Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 38

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 38

With a lowered gaze and fearful heart, she walked towards the bed and started undressing. Her hands were shaking.

Well, what was she expecting? She had actually heard married couples get intimate most of the time. Perhaps, she never really expected it to apply to her; she wasn’t used to the fact that she’s likely to be on the King’s bed most of the time.

After undressing, she laid downwards on the bed, letting out a soft whimper against the pillows. She could feel the breeze from the window, touching her b*tts which were pointed upwards. She still couldn’t believe it was happening again.

Just like the first time, it took a long while before King Dakota left his seat and started undressing and Shilah could tell from the ruffled sound of clothes.

Her heart started beating heavily; more fear helplessly gripping her.

King Dakota undressed and went over to the bed to meet her. Spreading her legs apart, he settled in between and spotted the vàgina still looking tight and cool.

With a light grunt, he pushed the head of his phallús in, and a cry cut through from Shilah’s lips.

She turned her face to the left where the wall was and bit her cheeks .

Dakota pushed himself in, pulled out to the tip and went right in again.

He leaned forward, hands on wash side of her waist as he began slamming in and out of her, her b*ttocks hitting with his thighs since he was going in from behind . Her breath hitched and she m*oa*ned – cried as she still felt slight pains. Was he too big? Or she was just the one who was too small and tight?

King Dakota felt that hotness in him as he thrusted in and out of her slimy hole, the hole still being so tight and warm, embracing and squeezing his manhoód tight. That squeeze….

He gritted his teeth and looked down at her legs to see how he moved in and out of her.

“Oh……” Shilah turned her face to the opposite direction.

The feeling she got….she couldn’t even explain it; bitter sweet. But, one thing was certain, it was more bitter.

She could feel him all over her – his King-ly scent, that cold aura; and as his skin touched hers, it sent some shivers down her spine.

Her chest hit the bed tho and fro untill finally, the King reached climax and pulled out of her. She let out a light gasp as she felt so much relief in between her legs when the very huge organ left her. She whimpered….

King Dakota stood up and put on his clothes.

“You should leave” he said gruntfully before walking away, going to his room.

With shaky hands, Shilah left the bed, took her clothes from the floor and put them on. She was still breathing heavily, feelings so used in between her legs. Oh, Shilah!

She sobbed lightly and left the room, her hand wrapped across her chest.



King Dakota came out of the bathroom, cold and refreshed.

He made to sit in front of his table, but as he did, he could feel that strange growl in his system – the hunger.

“Marcos!” He called and the door opened immediately with the guard rushing in.

“My King” he bowed, awaiting command.

“Tell the maids to get me some food” .

“As you wish, My King” the guard bowed and scurried off.

King Dakota took up the book he was previously reading but discovered he couldn’t concentrate a single bit as the hunger was overwhelming.

It was more like… his bowels had been completely emptied, and he’d die if he doesn’t eat immediately.

He dropped the book and just placed his hands on his Jaws, and after a while, the maids walked in with the meals.

Dakota ordered them to set it down and leave and they did just that. And being alone in the room, he took up his spoon and started eating.

As he ate, he noticed the meal was tasting excessively sweet to him, his throat opened up to gulp them down.

He didn’t stop to think but just continued eating as the hunger demanded until he had eaten nearly half of the meal.

“F*”k!” He grunted.

The hell; this wasn’t a coincidence. There was something about her; something about that lady. Who the heck was she?




The Alpha stood in front of the window in the empty room, gazing outside as he watched his people working.

Cross ventilation came in ma*s*sively and made his long hair flip a little.

Shortly, the door opened and he knew instantly it was his gamma.

“Greetings, Alpha” he bowed, standing behind him.

“I came to inform you that everything’s set”.

The Alpha said nothing, not immediately.

“Are you sure?” He finally asked gruffly.

“The rogues are set? I wouldn’t want any mistake”

“You can count on me, Alpha. I made sure they’re ready and just waiting for tomorrow”. The beta replied.

“Good. Because after the meeting, I want to make sure King Dakota doesn’t return home alive”.

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