I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 71

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 71

Selena POV:

Seeing the wolves stop right before us I fight the darkness with all I got when I hear them shift back. My vision is blurry but I can still hear them.

“Sister!” one of them says and I don’t get what he means.

“We mean you no harm! We were following the rogues here who have kidnapped our pack members. I’m the Alpha and here are my men!” I hear a deep masculine voice say. Taking a breath of relief. Didn’t think we would get this lucky and have them here instead of rogues.

“I also got something for a woman called Selena! Is it one of you?” he says and I don’t understand how he can know my name.

“Yes, she’s here. What is it?” I hear Jessies skeptical voice and I know she won’t let anyone near me without going through her.

“I have a message from a woman called Emma to take this and stop lazing on the ground before she comes here and drags you up herself! This is what I should deliver” he says and it brings a smile to my lips. I know what it is before I hear Jessie squat down on the ground and open my mouth. When the liquid runs down my throat, I feel a burning feeling and they have changed something in it. It tastes terrible but I know it will have me back up on my feet in a moment.

There is no question the message came straight from Emma herself and I want to know how she met them, I have my suspicions but I have to ask later.

Closing my eyes and just breathing I feel something being placed over my body and I guess it’s a blanket of some sort.

“Lift her and take her over there! The rest follow me and help get the rogues tied up before they come back to their senses” I hear Zoey’s voice order out before I’m being lifted off the ground and a masculine scent reaches my nose. He walks with me a bit before placing me down.

“Here I’ve got you!” comes Jessie’s voice before she lifts my head and places something under it.

Keeping my eyes shut I try to listen while I rest and wait for the potion to work.

“What is the plan with all the rogues?” I hear one of them say.

“When Selena gets her strength back, she will portal them back to our prison and interrogate them!” Jessie answers.

“She is gifted?” one voice says with chock in his voice.

“Yes, she is, and the Alpha kings’ mate!” she says and everyone falls silent for a moment. I hope they are one of his friends and not an enemy.

“Kian’s mate!” I hear one of them say and I guess it’ s the Alpha.

“Yes, that’s right!” Zoey answers this time “I’m happy to hear he has been blessed with a second chance mate. It’s a good man he deserves it! ” I hear him say and feel relieved. I guess they know each other!

I hear a lot of feet walking around fast and wish I could help them, trying to open my eyes and lift my hands Jessie places her hand on top of mine.

“Rest! You have started to heal up and give it a moment before you push it. They are handling the rogues and have freed their pack members. There is no rush!” Jessie says and I stop struggling and lay still. She is right!

It takes a while and I lay with my eyes closed when Zoey comes walking up beside me.

“How are you feeling?” she asks and I try to peel my eyes open to look at her.

“I’m getting there! Are they all tied up?” I ask and turn my head to look at the ground in front of me. All rogues we have captured are laying on the ground tied up. Some of them are starting to move. Pushing myself up on my elbows I try to sit up.

The potion has started to work and I feel how my energy is coming back by the second.

They have put something new in it to have my strength back this fast. Looking over at the Alpha and his men when they thigh the rogues up I’m glad everyone has taken on some shorts at least.

I feel Jessie’s hands on my back and help me sit up properly, leaning my body against her side I take a breath and look at all the captured people. It will take some time and find where they come from and help the ones who want to go back.

“Any idea where all the captured people come from and where they want to go?” I ask them while sitting at my place looking out.

“We have asked them and most of them have no home to go back to while some have had their men or family members K*lled or kidnapped!” Zoey is quick to answer.

“We have to take them back and help them heal up a bit before trying to sort this out! Are everyone okay with going back with us?” I ask and try to reach out and get a hold of Emma but I have a blockage when I try and it means my strength isn’t back yet.

“Yes, they all want to come and can’t leave this place fast enough. We have to get some of our pack members over here and help with the portal back. The girls we found inside the house are in the worse shape among them. Four more need help to move!” Jessie says “have all the houses been thoroughly searched? I don’t want us to miss something important!” I tell them. This place could contain something important besides just captured people.

“I will get right on it,” Jessie says and help me sit up before she leaves her seat and head over to the first house.

Trying to reach out to Emma again a mind link is opened. Taking a breath of relief when she connects on the other side.

“Thank you for the potion! Need to hear later how you managed to get a hold of the alpha” I mind link her.

“I was worried there for a bit! Can you stop and overdo it? I want all of you back in one piece or you will have to deal with me later!” I hear her threatening me and It brings me a big smile.

“I will try! We’re going to portal everyone from here in a bit, I will contact you again after and bring you home. Stay safe!” I say and cut the link when I start to feel stronger.

I see one of the men walks over to where we sit.

“Hi I’m the alpha who came with the potion!” he says and I guess he is in his thirties, he looks friendly but like every other Alpha, he has a dominant expression on his face.

“Thank you! I will start to open a portal to get the prisoners back before I’m helping you home” I say to him and he gives me a nod when I reach out to get ahold of Jacob.

He picks up the link right away.

“Selena! Are you alright?” he asks and I hear his worry.

“Yes! Sorry for the scare! We run into more trouble and need to bring more prisoners and kidnapped people back!” I say to him

“Just happy to hear you are alright! There has been some problem back here too!” he says and now is not the time to discuss what has happened over there.

“We can talk about it when I get back! Have some people ready by the prison in a moment. I will open a portal.” I tell him and cut the link after he has confirmed there will be people there.

My strength isn’t back to full but we can’t sit here and wait if more rogues will show up.

I start to stand up and Zoey helps steady me when I open a portal right by the rogues and it doesn’t take long before several of my men start to come through and take people back. With the help of the alpha and his men, the move goes fast.

“Zoey go with the girls and help them to the hospital. I will teleport the Alpha and his men back before we are going through!” I tell her

“Alright! Now you don’t stay here. Go right after they are portaled back!” she says and looks sternly at me before she walks over and stands with the girls. I give her a nod before she turned around and walk inside. Closing the portal, I turn and look at the Alpha.

“Are you ready?” I ask him when he gives me a nod. “Give me your hand and think about the place you want to get out of the portal!” I say to him when he reaches his hand over to me. Taking it I search for the place and when I find the connection I open a portal and let go of his hand.

“Thank you for your help! And I guess we will see each other again some time” he says and smiles at me “I guess we might!” I tell him when he turns around and they all get inside. Closing the portal, it’ s just me and Jessie here and she hasn’t come back yet.

Where ever she is I will have to go and find her.

“You need to get over here!” a mind link from her opens up, and I hear from her voice something isn’t right.

“Where are you?” I ask and get worried about whatever she has found.

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