I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 72

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 72

Selena POV:

Turning around I look between the houses and try to figure out where she can be.

“I’m in the one behind the house we found the girls in. The second floor!” she says in the mind link and I am quick to cut the link and start to rush over there.

Finding the house I get inside and make my way up the stairs I find to my left when I enter the house. Looking in the first room I find she isn’t there and quickly get out and look inside the next room.

There are only empty beds in the rooms and some clothes, nothing else!

“I’m here!” she says and I follow her voice down the hallway until I come inside a large room with a big table and some chairs around.

I halt in my track when my eyes land on the walls and the table in the middle of the room. On the walls are maps and papers pinned. The table has folders, notebooks, and papers spread all around, “what’s all of this?” I ask her and start to walk over to the first wall and look at the map.

“From what I have managed to get out of all of this. There are notes on people they have kidnapped and in what villages they have been. Which targets they are planning to get and here are the most interesting of it all!” she says and points to a folder on the table.

I walk over to where she is standing and look at the table.

My eyes are about to fall out of their sockets when my eyes land on the folder.

“This is seriously good stuff! When can’t leave any of this behind!” I say and look at everything in the room. To take all of this down without ripping it to pieces will take some time.

“Yeah I figured!” she says and places her hands on her hips. I guess she understands how long it probably will take.

“Did you find anything else in the other houses?” I ask her and she shakes her head.

“I came here and found this when it’s only the house behind left to search!” she says and we have to look at that house two.

“Alright, let’s get started with this one first. We start to take down from one wall at a time and place them in a pile before going to the next!” I tell her and head over to the largest one first and start to take the first map down.

“I will go and find something we can place all of this in!” she says and heads out of the room while I take down the next one. I got a moment for myself and manage to get from half of the wall when she comes walking back inside with a large bag in her hands.

“I hope we can fit everything inside of this one!” she says and places it on the table before walking over and helping me take down the rest from the wall.

“If it doesn’t fit we can take the rest in our hands but I think we will manage!” I say and place the first pile down in the bag.

Only three more walls left and the table!

Walking over to the next wall I start to look it over and take down the first map when I stop. My eyes land on a map I know all too well, walking over to it I start to search for their notes.

“Look here!” I say to Jessie when she walks up beside me and looks at the map I’m pointing at. On it is a map of our pack lands and the surrounding forest. It has the cave and the area behind it. Our pack lands are marked as dangerous swamps that they should avoid. The interesting is the mark on the other side of the cave and it has to be some notes we can find here that can explain what lies on the other side.

“I’ll be damned!” Jessie says when she sees what I mean.

“I bet there are some notes here that can explain the cave!” I say before starting to take down the papers beside and she starts with the map.

“I wonder why they have all these notes up here and so far away from our lands!” she says and that’s a question that has me puzzled too. It would take them several days to run over to our pack lands and the cave. It’s not like they would be able to run back and forth once a week.

“The answer might be with all these notes. Make sure they are all with us in the bag. We can’t leave a thing behind!” I say and get to the next map.

We work with the wall for what feels like ages before everything is folded and placed in the bag. “I will run over and take a quick look in the last house so we don’t miss anything before we leave!” Jessie says and starts to head over to the door when I go for another wall.

“Hurry up!” I tell her before she gets out of the room. Hearing her walk down the stairs I try to hurry up and get everything down as fast as I can on the wall. Once it’s down there is only one left and the table.

I’m almost done when a mind link is reaching out to me and I feel it’s Emma on the other side.

Taking the mind link I have a hard time hearing what she says.

“Get out of there right now! Rogues are coming. Do you hear me, Selena? f*uc*k the rest of the papers just get out of there right now!” she screams through the mind link.

“I hear you but I won’t go without all these papers! ” I say to her and start to rip the papers down when I see no important stuff will get ripped off. We already have taken on too many rogues and with only me and Jessie here we can put up much of a resistance. But it’s easy for me to only portal us back.

“f*uc*k Selena! They are not worth it. Leave them!” she says “I can’t go without it! Have to go” I say and cut the link. Hearing her curse before it’s cut. I can’t stop and continue to get the papers down as fast it’s possible and reach out to Jessie.

“Rogues are coming!” I mind link her when she picks up.

“Tell me about it! Look out the window” she mind links back and I walk over to the window and peek out from the side. On the ground in front of the houses are what I can guess over twenty rogues and I sigh. I don’t see Jessie being captured at least.

When I’m about to mind link her again I hear some soft footstep in the hallway and already knows it’s her.

She motioned for me to be silent and start to gather the papers quickly on the table before she places them down in the bag.

Walking over to the wall I was doing and get the last papers down and hand everything over to Jessie. She is almost done with the table and then there is only a wall left.

She looks between me and the wall before I head over and I guess she already knows I won’t be leaving without it.

“I’ll look at the second floor!” we hear a dark voice coming from downstairs and several pairs of feet. My heart takes one extra beat when we hear the man start to climb the stairs. Is this what Emma was so afraid of when she screams at me through the mind link?

I take down some more on the wall before I hear his steps come up to the end of the stairs. Turning my head over to look at Jessie she motions for me to stay behind the door and she on the other side.

I already know what she plans to do and I’m all in for it. If we manage to take him out without any sound, we might have the extra time we need before the next one comes up and starts looking for him. We are almost done, just a little more time is needed.

The man walks closer down the hall and both me and Jessie stay still in our places. None of us takes a deep breath and once the man steps closer to the room we hear the others from downstairs call up to him.

“We’re going over to the next! Everything in order up there!” they ask him

“Yes, it’s fine! I’ll be right down!” he says before we hear them walk out of the house and him coming inside the room.

Everything goes quickly when Jessie is on him and hit him in the neck with what looks like a book stand. Where did she get that from?

I see the rogue fall in slow motion toward the floor when Jessie is quick and grab his shirt. I rush over and manage to get a hold of his arm before he hits the ground with a thud. Staying in our place we look between each other and hold our breaths, listening for any sound that there are coming more rogues

Nothing alarming happens and we place him down on the floor when Jessie gets over to the table and get the last in the bag. I’m beside the wall and quickly get what I can down when I feel an energy reach out to mine and the feeling is weird. I have never felt anything like it before!

“Someone gifted is up there!” a voice boom out and sends a chill down my spine. Turning my head to look at Jessie she grabs the bag and I rip down what I can when she comes over and grabs my shoulder.

I don’t want to leave anything behind but I guess this is what Emma tried to warn me about. Shaking my head, no at her! I won’t leave without it when we hear several footsteps rushes over to the entrance of the house.

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