I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 150

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 150

Selena POV: 

Looking at the man I’m surprised he can see me through the barrier, but then again he is gifted with a strength I haven’t met before. 

“Why is he here?” Jessie mind links me and I think it’s for the best since he probably can hear us also. 

“He wants to K*ll me and by that K*lling Kian and our children, with us out of the way they could easily take over the kingdom whenever they want” I mind link her back while keeping my eyes on him, he stands there with an evil smirk on his lips and only the sight of him sends a chill down my spine. 

“I guess that wasn’t too hard to understand, then what do we do now?” Jessie mind links when I see the man takes a step closer to the barrier. 

“Why don’t you come out here and save your pack or you will have to live with their deaths on your conscience!” he says and doesn’t take his eyes off me. 

“You do not go out there!” I hear Cannon say to my side and I have no plan on going out there as it is now, trying to find any way out of this. Looking behind the man is an army of wolves standing beside several vampires, ready to fight whenever the barrier comes down. I don’t see the big grey wolf I remember from the cliff and this can’t be the whole rogue army, they have to be divided into groups and by this, I’m not surprised if the other group is by the kingdom. 

“You don’t want to come out! Then let me try to pursue you!” he says and takes a couple of steps back before he lifts his hands in the air and closes his eyes for a moment. 

“How long can the witches stand against him?” I hear Declan ask out loud and by the hits, they already have taken and I have seen how tired they were before I’m not sure how much longer they will be able to keep them out and the barrier up. 

“Not for too long!” I mind link him don’t want the man outside to hear us, looking back I see Emma standing just inside our second line and she looks devastated when I hear a loud bang again and the ground starts to shake when I snap my head. back to look at the barrier. Bigger parts have started to get black and it slowly spreads to larger pieces, his dark magic has started to take over more of the barrier. 

“What do we do?” Jessie mind links me and I open a mind link with my closest men here, we need to talk together. 

“The witches won’t be able to hold out much longer and I can’t contact anyone outside the barrier right now, can’t portal either, and have no idea if Kian got my message and understood what’s going on here!” I mind link them while looking at the man who is blasting the barrier over and over again, by the look of it he doesn’t seem to get tired at all. 

“if you told Kian something alarming where going on here you don’t have to think twice about it, he is on his way!” Declan mind links and I know it too, he would take it seriously and get here as fast as he can. 

“he is too far away to be able and get here in time!” I mind link when the ground starts to shake again and a woman’s voice is screaming behind me, I know it’s one of the witches who tries to keep the barrier up. 

“If the barrier needs to go back to the second line we are alone against all these rogues and the vampires I know I will have to focus on the man in front of us!” I mind link and I know we have to give it all if the barrier comes down. 

“Can you open a portal and get Kian here once the barrier is down?” Cannon mind link and I thought about that too 

“No, it’s not possible! If I try to do it I will be vulnerable for the man to hurt me, I can’t focus on anything else than trying to fight him and keep away from his dark magic and save us! He is too powerful and I can’t master my gift!” I tell them through the mind link, no one says a word for a long time and we all stand there and look at the barrier when it gets overrun by the black for every p@ssing minute. 

“Well then we have to fight the best we can and I suggest some of us try to take the vampires out first, they are sneaky f*uc*kers you don’t see until it’s too late and I for one don’t want to be s*cked dry by one of those!” Jessie’s mind links and she is right, you don’t hear them come and once they are beside you, they are quick. 

“Jessie, Zoey, and Jaden I suggest you go for the vampires if you can, I know you three are quick on your feet and the rest can fight the rogues. Stay in a close group and have the rest of our men know what to do once it’s down!” I order them through the mind link and see both Zoey and Jessie shift and run over to our other warriors behind us, we have to have a plan for all this if we are going to be able and put up any resistance, we are outnumbered by several men. 

Everyone comes standing beside us in two rows and looks at the barrier, I know we 

are down to minutes and I close my eyes for a second and place my hand on my belly. I will do all I can to keep us safe and away from any harm, all these weeks when I have been training with Michael come down to this moment! 

We have to fight and make it through, I won’t let them take us down! 

Opening my eyes there is another bang and now I know there isn’t much longer, turning my head I see Emma still standing behind the second line and I give her a nod. We will fight this and we won’t get more ready than we are, she wipes her cheeks and give me a nod back when I turn my head and look at the man again. 

“This is it! Get ready and fight with everything you got!” I say and open a mind link to the witches, it’s time they pull the barrier back and shield our pack members who can’t fight. 

I say a silent prayer to myself we will be able and keep a resistance until more help arrives if they won’t get held up by another group of rogues! 

I know Kian will fight his way over here but he might be too lait if we can’t stand against them, the odds don’t look good. 

“Pull the barrier back and try to hold on as long you can or you know what to do!” I mind link the witches and takes a deep breath, this is it!

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