I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 160

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 160 

Selena POV: 

Looking at her in shock when pain shoots out from my back again and this time worse, grabbing the table with my hands Kian rush up from his seat and the chair fall backward with a bang. 

“Take it easy and just get the doctor here! No need to panic!” Emma says to Kian while I wait for the pain to subside. 

“But I can’t go to labor now! I haven’t shaved down there or my legs, I was supposed to get waxed in two days!” I say when Emma burst out laughing. 

“You think the babies or the doctor cares about your hairy v@gin@ or if you have a pair of fur boots on your legs. The babies will come with or without a waxed v@gin@!” she says when Kian is about to grab my body and lift me from the chair. 

“No need to carry me anywhere! I can walk and no rush it will probably take a long time anyway and I want my piece of chocolate cake before we go!” I say when he stops in his motion and another pain from my back shoots up, it’s only getting worse. 

“Why don’t we get to the doctor’s room and when he has examined you I will get you the cake!” Kian says and I have to admit the pain only gets worse every time, maybe it’s best to have it checked first. 

“Alright, I’m going!” I say when I get up from the chair and he grabs me around my waist before we start to walk away from the table, I only manage to get a few steps when something snaps inside before I feel it pour down my leg. 

“What it is?” Kian says when I stop in my track. 

“I think my water just broke!” I say and look down on the puddle I have made around my feet when his arm comes around me and he quickly carries me out of the room and down the hallway. 

“You can slow down, there is no rush!” I say when we turn around the corner and I hear fast steps come from behind us, looking over his shoulder I see the doctor and two nurses rushing after us, and once we reach the room they a quick to open it for us. 

“The water just broke!” Kian is quick to say when he carries me inside. 

“Place her on the bed!” the doctor says when he walks over and places me down. The doctor and the nurses walk over to the other room and I hear them wash up when Kian start to pull my pants down at the same time as a wave of pain hits my back and I get this need to push down. 

I already know what’s happening and I can’t have my clothes on when I see Kian struggling to get my w*et pant off 

“Shredded them!” I say and pant out while grabbing the handles on the bed, he does what I say and shred my pants and underwear when I start to push down. 

“You better get out here right now!” Kian barks to the doctor when I take a breath before another wave hits my back and I have to push down. 

I hear them rush out into the room while I’m pushing and the doctor pulls my legs apart. 

“That went fast! The first one is about to arrive, a few more pushes and the first one will be born!” he says and Kian walks up to my side when I push down one more time and feel how the first baby is pushed out a bit. 

“Stop and breath for the next contraction!” he says when I try to breathe through the next one. 

“I see the head!” I hear Kian’s voice when the next wave hit and I push with all I got and feel how the baby slips out of me. 

Listening for baby cries my tears start to run down my cheeks when the room is all too silent, nothing happens and the seconds go by while panic starts to take over my body. Trying to sit up and see what’s going on the doctor is rubbing the baby’s back hard before he turns the baby and it starts to scream, and right now it’s the best sound in the world! 

A sob leaves my lips when I hear the baby. 

“The girl was the first one out!” The doctor says and Kian leans down to place his head against mine and hold my cheek with his hand 

“She is here and fine!” he says and gives me a kiss when a new wave of pain hit my back and it doesn’t take long until I have pushed our boy out, he starts to scream right away and I try to see our children to make sure everything is fine. 

“Take it easy!” Kian says and strokes away some hair from my face when I stay in my spot and try to be calm, I see the doctor and a nurse move over to where I am. I get both our children on my chest. The doctor starts to examine me and make sure everything is fine while I’m too stunned to speak. 

Looking down at our two small miracles my tears run down my cheeks, both are looking healthy and strong, all I ever hoped for! 

I can touch them and feel them while looking at them, these months while living in constant fear something is seriously wrong with them have taken a toll on me! I’m never going to let them out of my sight! 

“Everything is done and you will be all healed up in a moment!” the doctor says when he places the blanket over me again and get up to look at the babies. 

“Can I start by taking one of them for measurements and look them over properly before we are done here!” the doctor says and I give him a nod when he takes the boy from my chest and Kian takes our baby girl and follow him to the other room. 

I hear them talking when a nurse comes over and lifts the blanket off me to take another look. 

“It’s all fine now and if you take it easy you can have a shower!” the nurse says and I feel perfectly fine when I see Kian and the doctor comes walking out with the twins and they place them down on my chest again. 

“Everything is looking good and I suggest you try and get some rest, they will probably start eating in a few hours!” the doctor says when I hear the nurses and Kian talk for a moment while I enjoy my time just looking at our children. 

“I will carry you up to our room and the nurses will walk right behind us with our twins!” Kian says and I have a hard time letting them go when the nurse takes them from me and Kian picks me up in his arms with the blanket tucked around me. He starts to walk with me up to his room and I look over his shoulder at the nurses the whole way to make sure they are there, is this how I’m going to be from now on? Overprotective of our twins? 

Reaching the room he walks right over with me to the shower and places me down inside, I will be right outside in the room and make sure they are fine. Let me know if you need any help! He says and I give him a nod before he turns around and walks out of the room, I get the feeling he is just as protective as I am over them! 

I shower quickly and wrap a towel around me before I head out to the room and get me some clothes, my eyes land on Kian where he sits on the bed and both cribs are beside the bed, he is looking down at them when I walk over and stand beside him. 

“I wanted them inside here, didn’t feel safe having them in the other room. We can move them back later!” he says and I look down at them where they are sleeping. 

“No, I prefer them in here with us at the moment, we can move them when they are bigger!” I say and take a closer look at our daughter, taking her small hand in mine I try to feel for the energy I once felt she had. Her tiny little hand is laying in mine and I don’t feel a thing. 

“What Is it!” I hear Kian ask when I just stand there and don’t say anything. 

“I can’t feel her energy, it’s like the gift she had isn’t there!” I say to him while keeping my eyes on her. 

“You mean he somehow took it away from her?” he says and I take a moment before answering him. 

“No, it’s there somewhere I can sense it but it’s like he has blocked it in some way, I can’t explain it better!” I tell him when he rises and stands beside me 

“What you basically saying is he cut her gift away from her, then will she even have a wolf?”

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