Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 37

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 37

Shilah was still in the room with Queen Dyani, having some warm conversations with her. Dyani was particularly telling her about the meeting coming up the following day.

“All the Alphas of the seven different mountains, and Vamp Lords of the five different clutches will be present” she had said.

“And they’d all be there with their wives as well. It’s usually a heavy meeting and I can’t begin to imagine how Chaska and Nosheba must be feeling right now, knowing they didn’t get the chance to go with the King”.

“Well, I…. I had no idea that eaa going to be the reward’ Shilah shurgged.

“I didn’t even know I was going to k*ll a c*oc*kroach”

Dyani laughed and was about saying something when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.


“I’ll check it out” Dyani said and stood up, and on opening the door she discovered it was the King’s gamma – Pishan.

“Greetings to you, Queen” Pishan said in his usual elegance.

“Oh; greetings to you” Dyani smiled, although curious.

Pishan doesn’t go on errands, unless they were ordered by the King.

“Is Queen Shilah in?” He asked and Dyani’s brows arched.


“Um…. She’s in. I’ll get her” She answered and returned to the room.

Shilah was sitting innocently on the bed, not knowing what was going on.

“Um…. Shilah, The King’s gamma is here to see you” she told her and Shilah’s eyes dimmed immediately.

Huh?? That grumpy guy??

“Wh….Why?” She stuttered.

“I have no idea;.you should go meet him” Dyani said, and taking a hard gulp, Shilah stood up from the bed.

She walked to the door and found Pishan standing right beside it, looking as serious as grumpy as always. His character was almost like the King’s.

“You… you sent for me?” Shilah asked.

“Yes. The King wants you in his chambers. Please, come with me”. His tone was so sedate as he turned around and started walking away.

Oh, no; The King? What has she done wrong? Shilah’s heart skipped heavily.

She turned to look at Dyani who had been listening from behind.

“You need to get used to the fact that you belong to the King now, Shilah” ,Dyani stated calmly.

“Stop being so paranoid all the time, Okay?”

But, how would that be possible? Shilah thought. How would that be possible when she’d only met the King a week ago? And when she’s heard so much of his hard heartedness.

“Okay” she took in a deep breath and left the room, going after Pishan.


They walked for quite sometime with Shilah walking with her head bowed as she trailed behind Pishan. Why could the King possibly want her in his room, huh? She so wasn’t used to that grumpiness of his.

There was a particular aura that always surrounds him; one that creates fear to the people around. Shilah couldn’t tell if it was just her, or it happens to everyone else as well. But each time she was with the King, she felt like he could draw out his sword at any moment and slit her throat.

Oh, come on, Shilah. He can’t k*ll you; you did nothing wrong – she tried consoling herself.

Finally, they arrived at the King’s chambers and after knocking, Pishan walked in with her.

King Dakota was sitting in front of his table as usual, reading and didn’t attempt looking at them as they walked in.

“Greetings, My King. Shilah’s here” Pishan announced and with the wave of a hand, Pishan turned around and left.

“Greetings, My King’ Shilah bowed after a few seconds, but Dakota said nothing.

Shilah’s hands were in front of her dress, fiddling with it as she stood nervously in front of the King, alone in the room. What could be he possibly want? She didn’t do anything wrong, did she?

“Take off your clothes, Shilah; and get on the bed” Dakota finally said, making Shilah’s eyes nearly pop out of it’s sockets.

Oh, no….

A new kind of fear enveloped her as she looked at him and badly wanted to believe she hadn’t heard him correctly. Hold on; he wanted to…. get intimate with her? Again?


“Whenever I give a command, Shilah, I expect it to be obeyed without reluctance. I wouldn’t want it to get to the point where I have to use my hands on you. Now, for the last time, take off your clothes and get on the bed”. his voice so cold, they made Shilah see the threat behind them.

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