Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 39

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 39

Hours after eating,

King Dakota laid on the bed and tried getting son sleep, but it just wasn’t working out.

He felt so full and heavy and wished he could blend everything in with some sleep, but as he laid on the bed, all he could do was turn and keep turning restlessly. No matter how hard he tries all the time, no matter how dizzy he felt, his eyes just wouldn’t stick close to sleep. Could that part of the curse ever get healed?

He exhaled deeply and left the bed, finally giving up on sleep. It had become too frustrating already.

He still had his royal garment on, and just as he was about taking his seat, he heard a knock on the door.

“Enter” he answered and the door opened immediately with Raksha walking in.

Oh, Raksha. He was almost forgetting he had sent for him.

Prince Raksha walked into the room having his usual stern look on.

There was a deep scar on his face – one he had gotten from one of the rogues attack. The scar was just on the left side of his cheek and that kind of gave him a rugged look. Strong and stern.

He was a replica of his mother and took after her mean face, despite the fact she was trying to act all *nice* now.

“Greetings, My King” Raksha greeted with a bow when he stood in front of the King who was already sitting on his usual spot.

“Raksha” Dakota sighed.

“How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing great, My King. Thank you”. Raksha replied, his tone sounding so cold.

Sometimes, it irritates Raksha that he has to address Dakota as “My King”

Well, that was probably because, growing up, he simply referred to him as just “Dakota”but not until the demise of their late father and Dakota being the first son, was crowned King. That way, Raksha had to drop the familiarities and start addressing him with the King-ly title. Of course, it was right, ,but it irritated him sometimes.

Dakota pulled out a feather, dipped it into the ink bowl and started writing.

“Pishan told me he had some problems with you earlier today” he began, double tasking perfectly as he wrote.

Raksha nearly rolled his eyes. He actually had a feeling that was the reason Dakota was calling for him.

“I don’t understand the kind of problems you’re talking about, My King” Dakota possumed.

Dakota paused for a second to look at him, then went back to writing.

Normally, no body pretends in such manner in front of him, but for his brother,he could break some boundaries.

“I gave him some tasks I wanted him to do with you; but disappointing enough, he told me you rejected them and asked him to do them alone. Is that clear enough now?” Dakota enthused and Raksha exhaled deeply, to Dakota hearing.

“Well”, he tilted his head.

“I just didn’t want to cause any inconveniences, King. Not just me, but everyone else has noticed Pishan is now your favorite. So, I was thinking it’d be best if he does the tasks alone like he always does. I mean no disrespect”.

“And what makes you think Pishan is my favorite?” Dakota stopped writing and leaned back on his chair to have a proper look at Raksha’s face.

“What makes you think I’m even interested in favoritism or anything? The only thing I’m interested in, Raksha, is helping this is helping every mountain and clutch grow to the best of it’s ability; taking every single pack and Vamp clutch to it’s peak until we probably have to break through the sky. So, where are you getting this mentality of yours?”

Raksha said nothing, but only stood with his hands behind his back and his gaze lowered.

“Do you want to run every single activity in the mountain?” Dakota continued.

He was sounding more of an elder brother than a King.

“Do you want to shoulder every single thing and experience a situation where you’d have to keep running around every single minute until you probably die out of exhaustion? Is that what you want?? You are my beta, Raksha, every living soul knows that and that has given you enough fame already. I put you in charge of my army; I put you in charge of recruiting, meaning no one can join this mountain without your approval. What else do you want, Raksha? Or do you wish to sit on my throne as well?”

Raksha lifted his gaze and glanced at the King for only a second.

“All I want is unity, Raksha, and I wouldn’t want my own brother being an obstacles. Have I made myself clear?” Dakota snapped out.

“Perfectly said* Raksha swallowed hard, his gaze still on the floor.

“Good. Now, find Pishan and fix the mess you created. You can leave” he turned back to the scroll he was writing on, and with a bow, Raksha turned around and left the room.




Shilah was awakened by a knock on the door. Who could it be? She thought as she sat up begrudgingly, itched her eyes and went ahead to open the door.

Opening it, she discovered it was a maid, holding a tray of food. Huh?

“Greetings, My Queen” she bowed.

“Um… greetings to you too” Shilah replied, still looking surprised.

Why would the maids bring meal to her yet? And it was still too early.

“I was ordered to serve your meal. The King wants you to eat early so you can get ready for the meeting” she said and that was when it dawned on Shilah.

Oh…..The meeting; she had almost forgotten.

“Um…. Okay; thank you’ she smiled and collected the tray from the maid, even when the maid had insisted on bringing it into the room herself. Well, you should know Shilah already.

Alone in the room, she settled down and began eating the sumptuous breakfast. She licked all fingers while eating, since she was alone in the room and before she could finish up, she heard another knock on the door.

Urgh! Again?

She stood up and rushed to the door, and opening it, she found two maids this time around.

One held a dress, while another held a pan which was covered with a curtain.

Okay….Now, what’s going on?

“Greetings, Queen Shilah” they greeted in unison before the second one continued.

“We’ve been ordered to dress you up for the meeting. There’s only a limited time left”.

Huh?? She’s going to be dressed up as well?? Oh, wow.

“Um….” She paused and glanced back into the house.

“Actually, I’m still eating” she replied.

“We can wait for you, My Queen; but you’ll need to hurry because the King doesn’t like delays” the first maid said, and Shilah nodded and led them into the room.

She quickly finished up her meal and when she was done, hurried into the bathroom for a bath.

When she was done bathing, she was so amused at how the maids took over, dressing her up, taking care of her face and also her hair.

Shilah just sat like a statue in front of the mirror as the maids worked on her face. They seemed to be so perfect in it.

It took a very long time, and by the time they were finally done, Shilah couldn’t believe her own self in front of the mirror.

Oh, wow…..

She stood up, gently, her big long dress almost being uncomfortable for her; but she knew she had to manage.

The dress had some glitters round it’s ages; her hair was neatly brushed and perfectly styled with some gold pins around it. Some necklaces were hung around her, bracelets on her wrists, and diamond earrings.

Her make up was simple but extremely nice, and as she continued staring at her reflective image in the mirror, she still couldn’t believe she was the one. She couldn’t believe her transformation.

“Shilah” she heard her name and turned to see Queen Dyani standing at the doorway.

She had a huge smile on.

“Oh, blessed Selene! I can’t believe this is you, Shilah” she shook her head and started walking towards her, while Shilah couldn’t help but blush with her gaze being lowered to the floor.

“T…. Thank you, My Queen” she muttered.

The maids in the room bowed and greeted Dyani, and she responded to them.

“You look so beautiful, dear. I think you need to leave now. I noticed the carriages are all ready”.


And together, they all left the room.

Shilah felt so shy walking beside Dyani and the maids as she could tell she was too beautiful and matured.

They all walked down the long hallway and continued walking for a long time until they finally got outside to where the carriage was waiting.

There were three horses in front of the carriage, and three horses behind.

No doubt, it was for maximum protection.

The guards around all turned to look at Shilah and it made her more nervous. She wasn’t used to people staring at her that way.

“The King is on his way” Dyani announced, and Shilah turned to see the King walking towards them with some guards behind.

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