I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 76

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 76

Selena POV:

I hear his footsteps behind me before I have managed to get out of the door when I’m suddenly being pulled backward with f0rce and the door is shut closed in front of me. Looking at the closed door I curse in my head.

“This discussion isn’t over!” he says and I swirl around to face him. Who is he to decide it?

“Who do you think you are to come here and decide when it’ s over and it’ s not!” I spit at him

“You gotta meet me halfway here Selena!” he barks at me and once again he tries to f0rce his will on me. He is nothing but an a*s who wants me to surrender to him.

“Meet you halfway! When did you deserve my respect after everything you have done? Not once have you apologized or acted like you regret what you have done to me! Do you expect me to just take what you have done to me like a good girl and forgive you for everything? I lost my f*uc*king family you a*shole!” I scream at him and now my anger is unstoppable. I know it’s too late when my ears start to ring and my vision gets coated in a purple fog.

Last time this happened I completely erased my surroundings.

I try to calm my body down but all that’s happening is it taking over my senses with each second pa*sing.

Fear creeps up my spine for what’s going to happen! I know once my energy bursts out it won’t leave the castle still standing and everyone inside might get K*lled. I know Jessie is here somewhere and everyone else. I don’t want to hurt or K*ll them because I can’t control my gift. Fear takes a hard grip on my senses and I feel my heart squeeze hard in my chest. I can’t let this happen! Q

I try to reach out to her and have her get out of here quickly but all my ways to communicate are gone! My surroundings are shut closed when I’m lost in the purple fog. I can’t hear or see anything when it has taken over.

I should be better than this and able to control it!

I feel tears stream down my cheeks when I try and fight it with everything I got. What’s the point in being gifted if I’m going to end up K*lling people I love? My blood is getting hotter with every breath I take, it gets closer and closer to devastation.

Blinking repeatedly and trying to hold onto the love I feel for my friends and pack when I feel his scent surrounding me, reaching out to me and trying to calm me down.

“Listen to my voice love!” I hear him say from a far distance, trying to reach for anything that can be my anchor and hold me down from bursting. His scent starts to fill up my lungs and for every breath I take it fills up more and small pieces of my energy draw back into my body. Lulling it back to calmness! It feels like I’m floating for a bit.

“That’s good! hold on to my voice and come back to me!” I hear him say closer this time. Giving me a glimmer of hope I won’t end up destroying them and K*lling everyone.

The thick fog starts to disperse and the contour of his face starts to show.

Lifting my hand I try to reach for him and touch him. Need to feel him there when his face disappears right in front of me. I want to scream out my pain for losing this battle and my friends, “come back to me! Fight it!   1 hear him say and feel him taking my hand in his and place to his face. He is there! Close to me!

Tingles play under my palm when I feel him touch my cheek and over my neck. I try to focus on his touch when his canines bite down into my shoulder. His energy starts to swirl around in my veins from the bite and helps to calm my body down. Bit by bit my energy retracts and my vision become clearer by the second.

I feel him holding me tight in place with his canines deep in my shoulder and I’m grateful for his help! Everything calms down and I gasp from the feeling, my vision is clear and my body is calm. His scent lingers all around me and euphoria starts to spread through my senses when I feel him retract his canines and lap over the bite to heal it.

his eyes take me all in. We both are silent and just look into each other’s eyes. I’m grateful for him to be able and bring me back.

His hand comes up and wipes away the tears from my cheeks.

Averting my eyes after a moment I look around and see I’m laying in his lap and we are on his couch. His hand comes back and turn my head to look at him again. He holds my cheek in place while looking into my eyes. His touch breaks down my walls.

“I could have K*lled you all!” I say in a sob and feel devastated at the fact of losing everyone here because I can’t control it. Tears stream down my cheeks when he wipes them away.

“But you didn’t! You fought it and came back to me! ” he says and looks intensely at me for a moment while his hand caresses my cheek. He takes my whole face in before he holds my gaze with his and he gets a serious look on his face.

“I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you! I’m sorry for forcing you out of my land and being too blind to see what a blessing you were to me. I’m sorry for hurting you in every way I have done! And you are right! I have been a jerk to you.” he says and looking at him he means what he says.

“But I’m not sorry for marking you and claiming you as my mate! That’s something I choose without Emma needing to f0rce me to do it! You are all I ever have wanted and more. If it’s going to take the rest of my life to prove my love for you and try to make it all up to you, I will! I’m not going to let you go without a fight. You are my everything!” he says. I can’t find any words to form and talk to him when I feel his hand wipe away tears that keep running down my cheeks.

His forehead comes down to mine while he holds my cheek with his hand and caresses it with his thumb.

“I’m sorry love! But give me a chance to try and make it up to you. I will do everything I can!” he says and I feel how more tears spill out. I never thought I was going to hear him apologize to me or beg me to give him a chance.

“I only ask one thing of you in return!” he says and kisses me on my forehead before traveling down with open-mouth kisses down my cheek before he pulls back and looks into my eyes instead.

“Let me in your life! You are not alone and whatever happens, I want to be there and support you” he says before he slowly moves closer to my face. His lips come down and capture mine in a warm kiss, sending tingles all the way down to my toes. If this is going to work I have to meet him halfway and include him in my life. Give him a chance to prove he means what he says. I know I’m stubborn and want to do everything my way! I have to work on that part and let him in my life.

I have no words to say to him, right now my actions have to be enough.

Placing my hand behind his head I pull him closer and push my tongue inside his mouth, deepening the kiss. Every nerve in my body wants to feel him close to me! I guess he feels the same because he lets go of my lips and lay me down on the couch before he climbs between my legs and his lips come down hard on mine in a hungry kiss. Devouring me like there is no tomorrow!

I have just the same need to feel him close and kiss him back with all my longing.

I lose all sense of time and space when he kisses me this way. I only want to feel him close to me! And I need more of him.

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