Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 223

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 223 The Rumours

Stepping out of the room, Shilah felt a hole beeping through her. Despite how hardened it had become, she still felt the pain of walking out on her father.

A year ago when she discovered the people she grew up with were not really her family, she had prayed for nothing but to meet them. Nights, she prayed for the Spirits to come to an aid, reunite her with her parents if they were still alive. She always envisioned what it would be like, being surrounded by love and care from her own. But now she’s finally met her father, she couldn’t believe she was meeting him with so much pain. She couldn’t believe she was walking out on him and might probably never see him again.

A tear stung her eye as she walked to the horse, ignoring all the piercing stares from the people she came across. They didn’t just look at her like she was strange, but they looked at her as someone they should be scared of.

Most of them had never experienced a hybrid, and finally seeing one, it totally seemed dreadful to them. And including how cold she was, her att*itude was just fitting for the job.

Getting to her black horse, Shilah mounted on it. And as she rode it, she made sure didn’t waste a tear down her cheek.


The news was spreading rapidly – all across the Mountains, rivers, clutches, local villages. It was ringing from the lips of men, to women, and to children.

A lot of people had known the story of Ayita, the Fallen Witch. Of course, it had turned out a popular story back then which translated into various books that spread across the world. They all knew her story, but had no idea how she looked, or if her daughter had survived. So, when Shilah’s new had broken out at the theater, it went so viral with so much shock as most people had a*s*sumed the Witch’s daughter dead. Moreover, it was of greater shock to those that had previously known Shilah.

Kylie had been in her chamber when Remata rushed in with the news.

“Supreme Sister…! It’s Shilah! She was seen at the fight between the Alpha King and Lord Ryder. From the rumours, she possessed powers which she used against Ryder and exposed him. People say she looked so different – more powerful and dangerous”.

Kylie’s throat had constricted on hearing those words from Remata. She had sprang up with fisted hands and stormed around the room. But for the first time, she was confused on what to do. For the first time, she found herself hesitating on giving the orders to go after her, even as Remata stood there, waiting.

When the news hit Chaska, she was gobsmacked. She couldn’t attend the fight due to her daughter’s health. Thus, the news coming to her there at the Palace was the biggest shock she’s ever had to deal with.

The same Shilah she knew? That very scared and naive Shilah? The one anyone could trample on and go scott free? How was she an hybrid and had so much access to her powers? Just how?

She’d paced back and forth her room for a long time. And when she paused to look at her imbecile daughter on the bed, it reminded her who was responsible.

Prince Raksha was not left out of his shock. When his mother had returned and broken the news to him, he initially thought she was joking, but not until it started getting confirmed from the lips of the servants.

He paced angrily in his mother’s room, his head spinning while the Queen sat sullenly on the bed.

“So, the rumours were true?” He sank his fingers into his hair. “Shilah is indeed, the daughter of Ayita and Achlys? But, how is it possible, mother? Are you sure you really saw her display her powers?”

A sigh crossed the Queen’s lips as she touched her head.

“Raksha dear, if it wasn’t for the confirmations, I would’ve never believed that was Shilah. For so many reasons, she didn’t seem like the Shilah we knew – that stupid, naive girl. The Shilah I had seen back there was one that seemed so hateful, angry. She looked like she could burn the world!”

“Oh! Mother, what do I do?” Raksha plonked on the bed beside her. “You know what’s behind my impotence. I’ve been to several places, even out of the Mountain, yet there has been no solution! According to Chaska, Shilah placed a curse on those that harmed her son. So, I believe she’s the only one that can take this curse off me. I need to confess to her, Mother”.

“You mean, confess and die?” The Queen threw him a stare. “Do not think I am joking, Raksha. The Shilah I had seen at the fight didn’t look like one that would accept some flimsy apology. She didn’t look like one that would forgive the man who took her son away. As a matter of fact, she’d be so pleased slitting your throat and feeding everything to the birds”.

Raksha’s brows quirked.

“Has Shilah become that heartless?” He scoffed. “The Shilah we knew back here wouldn’t even hurt a fly”.

“And that is my point!” The Queen rolled her eyes. “The Shilah we knew, is gone”.

Even the hunters were not left out. The news had gotten to them, making them worry.

“What do we do, Kieran? We can’t neglect the fact that the witch locked in there is this so called Shilah’s mother”, Rissa had stated worriedly as a few of them sat round the table.

Of course, they knew who Ayita was from the very day they seized her in the woods. They just never expected they’d be having challenges because of her.

“But, nobody knows, right?” One of the hunters shrugged. “I mean, she’s been here for over twenty years. I’m very sure this so called hybrid would think her mother is dead. Moreover, nobody knows she’s here. Even Ayita has no idea her daughter is still alive”.

“But, what if someone finds out?” Rissa thumped the table.

“Someone like who?” Kieran glared. “Aside us, no soul knows who she is. And I’m very sure none of you plan on betraying this name”.

“Of course, not! Never” Rissa scoffed. “But… do you remember that lady?! Uhm…the Alpha King’s banished wife. What was that her name again…”

“Nosheba?” The other hunter a*s*sisted.

“Yes! Yes! Nosheba! Do not forget she was placed next to this Ayita and they had been together for days. And also do nothing forget she had escaped while trying to sell her out. So, currently, she’s out there and safe”.

There was a minute of silence as the realization struck hard at the two other hunters.

“I… I don’t think Ayita disclosed who she was to the King’s former wife. But, let’s just say she did, do you think this Nosheba would ever want Shilah being reunited with her mother? For all we know, Nosheba got banished because of Shilah. Thus, she’s filled with nothing but hate and revenge for Shilah. What makes you think she’d want to be of help?”

“You never can tell, Keiran…”

“So, what are you suggesting, Rissa?!” The Superior hit the table angrily. “Are you trying to say we take her away from here? To where? This is the only camp we have! And we can’t just k*il*l her because she’s been of great benefit to us!”

There was a deep silence.

“I’m sorry, Kieran, didn’t mean to upset you. I just don’t want us getting into trouble with that Shilah girl”, Rissa’s face was covered with disappointment.

“And I’m telling you, she won’t!” Kieran stood up.

“Besides, even if we do, there is no way she can use her so called powers within our walls. So, it’d be a sword-to-sword fight. Now, do you really think she stands a chance against us?”

And with a smirk, she walked away.

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