I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 53

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 53

Selena POV:

The moment I step out of my room I already regret saying some of the harsh words I said. I don’t want a mate but I am grateful he saved me!

I can’t tell him that though, it would mean I have to let a wall down and admit it and there is nothing good coming out of that.

We are better off without each other and I just have to find a way to break the bond. There has to be a way without K*lling him if the bond is broken.

Making my way down the stairs and over to the kitchen I’m trying to sort my thoughts. I hear my bedroom door open and his heavy steps coming down the stairs.

Reaching the kitchen I find Emma stirring in a pot on the stove and she immediately rushes over to me and wraps me up in her arms.

“I’m so sorry Selena! I f0rced Kian to mark you, we couldn’t lose you, it’s all my fault! Don’t be angry at him” She says and my stomach drops at her words.

So now he didn’t even want to save me! Just did it because Emma f0rced him to. Well, it’s just getting better by the minute. I hear Kian behind me in the kitchen but don’t want to look at him. O

“Here I have made you a potion to keep you from going into heat!” She says and releases me before walking over to the stove. She gives me the bottle and I look at it, the thought hasn’t crossed my mind yet but there is no way I want to go into heat! I take it in one go and swallow the potion, feeling the liquid running down my throat I try to calm down.

Going into heat is the last thing I need right now!

Placing the bottle down when I feel his presence behind me but I ignore him.

A mindlink opens up and it comes from Jessie!

Telling everyone to stay inside. That can only mean one thing and I turn around and rush out of the kitchen without saying anything when I mindlink back and wonder where she is.

Kian is right after me and when she tells me they are on the south side I rush in their direction.

I know Jessie has it all under control but I need to know what has happened these hours I have been out.

Turning around a corner I see her standing with Zoey and Jacob by the barrier, Kian’s men are there beside them and when I reach where they stand

Jessie turns around and wraps me up in her arms. “I’m so sorry I didn’t protect you better,” she says and my heart goes out to her. Holding her tighter to me I’m blessed to have them all by my side.

“You did everything you could and I know you are a reason I’m still here,” I say before releasing her and Zoey comes up to hug me from behind.

“You also Zoey!’ I say to her while looking out of the barrier.

” Now tell me what’s going on!” I say to them.

“We got rid of the bod*ies but there wasn’t enough time to have every trace erased, we have seen at least a dozen rogues running around after!” Jessie says when I see a rogue in the tree line.

“Are everyone inside and where are they coming from?” I ask them.

“Five of our best scouts are outside, they have reported most of the rogues came from the king’s land!” Zoey says when there is a furious growl behind me. I already know who it is and roll my eyes at him.

I feel his presence before his hand comes and swirls me around. Coming to stare right into his angry eyes.

“You’re telling me these rogues comes from my land!” He says with anger in his voice. I sigh at him. “Yes, they are coming from the woods outside your borders! We haven’t had time to scout all the area before but it’s something I’m going to do now!” I say and take a step to the side before he grabs my arm and pulls me close to him.

“You are not going without me!” He says and I try to snatch my arm out of his grip but he only holds me tighter.

“I’m coming with you and that’ s final!” Hi says with dominance in his voice.

“We have our scent masked and you don’t! I think it ‘s time for you to go back to where you came from” I just say and snatch my arm out of his grip. If he thinks I will back down and have the same mistake made twice by him he can forget it. Turning around I start to go back to the pack house.

I hear steps behind me before Jessie and Zoey reach me and I hear the others come after. I curse to myself, how hard can it be for him to leave me alone and do my business?

Reaching our pack house I open the door and we get inside. Before we head out on longer runs we always take a fill of the potion to make sure we are without a scent.

Walking over to the kitchen where I guess Emma still is, and I was right.

We find her standing in the kitchen stirring in several pots and I have no idea what she is making now.

“We need the potion!” I tell her when she looks at me, she already knows what I’m talking about when I see she has placed several plastic mugs on the table. Kian and his men come inside the kitchen and even if it’s a large kitchen with room for about fifteen people it starts to feel crowded with these big bulky men here too.

Looking at the mugs and back at Emma I try to figure out if she knows something she is not telling me. Tilting my head to the side while I look intensely at her I see she start to feel uncomfortable under my gaze.

“Tell me!” I say to her and see she takes a big breath before looking at me.

“It’s nothing, Selena! I don’t trust myself right now whit him here, it feels better if they are by your side and protects you all” she says and blushes on her cheeks before she averts her gaze.

“You have told him what you are?” I mindlink her, want to have this conversation private with her.

“Yes, I have!” She says and looks at me.

“Have you told him about your daughter and what happened!” I see her start to fiddle with her apron.

“No just that I have had a child since before! He took it well” She answers and I sigh, she already blame herself for not seeing the vision before it was too late. I can’t do this to her!

“Alright! Give it to them” I say and walk ahead to grab my mug and take the potion in one go before throwing it in the trash bin.

My men follow behind and take their potion and get out in the hallway while they wait. Kian and his men walk over and Emma hands them their mugs, when her mate comes forward I see her blush when he hooks a finger under her jaw and tilts her head up to look at him.

He places a kiss on her cheek before he lets her go and takes a step back.

I just smile at the sight. When she turns around and looks at me I wiggle my eyebrows at her and she rolls her eyes in response.

On my way out of the kitchen I stop and turn to Emma, Kian is right behind me.

“I need you to find a way for us to break the bond without having anyone of us K*lled!” I say when I hear a low growl and Kian grabs my arm and f0rces me around to face him. His eyes look intense at me when his hand comes up and grabs the hair on the back of my head, tilting my head up before he leans his face closer to mine.

“I won’t let you!” He says and his breath is fanning my face, anger is radiating out of him.

“I thought it would make you happy since you didn’ t even want to save me, to begin with! Just did it because Emma f0rced you.” I spit at him and look at him with the same anger.

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