I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 147

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 147 

Selena POV: 

Feeling his hand caress my swollen belly I open my eyes and look at the nightstand, it’s seven in the morning and I have been sleeping a whole night! 

The first night in ages I have gotten that many hours of sleep at the same time, turning my head to look over my shoulder Kian lean down and place a kiss on my shoulder. 

“How do you feel?” he asks when I turn on my back and look at him. 

“Rested and fine, only hungry right now and need to use the bathroom!” I say when he lifts the quilt off us and I swing my legs over the edge and try to sit up but it’s hard to get up straight, feeling his hand on my back when he helps me to sit up properly. 

“If I’m already starting to have a problem getting up I don’t want to think about what problem I will have later on!” I say and sigh when I get up from the bed and Kian is instantly by my side. 

“Take it easy!” he says but today I feel fine, better than I have been feeling for weeks. 

“I feel perfectly fine, better than fine actually!” I say and wiggle my eyebrows at him when he chuckles. 

“Then I think it’s better we give you another fill with blood before we get down to eat!” he says when I start to head towards the bathroom. 

“Or we wait until tonight so I can take something else from you as well!” I say when he walks up behind me and grabs my b*tt before swirling me around to face him. 

“You will have me whenever you want!” he says and capture my lips. 

“I will hold you to it, now I have to use the bathroom!” I say and get out of his grip and rush over to the bathroom and empty my bladder. 

Washing up before I brush my teeth and leave the bathroom and head out to get dressed, coming out I find Kian has put some new clothes out for me on the bed. 

Getting over to them I start to get dressed when he walks out of his closet fully dressed and I almost drool by looking at him. 

“Hurry up the chef is almost done with the breakfast!” he says and hands me the shirt I’m fast to put on, sitting on the bed I try to get my sock on my fest b*tt can’t reach down to them. When did I get that big? 

Placing my foot on my other leg I can get it on when Kian Takes the other one and squat down to help put it on. 

“Am I not even going to be able and take on my socks and shoes by myself any longer!” I say and sigh, hearing him chuckle at me he places the last shoe on before helping me get up from the bed and wrapping me up in his arms. 

“I will buy you new easy shoes you can put your feet in and I will help you every day!” he says and start to pull me with him out of the room, I can’t imagine all the things he might need to help me during the rest of this pregnancy. 

Heading down to the kitchen the smell of food reaches my nose even before we have entered the kitchen and my stomach instantly starts to rumble, I’m starving! Walking inside the kitchen with Kian’s arm around my waist the chef is standing behind the stove and cooking while Klan walks over with me to the table. Taking a seat he gets over to the counter and picks up a glasswith something green inside that doesn’t look good at all when he walks over and places it down in front of me, “you need to drink this!” he says and I look skeptical at him but take the glassto my lips and sip on it, almost spitting it out right away, it tastes as awful as it looks! 

“No way!” I say and place the glassclown on the table when look at him 

“I will get you the can of pickles if you take it!” he says and I debate with myself if i want pickles that much. 

“what’s in that disgusting drink?” I say and take the glasscloser to me and sniff at it. 

“It can’t be that bad!” Kian says and I hold the glassout for him to taste, he grabs it and takes a sip on it while I raise an eyebrow at his reaction. Waiting for him to spit it out but he swallows and hands it back to me, 

“Was it good?” I say and keep my eyes on him when turns around and gets a cup of coffee he sips on before coming back to the table, I chuckle at him, already got my answer. 

“It wasn’t that bad!” he says and I sit back in my seat and don’t take my eyes away from him. 

“Alright I will contact the doctor and ask for a better recipe if you drink this up, he says you need it!” I sigh and pick up the glassbefore placing it down and getting up from my chair, I need something to wash it down with. 

“Sit down and tell me what you want instead!” he says when I’m about to head for the fridge. 

“A big glassof juice and the pickles!” I say and take a seat again when he walks over and gets me what I want. 

Placing it down in front of me I take the glassand gulp it down before placing it down on the table and instantly drinking half of the juice. 

“That’s awful! He better has something else for me!” I say and open the lid to the pickles and start eating one right away, don’t wait for him to get me a fork. 

I manage to get two more down when he comes back with a fork and places it on the table. 

“I guess you won’t be needing this!” he says and chuckles when he gets over and heads back with two plates and places one in front of me, the food doesn’t take long to get down before I start to eat the pickles again. 

Hearing him talk to the chef from the table I’m about to take another pickle but looking at the can it’s empty, I instantly feel sad and can’t help the tears that fall when Kian is quick beside me. 

“Hey what’s wrong?” he asks with concern in his voice and it only has my tears flooding down more. 

“I ate them all!” I say and wipe away my tears, can’t understand myself why I would be this sad over some pickles. Hearing him chuckle by my side before he grabs me and takes a seat with me in his lap. 

“it’s just your hormones that are speaking now and I will buy as many cans of pickles as there are so you never run out of them!” he says and chuckles while I try to get my emotions under control, sniffing loudly when there are several footsteps inside the kitchen. 

“What’s wrong?” I hear a woman’s voice I recognize as his mother stopping beside the table. 

“We ran out of pickles, I will order more in a bit!” I hear Kian say and I wipe away my tears. 

“Ah I recognize that problem, remember when you craved lemons and ate them every chance you got!” I hear his father say and turn my head to look at them. 

“The rage you got when we didn’t have any at home, I had to constantly make sure you had a full stock of lemons every day or I had to flee the castle!” his father says and laughs, when his mother joins him. 

“See it’s perfectly normal!” Kian says and turns my head to look at him. 

“I will make sure there always will be pickles in the fridge!” he says and peck my lips. 

“Did you want something?” he says and turns to look at his parents. 

“We wanted to congratulate you, heard you know the gender and wonder if there is anything we can do to help you fix the nursery?” his mother says and I turn to look at them, I hardly got any chance to look at what was brought and not in the room, there where several boxes unpacked in the room. 

“Whatever Selena wants but there are several boxes unpacked in the room and I haven’t the time right now to fix it, is everything under control with Owen?” Kian asked and even if I wanted to go up and start to unpack I have to go over to my pack and talk to Jessie and Zoey this morning. 

“yes, it’s sorted, they will be here in a few hours!” his father says when his mother turns to look at me. 

“If you want my help I’m here!” she says and I would love t spend some time and fix the place. 

“I gladly take your help, but I have to head over to my pack first and handle a few things. Can we take it after?” I say and give her a smile. 

“Certainly! Let me know when you are back!” she says and I give her a nod when Kian pulls me closer to him. 

“Do you want me to come with you?” he says and I have to talk with them alone and he needs to be here when Owen and his men arrive. 

“I have to talk to them alone, promise I won’t leave the pack or go anywhere without you!” I say when he is silent for a moment. 

“You will be in big problems otherwise!” he says and traces his nose over my cheek before he places his hand on my belly, I wouldn’t do anything to risk my life or our children. Placing my hand over his he leans down and pecks my lips. 

“Alright! Come back as fast as you can!” he says when I get up from his lap and open a portal besides me. 

“I will!” I say to him and look at him when I step inside the portal and close it after me.

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