I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 151

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 151 

Kian POV: 

I was sitting inside my office and talking to Owen and my father, he arrived just a short moment after Selena portaled away to her pack. I knew she had to go alone but I instantly got a nagging feeling something was going down today and I picked her link up the moment she reached out to me. 

She manages to say something strange where going on at their pack before the link where cut, my stomach dropped the instance and tried to reach her again, but nothing! 

“Call Declan or Cannon!” right away I boom out to my father and pick up my phone to call Selena’s office, the moment I have dialed the number it doesn’t connect and I can feel how all my blood is leaving my head. 

“It has started! They are under attack right now!” I say and drop my phone on my desk and get up on my feet. 

“What are you saying? Right now?” my father asks when I push the chair back. 

“Yes! Call the other packs and get more men over there and have our guards watch our borders, I’m heading over there right now!” I say in a hurry to my father while starting to rush out the door, don’t have time to wait for anyone, need to get to her right this minute! 

“Wait for a second Kian, you need men with you, there could be a problem on the way!” my father says when he and Owen get up on their feet. 

“I’m leaving half of my men here to help watch your borders, the rest will follow us over there!” Owen says and pushes by me before he reaches the door. 

“We will wait for you outside the front door!” he says and quickly walk out of my office. 

“Make sure the other packs we have as allies know how serious this is and have them over here and her pack right away!” I say and take a last look at him when I turn for the door again. 

“A large group of our warriors will wait for you at the borders and come right behind you! Take care Kian and come back with your mate!” he says when I leave 

out the door and run down the hallway until I reach the front doors, pushing them. open I find Owen and his men standing right outside and by the look of it he brought around a hundred vampires to help with the fight. He said he came here prepared and he didn’t exaggerate! 

“We are ready when you are!” Owen says and I give him a nod when I see my old father’s Beta and Gamma come running in their wolves to where we stand, they shift right in front of me. 

“Half of the Vampires are staying to protect the borders, more men will come from the closest packs, make sure to guard the borders against every direction!” I say and walk past them over to where Owen is standing. 

“I will run ahead just follow!” I say and take a step before shifting and shredding my clothes, turning my head I see they are ready to go and I take off in the direction of the borders. 

“I have reached the closest pack they will take off right away and meet you on the way!” my father mind links while we run toward the borders. 

“Alright!” I say and cut the link when I see about fifty of my men standing in wolf form by our borders, I’m not sure if this will be enough by far. 

When Owen came to my office today he explained they had managed to get four of his vampire men inside the rogue camp and the rogues believe they are on their side, it’s because of them he got some insider information when they told him they are about four hundred men in the rogue camp and about sixty vampires have joined them. 

Yesterday morning he got a note saying they are ready to attack their target and only waited for the right moment to hit Selena’s pack, I guess they waited until she where there! 

If he had told me this yesterday when he gave my father the notice they were coming over I would never have let her go there. 

“More men will meet us on the way, follow behind us!” I mind link the warrior in charge when I run right past them and head towards the outskirts of the kingdom, we have to pick up our pace to get there as fast as possible. 

“We have more men coming from the other side of our borders, they will follow our trace!” he mind links back before I cut the link and run faster into the woods, I don’t know what’s going on over at her pack but the barrier should keep them safe inside until we arrive. 

Trying once more to mind link her but she doesn’t pick it up, it only has me more worried they somehow have a way to get through to her. 

Running for a while we reach a far bit into the woods when a scent hit my nose of rogues and I know they aren’t far away from here, we are no way near the cave or where they usually run past them which means they have come here only for one. purpose. Stopping in my track I shift so I can talk to Owen when he is fast beside me instead. 

“They are close!” he says and I give him a nod when the rest comes walking up behind us. 

“Yes, they are, we have to spread out and cover a bigger area!” I say when he starts to order his men and I shift to my wolf. He starts to run beside me when we make our way forward at a steady pace, it doesn’t take long before we see a large group. of rogues standing ahead of us. 

The moment they spot us they instantly take off toward our direction, I have my eyes locked on the one I believe is in charge of the group and head for them. 

We have to take them out quickly, I have to get over to Selena as fast as possible. 

Reaching the group we are attacking them from every way and it doesn’t take long before we have manages to take them all out, shifting I turn around to see how many we have lost! By the sight of it there isn’t anyone dead but some severely injured, walking over to Owen when I hear some running from behind us and the other group has reached to where we are. 

“This was only a small group and I bet we will run into more on the way, I suggest we divide ourselves into three groups and run from different directions to attack them!” I say and look when there are more running to my side and by the smell of it, another pack has arrived. Their Alpha shift when they reach over to where we are, there is no time to waste and I quickly explain the plan when we shift and start running again in three groups mixed with wolves and vampires. 

Running through a thick part of the forest we run right into a big group of rogues and by the look of it they knew we were coming and from what direction, my eyes. instantly fall on the big gray wolf in the middle. 

I already know who he is and the one I’m coming at, he is the target to take out! 

Our eyes meet and I get a second to react before he sprints over and attack me! 

Right now he stands between me and my mate but that won’t be for too long!

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