I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 56

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 56

Selena POV:

Turning my head to look at him.

“Thinking about yourself! don’t worry the bond will be broken before you get affected!” I say to him only for him to hold a firm grip on my arm.

“That’s not what I meant!” He says and looks intensely at me. I don’t get what he is implying at. “Then what do you mean?” I say to him, I see him about to open his mouth and say something when Sari calls out that dinner is ready!

He let go of my arm but have his eyes locked with mine. He doesn’t say anything and I give up on this argument. Taking a moment to gather myself before walking out to the kitchen.

I have lost my hunger and right now I want to talk to Emma but I it’s not the time right now she has Cannon by her side.

I hear him walk behind me when I find everyone already sitting at the table. There are two places left beside each other and I figure they have done it on purpose.

Standing and looking at them Kian’s arm comes around my waist before he pulls me with him over to the table.

Emma and Cannon are sitting close to each other and she looks at me, I know she is sad and we will have to talk about it later.

Sitting down beside Kian I have lost my appet*ite and just pour myself a gla*s of water. Taking it to my mouth and start drinking I see him scope up some food on my plate. O

“Eat first! you need the strength and we will figure it out after!” He says and squeezes my thigh.

Looking at him when he starts to eat I pick up my fork and pop some meat in my mouth while I try to sort my thoughts.

Everyone around the table is quiet and it’s starting to get awkward when it’s this silent. Finishing my meal I sit back in my seat while waiting for the rest. “Sari, have you heard anything more from your sister? When is she back?” I ask her, wanting to know how things are going over there.

“She will be back tonight and give me a call tomorrow!” She says and look at me.

“Heard anything about the missing people?” I say and take a mouth of my water before placing the gla*s down.

“No they are still missing!” She says when I feel Kians gaze on me.

“Who are missing?” He says and I turn my head to look at him. Sari fills him in on everything and I look between them both.

“I want to know where they live! There are people missing from other packs as well and we are trying to get to the bottom of it” Kian says and I rise from my seat. Taking my plate and walk over to place it in the sink.

“Leave the dishes and I will come up to your office with some coffee!” Emma says and I head out of the kitchen. Hearing several other get up and walk after me up to my office.

Coming inside I get over to my bookshelf and get the maps. Placing them on my big table with seats all around it I start to unfold them.

Kian comes and stand by the table with his men.

“Can you point to the places people have been missing and what other information you can remember even the smallest detail!” He says and I look up from the table at him before I turn and look at Jessie. She has a grin on her lips and I can see she has a hard time keeping a straight face.

For months I have gathered information on where the rogues comes from and where they are heading, from the start when we first saw them here. All my notes to every mark I have made on the maps. I have several books with notes and folders with an investigating, something I guess Kian and his men never expect me to have.

Turning around I take down my folders and books from the shelf, and place them all on the table in several stacks before I take a seat beside Jessie. Looking at them I see surprise on their faces when they start to go through some of my notes.

“You have gathered all this information?” Kian says and look at me with some notes in his hands. Sitting back in my seat I raise an eyebrow at him. He didn’t think I could or what?

He keeps his eyes at me for a moment before he turns back his attention to the notes.

“This is going to take a long time to go through!” He says when Emma comes walking inside with some coffee to us.

I take my cup and start sipping on it. I know how much notes I have been making under all this time and it’s easier to tell them most of it.

Jessie sits next to me and sips on her coffee when she mindlinks me.

“Maybe we should just let them read everything themselves since they think they know best, and we can go and chill on the patio with some wine! I bet they would still be standing here in the morning scratching their heads!” I chuckle out loud at her, only to feel Kians gaze on me and I turn my head to look at him.

He stands there for a moment before he place the notes down on the table.

“How about you fill us in on everything instead!” He says and takes a seat with a cup in his hand and Declan takes a seat beside him while Cannon is standing with Emma.

Looking at her I remember her words earlier and maybe this is what I need to do for the vision to change.

Whatever is going on out there we can’t handle it alone!

I sigh before I start to take out my first folder, I have ten different with all important information in them.

“Here! These are numbered from the beginning to where we are now, every mark on the map holds different information and where we have been following them, just look in every folder and you will find the note”

I say and show him the map and the first folder.

He takes it and looks at it closely, Declan takes another map and starts to go through them when Cannon comes over and do the same. I sit back in the chair with Jessie by my side, looking at them when they have their hands full.

Emma leaves us and we take our time drinking our coffee and answering every question they have.

“It’s starting to get late and we need to head out!” Jessie says and she is right. There haven’t been any more activities outside our borders for the rest of the day, but it’s time Jessie and I take our scout and search the area.

“Where are you going!” Kian asks when we get up on our feets.

“Border control! ” I just state and put my cup down before following Jessie out of the room.

“Stop! You are not going out there without me!” He says and I roll my eyes at him but keep walking when I hear him take quick steps and get in front of me.

“Get out of my way!” I growl at him. Tired of him coming here and trying to take over. I have had enough.

“I have been doing this for years without you holding my hand!” I snap at him when he takes a step closer to me and holds my jaw in a firm grip. 

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