Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 96

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 96

Hands on her waist, Nosheba had a small smile on her face as she turned left and right in front of the mirror.

Her long tight dress was hugging her body perfectly and brought out those k*il*ling curves in her.

“Tell me, Nivea, how do I look?” Her tone was confident as she gave a back view in the mirror.

The maid, Nivea, was standing behind her.

“You look stunning, My Queen. Words cannot even describe you” she answered, swelling all the enthusiasm Nosheba had.

She smiled and touched her hair.

“Hm. I’m so sure the King would be unable to resist me today. Can’t wait to get this done”. She muttered to herself. And that was where Nivea had to chip in.

“Uhm… The King isn’t in his chambers” she informed.

“I saw him riding out with Shilah not long ago”.

Nosheba flinched and turned quickly to look at her.

“Shilah?” Her face wrinkled up. “Where were they riding to?”

“I have no idea, My Queen. But it had gotten the attention of everyone outside” Nivea enthused.

Nosheba twitched her lips to the side in annoyance as she turned back to the mirror. Shilah again?? Why was Shilah taking much of the King’s time lately?? Why??

Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm herself. No way she going to let this ruin her mood or plans.

“He can go wherever he wants with her, he’ll definitely return. And when he does, I’d be waiting for him” she consoled herself with that.


Shilah’s hair ruffled in the wind and perturbed the King’s face as they rode on the horse at a really slow pace. Well, it was the King’s idea to make it that slow.

They weren’t saying a word to each other but had their eyes busy, staring at the beauriful sight in front of them. Shilah was bedazzled at the beauty of the place and had no idea such places actually existed in the mountain. How did the King know of such?

Urgh! What was she even saying?? This was his Mountain!

Pulling the reins, King Dakota finally pulled the horse to a halt and that was when Shilah snapped out of her thoughts.

“This is far enough” she heard the King mutter as he stepped down from the horse. And when she tried doing same, she almost fell but was lucky enough to get caught by the King.

“Oh!” She had gasped.

“Shilah! Be careful” the King urged. With his hand wrapped around her waist, their eyes got locked for a second.

“S…Sorry, My King” Shilah quickly apologized and moved away from him.

She gave a quick glance at her dress to make sure it was still in good condition. And with that confirmed, she took a proper look around.

A cold air hit hard at her the moment she turned, and it wafted her hair from her face to her neck. It was so… beautiful.

It was a very large field – had a small portion of flowers by the side and some trees and some heaps as well. The field was just too green and looked more like a relaxation center and Shilah wondered why she never heard of it.

“During our leisure time, my mother would bring me here” she suddenly heard the King say as he walked up and stood on the same path with her.

Shilah’s heart skipped a bit, but she didn’t turn to look at him.

“She’d bring me over together with a basket of fruits, cakes and sweets. And right there”, he pointed to a tree afar.

“We’d sit, eat and play. Most times, she’d read or tell me a story”.

There was a small smile on his face, but Shilah didn’t need anyone to tell her it was an agonizing wistful smile.

“After she died”, he went on.

“I continued coming alone for ten years, and each time I did, it was like a torment for me ’cause every single thing reminds me of her. I… I’d come over, cry my eyes out and found it so difficult returning home.

“But after ten years, I figured I had to stop and live p@ssthe pain. So, I stopped coming. But the pains… They can never be taken away, Shilah. Never”.

His words were really hurting Shilah badly, she had to bit her inner cheek to control herself.

Glancing at him, she returned her gaze to the field and stared at the tree he had been referring to.

“I’m really sorry, Alpha King” she muttered.

But no pain is above healing. I believe…if you set your heart to it, you definitely will overcome it”.

The King was silent. Then, after a while, he heaved and started walking towards the flowers.

Shilah stood behind and watched him as he walked so morosely. The King was having too many pains on him. His people sees him as a cold ruthless King, but truth was, he was a cold dying King.

If only she could bring back the lively King he was once was. If only she could bring back that man at the market place, permanently to life.

Perhaps…if he had a son. Yes, if he had a son, it could get better.

Oh! She’s been praying about that already! Praying for the Spirits to get one of his wives pregnant with a male child. And since they’ve always answered her prayers, she was seriously hoping they would again, this time around.

They’ve answered her prayers on making him sleep, making him eat. So, giving him a male child shouldn’t be something difficult for them. Hopefully.

King Dakota got to the sparkling flowers and crouched beside it with a smile, and in the next few seconds, Shilah joined him.

“We planted these together” he said with an icy wistful smile as touched some of them.

“Can’t believe they’re still glowing and in good condition after so many years”.

Shilah also admired them, noting how beautiful and sweetly their fragrance wafted in the air.

“They’re beautiful, Alpha” she stated lightly.

The King pulled one of the flowers out and standing up, he admired it. Shilah stood up as well.

“This was her favorite color” he cooed.

Goodness! The pain was just too much on this man. His mother must’ve really meant the world to him – Shilah thought. The King rotated the flower in his hand. He’d really missed coming over. And doing so that very day, made him feel so relived.

“Unexpectedly, he took Shilah’s hand and placed the flower in it.

“It should go well with your hair” his words were almost muttered.

“Come on, it’s time to leave”. He started walking away, while Shilah stood there in astonishment.

He gave her a flower!

She gasped and stared preciously at it in her palm.

“I pray you heal from this pain, Alpha King”.

And enclosing the flower carefully in her palm, she turned around and went after him.



The ride back to the palace was so different from the first as the King had gotten really cold and affected by the field. Memories of his mother had never made him feel so good. And most times, he wondered how he was possibly going to heal from it. But one thing was sure – he didn’t want to die this way.

Riding through the gate, all eyes were on them as usual as the people stared at the King in surprise, and stared at Shilah in admiration. None of his wives has been this favoured by the King, none at all – the people thought.

Getting to the point he wanted, the King stopped the horse and got down from it while Shilah did same.

“You’ should go to your room and rest. I’ll call you when I need you” he spoke in a brisk, ignoring the guards that were running towards him already.

“My King!” Shilah called just when he turned to leave and of course, the King stopped to look at her.

“Thank you for the flower” she said.

The guard who had gotten to where the King was, could hear her. And with a nod, King Dakota turned around and left.



He walked into his cold quiet room and the first thing on his mind was getting a shower and a quick rest – even if he doesn’t sleep.

He leaned on his table, heads down as he tried calming himself. And just then, a knock was heard on his door.

“Who’s it?” He asked, sounding rather disturbed. And the door went open with one of his guards coming in.

“Sorry for the interruption, My King” he bowed. “But Queen Nosheba’s here to see you”.

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