I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 168

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 168 (Bonus Chapter 1)

Selena POV:

1 year later

Feeling him trace his hand up my thigh before he places it on my waist and pulls me close to him, it’s early in the morning and our kits haven’t wake up yet.

“It’s time for us to head up if we are going to get ready in time for our trip, you know we promised the others’” Kian says and places a kiss on my shoulder before he turns me on my back, I sigh and open my eyes tired right now and wish we didn’t promise to go with the rest and shopping today they wanted for us all to go.

“I don’t remember I promised to go!” I say and pull the quilt over my head, could lay all day in here instead of going. Hearing him chuckle before he pulls the quilt off me and climbs over me instead.

“it’s time for you to get up and get dressed!” he says and pecks my lips when I wrap my arms around his neck instead.

“Or we could stay in here all day instead!” I say when he laughs and gives me a kiss.

“Not today love!” he says and takes my arms away from his neck before he get out of the bed and heads over to the bathroom, I sigh and take a moment before I reluctantly get up from the bed and head over to the closet. I don’t want to go shopping for several hours even if the rest are going with us.

Taking down some clothes to wear I hear him come out of the bathroom and I get out and place my clothes on the bed before I’m starting to head for the bathroom and wash up.

 “The twins are up and almost ready to go, we have time and grab some breakfast before we should go! I’ll take them and go downstairs while you get ready” he says when I have reached over to the bathroom.

“Alright, I’ll be down in a bit!” I say and walk inside to wash up and get ready, taking my time and not stressing too much I walk out of the bathroom and head over to get dressed. When I’m done I walk out of the room and head down to the kitchen, hearing Kian talk to our kids when I get closer to the kitchen I smile at how cute they sound when they try to speak back to him but all there is are noises.

Walking inside he is sitting by the table with them in their chairs, they all turn to look my way when I walk inside and I head over to give them a kiss before grabbing myself some coffee.

“Dad!” I hear Dezz say and stop in my track and turn back to look at them and Kian looks as shocked as I do.

“Did you just say, dad?” he says and looks at her, it takes a moment before she speaks again.

“Dad!” she says and I smile at them when Kian pulls her out of her chair and place her down in his lap instead when he turns his head and looks at me “she said Dad!” he says and he is so proud, I give him the biggest smile when I get over to grab my coffee. I’m not surprised she would be the first one to speak since she has been first on everything else.

Grabbing my cup I head back to the table and take a seat beside our son, he is eating small pieces of a sandwich and I get myself one when I start to eat and drink my coffee. Emma where she tells me they are ready to go.

“The others are ready!” I say and take the last of my sandwich in a rush before drinking my coffee, placing it down on the table I give Mateo the last piece of the sandwich before wiping his mouth clean.

“I’m ready to go!” Kian says when I head over with our plates and cups to the sink.

I’m done!” I say and take Mateo in my arms and wait for him to walk over to where we are, I could easily portal us over there but today they have decided we should go by car instead I guess they have a lot to shop!

Heading out the others are waiting for us by the car and once we all are inside we start to move from the castle in a caravan of cars.

Today Zoey and my brother are coming with us and Kian wanted to have some guards beside Emma and Jessie with their mates.

I’m not that into shopping and I had several other things I needed to do today but they insisted it would be fun if we all went.

The cars come to a stop outside a big mall and I sigh at the sight of it.

Kian gets out and takes Mateo while I lift Dezz out of her seat and walk around the car to Kian where he has placed down our son in the shopping cart, I take the other and place our daughter down when Ella comes over and want to pull it.

We all walk inside and the others grab things and place them down in their carts while I walk around and look at different shelves, have nothing I need at the moment when we come to the supermarket after what feels like ages.

Walking past some crisps on a shelf I get this urge to have some and take down two bags when I walk closer to find the rest again.

Stopping in my track when I see Kian walk with Cannon and Declan beside Ella, they are talking and taking care of the kids while placing down food in their carts and it is one of the hottest sights I have seen Kian in a long time.

Open the bag of crisp and place some in my mouth I can’t take my eyes off him, that’s another level of sexy to take care of our kids and shop for everything we need without me having to say a thing.

I have my own little moment eating crisp and drooling over him when Emma comes walking up behind me on one side and Jessie on the other.

“What are we looking at?” Emma says when I take another crisp and put it in my mouth.

“Another level of sexy!” I say and she turns her head and looks the way I am when she grabs some crisp from my bag.

“Yeah! That’s hot as hell!” she says when Jessie speaks up.

I can practically feel how I start to ovulate at the sight of Declan, when did it get sexy to see my mate take care of our girl and fill a shopping bag!” she says when Emma grabs another crisp from the bag and eat.

“Yeah, I can’t ovulate it’s already occupied!” she says and I already know it.

“I already know you are pregnant!” I state and take another mouth of crisp while keeping my eyes on my sexy mate

“When did you find out?” she says and I chuckle at her.

“Since you started to eat from my pickles! Your scent is all over the can and you are up in the middle of the night!” I say and hear her chuckle at me.

“Well, we are going to have these kids very close, you and Kian will have your with a couple of days before our will arrive!” she says and I place my hand on my stomach, I haven’t started to show yet, and have been waiting to tell anyone but Emma I knew where going to know it before anyone else.

“Why don’t you get working on a second one Jessie!” Emma says when she clears her throat beside me.

“No, it will take time before I’m ready for another one if I ever will, being pregnant is nothing for me!” she states and I know she had a hard time not being able to shift and her nausea never stopped through the whole pregnancy, Emma did what she could to help her but it hardly got better even with her help.

“What are you going to do about the wedding?” Jessie ask and we have been planning to get wed in six months but I don’t want to stand there ready to deliver any second.

“We are trying to get it done sooner, I don’t need a big wedding just him and our closest is enough for me!” I say when I see Kian turn his head and look over at me, I guess he felt my eyes on him. He smirks at me and I know I’ve got caught with my thoughts, I don’t even care to hide how I was checking him out.

I give him a smile in response when he walks over to where we stand and pulls me in his arms before placing the bags of crisp down in the cart.

“Why are you eating crisp in the store?” he says and pulls me closer.

“Because I’ve got the hottest sight in front of me and needed in some crisp while looking at it!” I say when he chuckles at me and capture my lips with his in a deep kiss.

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