I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 126

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 126 

Selena POV: 

Walking out of the portal while I pull Jessie with me we come right in front of the barrier where I know Zoey is, closing the portal after us I drop my hold on Jessie’s arm and walk closer to where Zoey stands. 

“Where did they leave and how long ago?” I boom out, too angry to be able and contain my anger completely. Trying to take deep breaths and keep my gift at bay I feel it sizzling and stirring under my skin, ready to come out. 

Zoey turns and looks at me 

“It can’t be longer than twenty minutes ago! I only had to go inside the pack house for a short moment and once I came out they were gone! I don’t know where they went!” she says and turn to look at Jessie. Turning around to look at her she keeps her eyes on the ground. 

“Jessie!” I bark at her and she is quick to raise her head and look at me, guess she feels the anger radiates out of me because she takes a step back and looks between us both. 

“I can’t help you with it because I don’t know and he has cut me off so I can’t mind link him!” she says and throws her hands up in the air. 

“Where are the others?” I ask Zoey, no one of Kian’s men is here by the borders and I wonder if Jacob ordered for the men to follow him outside the borders or if they wanted to go with him. 

“Kian’s men were on the other side the last I saw them and they could be inside. and eating by now. I don’t know! My focus has been trying to find them!” she says and I feel how worried she is. Trying to mind link Jacob but I’m cut off from him, I know he wants it that way! 

I can’t shift to my wolf now when I’m pregnant or I would have done it and tried to search for them and in what direction they went! Hearing some running from behind I turn around only to find Declan and Cannon comes running over to where we are standing, they stop right in front of us and I see Declan trying to reach for Jessie but she takes a step to the side and pushes his hands away. 

“What happening?” he says to Jessie but she only keeps her lips in a tight line. 

“Has something happened when you were away?” he asks and turns to look at me. I’m waiting a moment to see if Jessie wants to tell him herself but she keeps quiet. 

“Jessie here and Jacob has decided to go against my orders and Jacob is now outside the barrier with some other men to look after the rogues!” I say when Declan snaps his head to look at Jessie. 

“Is this true Jessie?” I hear Declan say in an angry voice when I turn to Cannon, I know if there is anyone who can pick up any trace it’s him. 

“Can you find out where they went?” I ask him when he gives me a nod and takes. off his clothes and shifts to his wolf. He starts to sniff on the ground and it doesn’t take long until he has found a trace he starts to follow. Hearing Declan starts to argue with Jessie I don’t stay and listen to what’s happening and start to follow after Cannon, Zoey walks bedside me when he sniffs on the ground. 

“Did the others follow him because they wanted or did he order them?” I ask Zoey while we follow a few steps behind Cannon. 

“I don’t know Selena! I didn’t hear them talk or what was said, when I came out again they were all gone. I instantly knew they had left on purpose when I tried to mind link them all!” she says and it does nothing to help my worry. As of now my Gamma has gone against my orders and my Beta is just as involved in this as him, my closest men disobeyed my orders to go after a whole army of rogues and vampires. 

Seeing Cannon stop right inside the borders, he sniffs closer before he mind links me and I pick it up. 

“They went through here but it has been a little while since they left!” he says and I look outside the barrier if I can get any sight of them when I hear several footsteps. behind me and a heated argument, I already know is Jessie and Declan before they reach over to where we stand. 

I have a hard time containing my anger over this situation and how stupid they have been to try and go after them. Trying to mind link Jacob again but I’m cut off when Cannon shift back and Declan hand him his clothes, he put them on when Jessie walks closer to where I am. 

“We have to go after them!” she says and my anger flares to life at her words, swirling around I catch her eyes with mine and take a step closer to her. She has gone way too far this time and there is nothing she can say that can have me to calm down. 

“You don’t think you have done enough? You are supposed to be my closest men and follow my orders not go against them to do whatever fits you! Don’t you think I want to go after the rogues and have an end to all this? I’m not ready to risk everyone’s lives against an army we know nothing about and we aren’t prepaid for! Why do you think Kian went to the vampire council in the first place!” I bark at her, feeling my gift almost boiling under my skin from the anger. 

I see she is about to say something but closes her mouth again and takes a step back when my anger starts to slip out of my body. 

“If my closest men doesn’t follow my orders what message does it send to everyone else? And if they get K*lled who is going to have it on their conscious you think?” I continue to bark at her when I feel a mind link trying to reach for me. 

Even before I pick it up I know it is one of my men who went outside with Jacob and I know the man is hurt. 

He doesn’t talk when I pick up the link but I can feel where he is and I have to get there right now, he is hurt and now there is no stop in my anger! What I feared has happened. 

Opening a portal beside me I turn to look at them all when I see Emma comes rushing from a far distance. 

“None of you are allowed to follow after me or walk outside the barrier!” I say and let my Alpha command slip out and wash over them all, with my anger boiling inside my body it hits them hard and they show me their necks in submission. Even Declan and Cannon does it and I realize it’s because we have mated and me being their Queen puts me over them. 

Taking one last look at them I know they can’t go against my orders, turning to look at Emma where she is running this way there is nothing she can say to get me to change my mind. Taking a step inside my portal I close it after me so she can’t follow after me!

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