I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 69

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 69

Selena POV:

We shift quickly and start to run over to the rogues, turning to the left I see Zoey understands without having talked to her.

She shifts and heads for the rogues to the left. We are outnumbered by three to twenty and our odds are slim that we are coming out of this fight on the winning side.

None of us would ever give up without trying and this time we will have to fight with everything we got.

“I bet the big one in the middle is in charge! I’m going for him” Jessie says through the mind link. I know who she is referring to. In the middle of the rogues stands a big bald guy with a large scar over his face. It goes from one side and right over his face down to his neck and when his eyes meet mine I know he is pure evil. If it’s one we are going to take out it’s going to be him.

“I’m right behind you!” I mind link back when we see most of the rogues shift to their wolves, all of them are big ones and to our advantage they

usually underestimate us. Especially Jessies small wolf!

When it comes to this it’s a big advantage instead, she is fierce and uses it instead of feeling intimidated.

In the middle stands a few women tied up with ropes around their hands and the bald guy holds onto the rope while the others shift to fight and that says it all! He is the one to take out.

“We are going for the one in the middle! He’s in charge” I mind link Zoey when we reach the rogues and the fight starts.

I manage to see Jessie going after the first one and she bites him in the throat from underneath. That’s all I get to see before I’m being jumped on by three wolves and the fight becomes serious quickly when someone manages to get a good grip on my leg and rip a large cut open.

Pain shot through our body and trying to push the pain away we get an open spot to take one of the rogues out by ripping his throat out.

He falls lifeless to the ground and his blood coats the ground red!

Hearing a whimper, I try to figure out which one of them is hurt, but I don’t manage to get a clear vision of them when we are being jumped again. Throwing him off us I see Jessie fighting in the middle with blood coating her fur. She’s hurt but keeps fighting.

Zoey is up and fighting when two heads over our way and trying to get a grip of the situation I see the bald guy standing with an evil smile on his lips and if we’re going to make it I have to take him out!

Running in his direction without any second to waste we dodge several attempts to take us out of the way and making the last few meters over to him I see an annoying smirk on his lips before we jump and aim right for him.

He doesn’t shift to his wolf and when we reach him his claws come out of his fingers before he sinks them down in our shoulder, biting him hard in his neck before he pushes our body off him.

Falling to the ground we hit it and get up fast again. Blood is pouring down our leg from the injury. He managed to get a good hit!

Looking at him he is bleeding the same but is ready to fight again.

“can’t you do anything better than that!” he mocks me. Hearing Jessie’s wolf whimper I turn to look in her direction. Seeing her on the ground with several rogues over her but she still doesn’t give up. Zoey has the same and, in my way, four rogues are running.

I’m left with no other option!

Shifting back I stand n@ked and look at the battlefield when I hear him speak beside me.

“I’m going to enjoy tearing that p*uss*y of yours in half!” turning my head I look at him in disgust when the others almost have reached where we stand.

“Over my dead body!” I say and gather all energy I have left in my body!

I hope this will give Zoey and Jessie enough time to get away from here and to safety.

Fixing a purple energy ball, I make it bigger in my hands until it’s ready. Blasting it away it sends a shockwave through the rogues and I see them being hit and fall unconscious to the ground.

I don’t know for how long it will have them out when my vision starts to shrink.

I knew this was going to happen but I was left with no other choice.

“Selena no!” I hear Zoey’s voice when my legs start to go out under me and the ground comes closer.

Falling right on the ground I don’t even have any strength left to try and prevent myself from falling with my head first.

I hear feet running closer to where I lay when Zoey turns my body around and I see she is bloody but looks alright.

“Jessie?” I ask in a small voice.

“I’m here! But why did you do that for? We could have made it” she says and comes into my vision. She has open wounds and is bleeding heavily from her shoulder.

“You don’t look too good!” I say to her

“Look who’s talking! I’m better than you at least” she snaps back and gets down on the ground beside me. I can’t move my body at all and black dots start to dance in front of my eyes.

“Take all of them and get as far away from here as you can! Save yourself and leave me. I will teleport back when I can!” I say to them and try to fight the darkness.

“Like we would ever leave you behind! They could K*ll you while you are out. We are staying beside

you!” Zoey says when I hear several footsteps running closer to us, fear creeps up my spine.

It’s most likely more rogues.

“No, you can’t stay here, go! I will make it” I try to rea*sure them. Most likely would I be taken as a prisoner and they have no idea I can teleport and the first moment I have my strength back I’m getting back home.

“That will not happen!” Jessie says and gets up on her feet. Hearing whoever is running this way

coming closer I dread its more rogues. I’m useless this way and with both, Jessie and Zoey hurt they can’t put up much of a resistance. Trying to stay conscious and fight the darkness I hear when they are almost here and in the corner of my eye, I see several wolves come running at a fast speed.

“Please run instead! “I beg them when Zoey and Jessey get over the other side to stay in the first line when they reach us. I know they want to protect me the same way I have to be sure they are going to be all right!

“We are not leaving!” Zoey says when the wolves have reached over to us!

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