I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 163

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 163 

Selena POV:

It takes a moment before he turns his head to look at me, he has a smile on his lips and I know he agrees to it.

1 It’s perfect!” he says and takes our daughter’s other hand and leans down to talk to her.

our little destiny!” he says and strokes her cheek before pulling her up with him.

“I will take Mateo over to the nursery and place him down for sleep before I change my clothes then I’m ready to head down, I say and get up from the bed and start to head for the door.

we will be waiting here for you!” he says when I reach the door and pull it open before walking out in the hallway and over to the nursery, the nanny is inside and changing the linen in one of the cribs when I walk over and place our son down in his crib.

“Our daughter is awake and we are heading down for a meeting, we will be taking our daughter with us! If he wakes up you can come down to the kitchen or Kian’s office with him.” I say when I place the quilt over him, I know he probably will be sleeping for a couple of hours and I think Michael only needs to see her.

He hasn’t been here to visit us and we haven’t heard anything since he got the book Emma found, she said it would take him some time to go through it and if he couldn’t find any answers himself he would take it to someone on the council who might have more insight of it than him. That was the last we heard from him and I have been waiting anxiously ever since hoping there will be a cure for the curse.

“I will come down if he wakes up!” the nanny says and I look at him one more time before I head out of the room, I never separate them for long moments and one of us is always close by. This is the longest they will be apart from each other if he doesn’t wake up and the nurse comes down with him.

Heading over to the room I find them in the same place I left them, on the bed with Kian constantly talking to her, it’s adorable. Walking past them I head over to the closet and change my shirt quickly before I’m done and walk back out into the room.

“I’m ready!” I say and stop beside them by the bed when Kian picks her up and places her down in my arms when he places his arm around my waist and starts to pull me out of the room.

“I Know dinner is ready downstairs any minute now!” he says when we walk out of the room and start t to head down the hallway.

“What do we do if he can’t find anything that will help her?” I ask when we start to walk down the stairs, we have been looking everywhere we can to find someone who can know what he did. The rogues we took and interrogated only said they had no idea what kind of curse he used and they were only there to look around the area, none of them said where the camp have moved and they couldn’t get more out of them. I have this feeling in the back of my head they keep coming back for something else.

Everywhere we have been looking we have come to a dead end, the only hope I have is that Michael has found something useful.

“For her, we have to keep trying, even if we can’t find any solution right now I hope down the lane we will find something that will help and even if she doesn’t we will stand by her whatever happens!” he says and I know we both will be supporting her with everything we can.

 Reaching the end of the stairs we head over to the kitchen and it smells delicious my stomach instantly starts to rumble when we walk inside, the chef is standing by the stove and the table is set when more footsteps come from behind and Emma walks inside with Cannon. Today Jessie is over at our pack with Declan and sorting some problems with the new building we have going on, I haven’t been back there since the Twins were born and Jessie has taken it on her to sort everything until I can go over.

“It smells delicious!” Emma says and walks over to me and grabs our daughter from my arms before she walks over to the table and takes a seat, she hasn’t been here since they were born and I know she has been occupied at our pack.

“I have to say you make beautiful babies!” she says and starts to snuggle our daughter while Kian pulls me in front of him and wraps his arms around my waist.

“her is only Selena’s credit, I don’t think I have much part in that one since she is a copy of her mother!” Kian says and snuggles his nose to my neck.

Now when you mention it, I have to agree with you! Selena makes beautiful babies!” Emma says and I hear she is teasing him before she starts to chuckle.

“Then what have you decided to name them, I don’t think Selena junior is a good name!” she says and snuggles our daughter when Cannon walks over and stands behind her when she looks down on them both.

“Our boy’s name is Mateo and her name is Destiny!” Kian says when Emma snaps her head and looks at us for a moment before she turns back to look at her.

“She can create her own Destiny! It’s perfect” she says and I knew Dividing into pages no” she would get it without anyone of us telling her.

Leaning my head back at Kian’s shoulder while I look at Emma and Destiny when she is entertaining her.

“I guess you are here because Michael is coming!” I say to her when the chef starts to place the food on the table.

“of course, I am, I want to know what he has found out and not. I will never give up on finding a solution to this!” Emma says and I know she will.

“Well let’s eat before he is coming over, he said an hour and it can’t be much longer now!” I tell them when Kian starts to walk with me over to the table and I take a seat beside Emma.

” I can take her again if you want!” I say to her when she moves her arms a bit further away from me.

“That will not happen! I haven’t had any close baby cuddle since Ella where small and I will enjoy my time with her!” she says and I just smile at her.

“Then maybe you should get your own!” I say and wiggle my eyebrow at her when she ignores me completely

“Not right now! It can wait a bit!” she says when we start to place food on our plates and eat, we are almost done when I feel a mind link trying to reach me.

Its Michael and the moment I open it he tells me he is ready to come over, placing my fork down I get up on my feet and open a portal beside us in the kitchen when he comes rushing inside after only a short moment.

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