I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 28

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 28

Selena POV:

I can’t take my eyes off the photo and dread what will happen if he finds me.

“Well we need to head home,” Jessie says. And I am suddenly aware of the possibility they could already be on their way here if they wanted to find me.

Oh, f*uc*k! A shiver runs through my body. I can’t let anything happen to get the pack revealed. Their safety is my priority!

“Yes you are right just let me get my things,” I say and get up from my chair.

“I’ll walk you down,” Elijah says and I hoped he could walk away.

“There is no need,” I say to him and hope he gets it. “I want to, I can keep you company a little while,” he says and holds up the door for us. I sigh!

I take my bag and we walk out of my office.

“Could this go any worse than it already does,” I mindlink Jessie and Zoey. Can’t speak my mind in Elijah’s presence.

“We just need to get home and figure it out,” Jessie mindlink back.

When we get in the elevator I and Elijah stand behind Jessie and Zoey and he put his hand on my back and leans down and gives me a brief kiss on my cheek. I feel my head start to spin off all this stress. The elevator comes to stop and I can hardly walk out. It’s still sunny outside and I put on my sunglasses. If I just could get home and hide from everyone. 0

My eyes and ears are on the surrounding all the time and I can’t focus on what Elijah and Zoey are talking about. Jessie and Zoey understood what needed to be done without me saying anything. Zoey keeps Elijah busy with talking me and Jessie are constantly scanning the area around us.

That’s when I pick up that faint scent I recognized from yesterday and now all my senses are on high alert. Zoey and Jessie are aware of me and quickly say goodbye to Elijah telling him we need to take another way home. I just say goodbye and walk between two buildings, they follow me in and I mindlink them.

“We need to split up and you two know what to do and how you get home. We have these emergency escape roads for this. Get home and alert everyone back home” I tell them

“Are you going to be fine” Jessie mindlink back

“I will be alright but we all know it’s me they want if they are looking for anyone and I need to lure them away from us! Just go! I will be fine. Take my bag with you if I need to shift fast”

Zoey takes my bag and we go our separate ways. I know they will be fine. We have practiced for this many times and their escape ways are completely hidden and no one will be able to follow. I just need them to follow me!

I walk out of the houses, heading over to the woods on the other side of the city. The furthest away from my pack possible.

I sense someone following me, they are wolves. It feels like four wolves but could be more. I keep walking. Don’t turn around If they are not sure and would leave me alone. After a while, I understand they will not let me go and they keep walking closer. I speed up hoping to have some more space between us but they are bigger than me and can easily walk faster.

When I am about to leave the city and enter the woods two more wolves step out in front of me and cut off my way. I turn my steps to the side and walk to the left instead. I get a big sniff of the wolves now and there is no question. It’s the kings and when I turn my head over my shoulder I recognize one of them.

It’s his Gamma and I already had the ple@sure to meet him before. He could order me to stop and I would have to obey because he is of a higher rank than me since I am not marked. 0

I do have a surprise too. But I don’t want to reveal my secret yet, and this time he won’t get the chance to capture me.

I know this place and just a couple of more steps and no one beside us will see me when we shift. I guess they are not certain it’s really me and they wait to see what I will do. Well then good for you boys! You are in for a run!

The next step I take we shift in mid-air and make a run for it.

I hear them shift behind us but we just keep running. I guess he has sent some of his best men and this will be a run for all we got. We just need to lure them away a bit.

One wolf comes up next to us and we hit it and he goes flying into a tree. We dodge under a fallen tree and a wolf comes from the air and tries to land on us but we kick him in his stomach and he glides away on the forest floor.

Running faster to try and shake the rest off me! I hear a big wolf catching up to us and I guess it’s the gamma. He tries to get ahold of our leg and we get a chance to kick him in his head. Putting a great deal of strength in that kick and he glides away on his side and hit a three with his head, making him unconscious.

The other wolves are a little bit behind so we take this chance and escape. Running behind a big tree and heading over to a passage on the side of a cliff by the water we have our escape.

Shifting back once we reach the pack house, I run inside to see if Jessie and Zoey are back and safe.

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