I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 133

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 133 

Selena POV: 

Waking up the next morning I find myself laying on the bed and I know I haven’t gone there myself. Sitting up I look around me and find I’m still in the same clothes as yesterday and I’m laying on his bed with a quilt over me. 

He is not in here and I don’t think he has been in here for the whole night, turning my head I look at the nightstand and see it’s early in the morning and time for me to head over to Michael’s. 

Pulling the quilt off me I place my feet on the floor and instantly got this urge to use the bathroom. I have been asleep for the rest of the day and night without waking up and now I’m about to burst if I can’t get to the toilet and empty my bladder, after that, I need to eat! 

Rushing inside the bathroom I do my business before washing up and brushing my teeth, it only takes me a moment to be done before I head over to his closet and find my clothes on a shelf. Taking down a pair of pants I pull them on myself and grab a shirt before I head out from his closet and take it on. It’s a strange feeling inside my body, I still feel cut off from everything that hurts. 

I have no complaints if it will help me to keep moving forward and do what I have to do. They told me it’s important for me to shield my child from dark magic, and if I have one goal it’s to do everything I can to keep my children safe! No one will ever harm them! 

Reaching the door I open it when I find a guard standing outside the door. He turns to look at me when I come outside the room. 

“I’m here to follow you over to your training today!” he says and I give him a nod. 

“I will only grab me some breakfast then I’m ready to go! Is the kitchen free right now? I don’t want to run into anyone!” I say when I see him mind link someone. 

I guess he understands who I don’t want to run into. 

“Yes, the kitchen is free!” he says and I start to walk down the hallway and hurry down the stairs. I can’t get fast enough over to Michael’s and find out of I am on the right track. Coming down to the last step I start to head over to the kitchen, I don’t care what I’m going to eat only there is food. 

Opening the fridge once I’m inside the kitchen I find a plate of leftovers that looks delicious but I decide to take a sandwich or two on the go. Fixing them quickly I start to eat while I take the dish away, drinking a large glassof juice I take the other sandwich in my hand and open a portal right in the kitchen, looking over at the guard I wait for him to move but he just stands there and looks at the portal. 

“Come!” I say and grab his arm before pulling him with me through the portal, closing it after us when we get out on the order side. 

“Here is his house, I will be inside and train with Michael!” I say and start to head over to the door when I knock on it before walking inside. I find him as usual standing in the kitchen and once he hears me he turns around with a big smile on his lips before he walks over and wraps me up in a hug. 

“If you had waited and listened to me I could have warned you what was going to happen. How do you feel?” he says and for a moment I almost break down in a sob before my gift cut me off from that feeling. It’s strange to say at least but I welcome it. 

“What’s going on Selena!” I hear him say when I start to draw some energy from him, it’s hard at the moment to let go when his energy swirls around in my veins but I can let it slip back again. 

“Something happened yesterday when I was the saddest, I felt it cut me off from my feelings!” I say to him when I instantly feel him trying to pull from my energy but I can block him today. He let go of me and place me at arm’s length when he looks intensely at me. 

“The way you are doing it is partly right, but a warning Selena don’t let it cut you off too much or you will be completely in a shell with walls around you!” he says and to me, I don’t see anything harmful with it. 

“Sometimes a wall is good to keep a heart from breaking into unrepairable. Tiny shreds are hard to try and puzzle back together!” I say and look at him, the pain I have felt through these days has shown me I need my walls to keep moving forward. 

This is for the sake of my children and the threat we might have to face, I have to be strong and prepared. 

“Come Selena I will make you some tea, we need to sit down and have a talk today!” he says and starts to head over to the stove. I look at him from behind and know this will be a long conversation with the way he is right now. 

Walking over to where he stands I see him take different cans down from a shelf before he makes the tea, some of the herbs I know what it is but not all of them. When the scent of the tea reaches my nose I instantly feel my mouth water up. 

“Here! Take a seat by the table!” he says and I take my cup and walk over to my place and sit down. Taking my cup up to my mouth I take a sip of the delicious hot tea while he makes his cup and turns around to walk over to sit in front of me. 

Waiting for him to begin he gets lost in his thoughts when he starts to look out into nothing. 

“There are some things you need to know about your new gift, some parts of the good and the bad you have already seen but there is something else!” he says and I place my cup down in front of me to pay him all my attention. 

“The way you feel now can be good sometimes when you have to shield yourself from something, but it’s easy to let it take over too much and for too long. Then you will get stuck in it and cut off from your feelings and the mate bond if you are not careful!” he says and looks at me. 

“You’re saying if I’m not careful it can cut me off completely from my feelings and the mate bond?” I say in disbelief and look at him like this is some kind of joke. 

“That’s exactly what I’m saying! And you won’t be able to snap out of it.”

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