I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 57

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 57

Selena POV:

We have a standoff where no one says a word and no one is ready to give up.

I see Cannon come walking up behind Kian and place a hand on his shoulder.

“My Queen! If I’m allowed I want to come with you and scout the area. I have my agenda and searching for the smallest traces” Cannon says and it breaks our standoffs.

Kian lets go of my jaw but keep his eyes on me.

“I’m not your Queen!” I turn my head and say to Cannon.

“Yes, you are! You’re my Queen and Luna! It would be an honor to follow you outside on your border control,” he says and I get this feeling he is saying this to have Kian calm when he is with me. I don’t have any idea who’s behind it and for all, I know Emma could have suggested it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Looking between them I give up.

“Alright!” I tell him and see Kian turn his head and look at him. Cannon is the best I have met to sniff up any trace and it’s not bad to have him with us.

I see him give Kian a pat on his shoulder before I take a step around him and walk out of the room. Going down the stairs and catching up with Jessie I hear heavy steps behind me and know it’s Cannon.

Reaching the front door Jessie is standing and waiting for me. She looks behind me at Cannon and raises an eyebrow at me but doesn’t say anything else. I keep walking ahead of her and open the door and get outside.

Take off my clothes and quickly shift before I start to run over to the northern borders.

Jessie comes running up beside me and I hear cannon behind.

“We start on this side and go on the right side of the border, mindlink me if you need!” I mindlink Cannon and keep a steady pase out of our barrier. I have some men out by the cave and taking an extra patrol around the last trace of them. We have to do a thorough search of the area before going back. O

Heading to the right we take our patrol, Jessie goes on my left and we know where to start. After a while with nothing alarming, we head the other way when I get a mindlink from Zoey saying everything is calm around the cave.

“Let’s head over to where you buried the bod*ies!” I mindlink Jessie and Cannon before turning in that direction.

Coming closer to the spot Cannon gets in front of us with his nose on the ground.

He stops suddenly and starts sniffing in the air, his ears point up and I get a mind link from him.

“Someone is here!” He says and I stop and start sniffing but can’t smell anything. I don’t find any trace of whatever he is sensing.

“I don’t smell anything!” I mindlink back when I suddenly hear a growl ahead of us.

“They can’t smell us!” Comes Jessie’s mind link and I know she is right. But who are they growling at?

“Let’s get closer!” I mindlink them and start to walk closer without making any sound. Hiding behind some bushes I finally smell a scent and they aren’t just rogue’s scent here. Seeing further ahead five wolves running around where the bod*ies are buried. One of them is bigger than the others and growls when he looks around. Something doesn’t add up with them when I see Cannon take a large inhale and his eyes glance over.

Maybe he can still mindlink Kian and we aren’t too far away.

Otherwise, I don’t know who he is talking to.

I wait for him to say something while I keep my eyes locked on the wolves. I see them running around a bit before they suddenly take off in the opposite direction from where we are. We have to follow them and I’m about to go after them when I get a push in my side from Cannon and lose my footing.

Quickly get up on my feet when I see his eyes glance over and he looks at me.

“We need to go back!” He says and I ignore him and turn my head to go after them instead. There is no way I will let them get away without finding where they come from.

“You come back here this instant or I will come and drag you back in two seconds!” Comes Kian’s voice in my head and I’m surprised he can mindlink me when others outside my pack try to mindlink I feel the connection before I pick the mind link up. Right now he just mind-linked me!

“One!” his voice comes again

“You think you have any say in that? And I will be far away from here before you have reached this spot!” I mindlink back and start to walk when I find myself lifted in the air by Cannon.

“Sorry, my Queen but the King’s orders!” He says and sounds troubled, who do they think they are!? it’s good for him that he is big or he wouldn’t be able to lift me up.

Trying to wiggle out of his grip I see Jessie about to follow the wolves and I can’t have her running after them alone. Shifting in his arms he lets me go and I’ m quick and open a portal in front of Jessie and then us.

Coming out the other side to my office and an angry Kian pacing around in my office. When he sees us he is quick in front of me and pulls his shirt over his head before placing it on me. I roll my eyes at him when he makes sure I’m covered up down to my thighs.

“How hard is it for you to listen for once at me!” He barks at me and I have the same anger as him.

” I didn’t need you to hold my hand before and I certainly don’t need it now! Don’t come and tell me what to do!” I bark back at him. His chest is rising heavily and if smoke could come out of his nose it would.

“Those wolves you were about you follow are enemies to the crown. They want to take over the kingdom and If they find out about you then your life is on the line here!” He yells and takes a step closer.

“You don’t think I can take care of myself?!” I bark out and look angry at him. I hear the others leave the room and close the door after them. If I could leave myself I would instead of standing here and arguing with him.

” you don’t know what army you would be facing,” he says and his stern gaze doesn’t scare me.

“Then tell me what I need to know instead of arguing!” I say and take his face in. Seeing how he thinks for a long moment and doesn’t say anything before he sighs and takes a step back.

“Come,” he says and places his hand on my waist, and walks with me over to the table. I follow him over and come to stand right in front of a map.

“Here are my lands!” He shows me on the map and I already know this. I have knowledge of most of the packs.

“Here are the ones on my side and over here are my enemy. They have a large piece of land over here and for months we have been getting threats on our borders, several K*lled people by them have been found outside of our land. We don’t have much information about them, just that they are after the crown” he says and points to the map. I take his words in and try to fit the puzzle in my head, the wolves I saw in the forest I got a strange feeling about. I can’t put my finger on it yet.

“Are you sure they are after the crown?” I ask him while looking at the map, it doesn’t quite add up. Between the king’s land and what he says is his enemy’s lies several smaller packs. If they aren’t after those too I don’t see why they would come after his land.

“There have been some written letters with threats from them what we can find!” He says and picks up a folder.

I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head, something just doesn’t add up.

Taking one of my older notebooks I get up and walk over to my couch I have in my office to sit down and go through it. I know there were some traces we followed in the beginning and I’m certain I wrote them down.

This has been the longest day for ages and when I have been sitting down for a while my eyelids feel so heavy I have a hard time keeping them open. I would guess it’s close to midnight soon and with everything happening today I’m exhausted. Resting my head against my hand while I hold the book with my other and try to read my notes.

I don’t know when I fell asleep, only woke up when Kian lifted me up in his arms and I try to lift my head and get down.

“Go back to sleep!” He says and I give up and rest my head against his n@ked warm chest when he carries me out of the room and over to my bedroom. I’m exhausted.

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