I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 106

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 106 

Selena POV: 

I’m trying as hard as I can to find him through the mind link but nothing! 

Snapping my head to look at them I see them both stand there with sad eyes and tears are flooding down Emma’s cheeks. 

“Where is he!” I boom out through the mind link to both of them and see Emma jump back a step! I don’t care if they get frightened of me I need answers, I need to know right now where he is! 

“You have to calm down Selena!” Jessie says through the mind link 

“Don’t tell me to call down! Tell me where he is instead!” I bark at her through the mind link and if I could get up from the bed I would leave and start to look for him instead. 

“He is alive! But you have to understand something!” Emma says and a part of me takes a breath of relief he is alive, then what is going on? 

“Just tell me!” I mind link her 

“You are his second chance mate and he marked you, I need you to understand I have done everything I can to help you two keep the bond but there is only so much I can do!” she says and a cry leaves her lips when I see her wipe away her tears but more just keeps coming. 

I don’t like the sound of that and at the same time, I felt we still have the bond. 

I felt the tingles when he touched me! The bond is still there!” I mind link her when I see her take a deep breath. 

“That was what I was able to do but he manages to break the bond! To Kian he has two broken bonds and even if you still have the bond to each other it’s broken!” she says and I have already felt it! 

“Yes, I know!” I mind link her and look at them when I see them both exchanges looks before Emma turns back her head to me. 

“He is dying Selena!” she says and I stop breathing for a second and want to scream out in pain from hearing this! I felt him, I know the bond is still there! 

“Where is he!” I bark out through the mind link and try to move my body! I have to get to him, I can’t let this happen. 

Moving my arm I gather all strength I can to try and get up from the bed but I don’t manage to get up. Feeling a couple of hands forcing me back to the bed. 

“Calm down!” I hear Emma’s voice but they won’t be able to keep me away from him, I will get to him some way! Struggling with all strength I manage to get I try to fight their hands. 

“Now you listen to me and lay back down or I will knock you unconscious! You decide how it’s going to be!” I hear Jessie barks at me in a deep voice, she is angry but that won’t stop me! 

“I have to get to him!” I scream through the mind link and feel tears spill over, he is my mate and I have to get to him. 

“To do what exactly Selena? You are in no shape to do anything! Heal up first and I will help you to him, whatever you want to do I will help you but not like this!” Jessie says and I know she is right, I can’t do anything to him if I’m healing this slowly. 

I give up the struggle and lay back down, crying hard my body starts to shake when I’m about to scream out my pain but not a word is coming out of my mouth. Only tears are flooding down my cheeks! 

I can’t let him d*ie from me! My mind is railing with my thoughts, how can I help him? I need to heal up better than I am if I’m going to have any chance to change what is about to happen. 

“I’m so sorry Selena! I have tried to do everything I can to keep him alive, but he is getting worse by the minute!” Emma says and I don’t blame her for anything of this, she isn’t the one who is behind this. 

“You know Selena he wouldn’t think of taking someone else as his mate, he only wants you, and are ready to d*ie for it!” I hear Jessie say and what is it going to do to help me? It’s not like it’s making me feel better if that’s what she thinks. I can only imagine the pain he felt when Elijah broke the bond with that potion! 

That potion! 

Snapping my eyes open I know what I need to do! My body is healing too slowly for me to help him and I know with my new gift I can get my strength back and heal faster if I only can get some of that herb. I have to claim him and for that, I have to heal up fast! 

“I need the herb!” I mind link them both and turning my head to look at them. 

“What herb?” Emma says and looks at me with a puzzled expression. 

“I need the herb from the swamp right now!” I order in a higher voice through the mind link than I planned. 

“Cannon brought some back with him I can get it but I have no knowledge of how to do a potion with it!” Emma says and I can see a glimpse of hope in her eyes. 

“I don’t care! Just give it to me and I will eat it the way it is!” I say through the mind link before she turns around and starts to head for the door, she halts in her tracks and turns to look at Jessie 

“I need you to go to the kitchen and get me a glassof strong juice and hurry!” she orders and they both are quick to get out of the room. 

Closing my eyes I try to reach for Kian, I need for him to fight it a little longer. He just has to hang in there! 

It doesn’t take long before they both are back inside the room and I have tried everything I can to reach him but in vain! 

Hearing them walk around I open my eyes and see Emma smushing the herb in a mortar when Jessie stands beside her with two glasses, one is filled with orange. juice and the other is empty. 

Emma pour the smashed herb into the glasswhen I see her pour some juice inside it when she starts to mix it. 

She takes a straw into the glassbefore she walks over to the bed with it in her hand. 

“I’m certain this will taste worse than anything you have ever tasted but there is nothing better I can do!” she says and places the straw to my lips, I don’t care how it’s going to taste only need it to help me heal. 

Taking large gulps of the drink I almost puke right out at the taste, it is by far the worse taste I have ever felt! 

Forcing myself to empty the glassI have to lay down in the bed and keep my mouth closed and just breathe to not throw it all up again when I feel my gift start to sizzle under my skin. It takes a moment before I feel my new gift It’s reaching out and drawing strength from the herb, it’s slower this way than in the potion but it’s strong! 

Feeling it almost bubbling under my skin when my broken bones snap back into place, it’s painful and takes my breath away when several is being snapped in their right place at the same time! I almost black out from the pain but f0rce myself to stay awake, I have to for him! 

“KIAN!” I scream out from my healed face when the pain gets the best of me.

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