Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 226

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 226 The Sweet Old Memories

“Have you gone mad, Shilah?” Chaska scoffed. Hearing those words from Shilah was the biggest insult to her personality.

For a moment, she forgot all about her worries and fears and decided to take the bull by the horn.

“You want me to kneel before you? As what exactly? The latest hybrid? Do not make me tell you you’re out of your senses”.

Shilah’s eyes glinted, but her lips soon curved in a smile.

“Dear Chaska”, she stared at her feet. “I am not asking you to kneel because I deserve it or proud of what I’ve become. I am asking you to kneel to make up for all the times you made a fool out of me. All the times you insulted, humiliated and intimidated me. So, for the last time, kneel before me”, As Shilah said the last line, she curved her fingers towards Chaska’s knees.

Chaska couldn’t explain it when she felt a strange f0rce hitting hard against her knees. She tried to fight it, but it was too strong. She made a painful grunt as her knees gave out and hit the floor.

Shilah chuckled, seeing she was finally kneeling before her. And Chaska fumed as embarra*s*sment sizzled through her.

“How dare you, Shilah?” She gritted and tried getting up but noticed her knees were stuck to the ground. What?

“You can do nothing, Chaska. And you shall stay here for as long as I want”, Shilah chiacked, but her excitement died when she spotted the King walking in with Pishan.

King Dakota and his gamma paused on spotting the drama before them. Chaska was kneeling before Shilah? But why? Was she asking for forgiveness or something?

It looked so strange, seeing the Almighty Queen kneel before the very lady she loathed. It was entirely strange seeing Chaska kneel to anyone at all. What was happening?

Not wanting to give the King further negative impressions, Shilah hastily released Chaska’s knees and walked p@ssher to go meet the King. Chaska had no idea the King had been coming behind her and was the reason Shilah released her. It was when she got to her feet and turned to release all her yells and curses on Shilah that she saw the King and his gamma, standing and watching them.

What? The King had seen her kneeling before Shilah? Oh, no!

With so much hate, she watched Shilah walk up to the King and bowed.

“Greetings, My King”, she greeted curtely.

“Shilah”, King Dakota sighed. “You are here. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing just fine”, she turned to Pishan. “Greetings to you, Pishan”.

“And to you too, Shilah. Nice to have you here”, the gamma replied.

He couldn’t believe that was the same naive lady he had walked through the gates of the Palace about a year ago, bringing her in as the King’s offender. How things could change.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to her, Chaska turned and walked away.

“Sorry I’m a day late, My King. I thought I could make my journey faster”, Shilah continued.

Bastet had advised her to warm up herself in front of the King in order to regain his trust. Even if it was difficult, she needed to let go of her cold grumpy side when she was with him.

“I understand”, The King bobbed. “I just informed the servants and they’re busy in the kitchen already. Lunch will be served soon. For now, may I walk you?”

How much Shilah has missed his voice. It made her heart flutter.

“Of course”, she bowed and aligned with him.


Pishan had to leave the duo to themselves as it was obvious the King needed some alone time with her. And that was exactly what the King wanted.

There was an awkward silence between himself and Shilah as they strolled down the walkway. Shilah could guess where the King was leading her, but the King on the other hand, had very disturbing thoughts running through his mind.

The lady beside him, dressed in black and looking fierce, was she the same Shilah he knew? The same woman he had gotten married to? Why had Chaska been kneeling before her? From the look in Chaska’s eyes, it didn’t seem like she was asking forgiveness. She looked angry, bittered. What could’ve transpired between her and Shilah?

More importantly, was there still hope for the both of them? Was her cold heart still in love with him? How would he know …

They stopped in front of the closed door which the King unlocked and pushed open. Shilah’s heart was already fluttering as they stepped into the room, the sweet memories hitting so hard at her.

It was her room! Her little exciting room! Oh…! The good old days…!

A smile effortlessly cross her lips as she took slow steps in while running her eyes around. How was it looking the same way she left it?

The bed was well arranged, the floors sparkling and every of her left things in place. Stepping in, she felt she never felt and was still living there.

“I made sure the maids clean it up every morning”, The King spoke from behind, but she didn’t look at him as she proceeded to touch some of her books on the table.

“I wanted it to be as though, you still owned it and would return soon to claim it. I had faith, Shilah, and it happened”.

Now, that was when she turned to face him,her face flashing a smile while she held a book in her hand.

“I’d always wanted to return. My training just didn’t permit me”, she soothed and turned back to the table. “I missed it. Everything”.

She heard the King’s footsteps and knew when he stood behind her. Somehow, she could tell he wanted to hold her, place his hands on her. And it hurt to know he was restricting himself.

She dropped the book in her hand and turned to face him. With their faces so close to each other, she was sure something would’ve happened. But a knock on the door interrupted them.



I’m deeply sorry, guys. I know I’ve not been good, but it’s not in any way intentional. I’d never leave a book hanging on purpose. A lot has currently been happening around me, but I’ve fixed them already and PROMISE regular updates henceforth. I truly hope I can earn your trust back.

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