting for the King. She had gotten everything she needed for that morning – had been checked up on by the Midwife, given enough to eat, had her bath and changed into something nice – waiting for Nosheba’s prosecution.

She had gotten everything she needed but still, felt so incomplete as she sat there on the best, awaiting the King to round up his dress session so they could leave together. She felt so nervous.

A while later and she could hear his footsteps, coming up behind her. She pinned her gaze to the floor and didn’t try looking at him even when he stood in front of her.

“Come on, Shilah, we should get going” King Dakota turned around to leave, but stopped when he noticed Shilah was lagging behind.

Sluggishly, she stood up from the bed and made a pout with her lips with her gaze still on the floor.

“What is wrong, Shilah?” King Dakota asked, concerned as he returned to her point and palmed her cheek.

“Is something bothering you?”

Shilah gave no response immediately as she maintained that pathetic face with her gaze avoiding the King’s.

But when the King pressured her, she did.

“I just… I just feel bad for Nosheba, My Kink” she muttered. “Although, I know she did a lot of wrong and deserved anything bad she can get, I just wish…. I just wish she’d be pardoned from death. Any other punishment is accepted, but death….”

King Dakota could hardly believe his ears. He grimaced in shock and wondered if she was actually being serious.

“Hold on, Shilah” he scoffed, his hand falling from her cheek. “Are you joking or something?

“Why would anyone want to free someone like Nosheba? I felt you’d be happy she was getting k*il*led?”

“I know, but…. She’s pregnant” she paused and looked him in the eyes. “She’s carrying an innocent child that doesn’t need to pay for his mother’s crime. Please, My King….”

“And it seems you are forgetting you were also carrying an innocent child when she tried to k*il*l you” King Dakota cut her off. “How could you even ask for such a thing, Shilah? It’s ridiculous”.

A tear slipped Shilah’s cheek, but she sniffed and wiped it off.

“It’s fine. I just…. I just felt I could help. I’ll be fine with whatever decision you take” she murmured as another tear came rolling down again. King Dakota was gob smacked.

Suddenly, Pishan knocked on the door and King Dakota knew it was time to go to the hall.

So, taking a deep breath, he turned to the weepy Shilah.

“Come on, now, we do not have much time. Let’s go”. He spoke adamantly and left the room.

While Shilah reluctantly followed.


When Nosheba found two guards opening her cell, she knew deeply it was her time for her prosecution – time to get slain by the King.

For Someone that had been starved and neglected, she didn’t even have the strength to struggle and just let the guards take her by the shoulders and lead her out of the cell.

She walked like a ghost in their midst – staring into space and depending on them for support – support to walk.

Yes, at that moment, she felt she wouldn’t even be able to walk on her own. Her eyes were just fixed into space and hardly blinking – hardly registering the people she came across.

But when it all dawned on her was when they got to the hall entrance. The fear, her plans, mistakes, regrets – everything dawned on her the moment she stepped into the hall.

Today, she was going to get k*il*led by the same man she’s fought so hard for. She was going to get k*il*led in front of the very people she had tried so hard to conquer.

She could notice them all – same way all eyes were on her. The guards, the servants, Queen Chaska, Dyani and even some of the people from the banquet. She could notice them all – including Raksha and his mother who kept staring differently at her.

She didn’t want to look at the triumphant view in Chaska’s eyes, neither did she want to look at the disappointed and disgusted faces of the rest of the people around.

And finally getting to the head of the hall, she saw him – King Dakota.

He was seated on the single seat while Shilah stood beside him like the top Queen – head bowed.

The King’s eyes seemed so dark – cold and dark. And as Nosheba approached him, her heart couldn’t help but twitch on its chest. So…. Queen Nosheba was finally going to end in an humiliating way?

The guards dropped her to her knees right in front of the King and she shivered as she stayed there, awaiting the dreadful moment.

Prince Raksha and his mother. She couldn’t let them push her into this and pay the price. If she was going down, she needed to go down with them.

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