Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 23

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 23

All eyes turned to look at him as he walked in, his boots hitting the floor hard and announcing his unexpected entrance.

As Shilah looked at him, the fear from the previous night came flashing into her head again and reminding her of his words:

“Three nights”.

Oh, goodness! After this very night, she’d be having just two more nights left; two more nights to lose her virginity and become fully his.

“Greetings, My King” they greeted in obeisance and with their heads bowed – including Shilah who was fast enough this time around.

Dakota said nothing as he walked to the head of the table and took his seat.

“Greetings”. He mumbled, dropping his sheath on the other part of the table.

The maids, without hesitation, quickly rushed to serve him his meal, while Dakota’s eyes took in the number of people at the dining.

His step mother, step brother, Queen Chaska, Nosheba, Dyani, and the latest, Shilah. His gaze on her was longer than it had been on others.

Shilah felt so anxious when she noticed the King was staring at her. Tho, her eyes were fixed on her meal as she fetched some sauce onto her spoon, she was still able to tell he was staring at her. That cold gaze of his; they were sending some chills down her spine.

“I was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up, Dakota” Queen Jadis said, making him take his eyes off Shilah.

“I was just asking when you walked in.

“Yes…I just thought of giving it a try” Dakota replied with a sigh.

“Nosheba” he suddenly called, looking at her.

“How’re you feeling now?”

Nosheba’s eyes dimmed a little. So, he finally thought of her.

“I’m fine, My King” she answered perfunctorily, her eyes not looking at him.

“And how’s the baby?” He further asked, and Nosheba scoffed in her mind.

“We’re both fine” she answered.

Her guts wanted to tell him she was angry with him for not caring for her and the child since her delivery, but she knows the king’s anger too well to say such words to him.

Chaska, on the other hand,was angry that the King was finally paying some attention to Nosheba.

That witch! She shouldn’t be out of bed by now. Normally, she was meant to stay indoors for some weeks before coming out with the baby. But, the witch decided to change the rules by comings out just four days after her delivery. Pathetic thing – she jibed angrily in her thoughts.

“And you, Raksha?” He turned to his brother. “How’s it going with the training of the new men?”

Raksha’s face was stone cold; that was actually the only thing he does in the pack – training minors. How humiliating.

“It’s going on well, My King”. He answered, the words feeling so heavy at the tip of his tongue.

The maids served Dakota his meal and as he looked at it, he could tell it was very delicious. But, when he took a spoonful of It into his mouth, he had his using indigestion problem – that annoying feeling that made the meal feel completely tasteless on his tongue. He almost felt like throwing up, but quickly gulped it down.

“Are you alright?” Queen Jadis asked, placing her hand on his since she was next to him.

Dakota said nothing as he quickly reached for some water and gulped it down. Shilah was muddled. What was wrong with the King?

After drinking enough water, King Dakota stood up.

“I’ll be in my chambers” he mumbled and started walking away, his hands crossed behind his back.

“Dakota, should the chef make something else for you to eat?” Queen Jadis asked from her seat, but he didn’t stop or turn as he completely left.

Shilah was confused. The King had difficulty eating? But, why?

The words of the Queen suddenly flashed into her head:

*You know how his appet*ite is; it’s possible he doesn’t want to eat now*

Then, the King’s reply:

*Yes. .. I just decided to give it a try*

Was something wrong with the King’s ability to eat? But, what could it be?




Queen Nosheba returned to her chambers, and found her baby on the bed, sleeping peacefully.


“Nivea!” She called, and her maid came running in.

“My Queen!”

“Go get me some bananas. And strawberries”. Nosheba requested.

“As you wish” Nivea bowed and left.

Nosheba, left alone in the room, walked over to her baby on the her and admired her pretty face. Despite the fact she hated fact it was a girl, she still couldn’t get rid of that motherly bond between them.

Shortly, she heard her door opening and quickly turned to have a look. And to her not-really-surprise- it was Prince Raksha.

Nosheba sprang on her feet immediately.

“Raksha?” She called. And as soon as he got to where she was, he pulled her into a hug.

“My sweetheart” he cooed, hugging her tight.

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