I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 52

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 52

Selena POV:

Pulling Kian closer and answering the k*iss while I snake my arms h*ard around his neck and d*eepening the k*iss. He pushes his toung inside my m*outh and I answer it back and k*iss him with the same pa*sion. My mind is blank and all I can do right now is to give in to the bond.

His hand travel down my body and tingles play on my skin when he cups my bre*st before he starts twisting my n*pple. I m*oan out into his m*outh when I feel my c*ore start to throb under his t*ouch.

He let go of my l*ips and I have to catch my breath when I feel him place open-m*outh k*isses down my neck and stop on my shoulder where my mark would lay. When he reached the spot my l*egs it about to go out under me and I pant out his name.

He starts k*issing and nibbling on the spot and a*rousal ripples through my body and my c*ore starts to throb painfully. I have to grind my l*egs together.

Digging my nails into his shoulder to prevent myself from coming right now, every part of me is overly sensitive.

He pulls my body closer to his and I feel his h*ard c*oc*k dig into my stomach. I pant out just at the feel of him when he lets go of my shoulder and catches my l*ips again.

Devouring me like I’m his last meal!

His hand travels down my body and cups my p*ssy before I feel him press down on my sensitive b*ud and I m*oan out from the feeling.

My a*rousal spill out on my l*eg when he traces a f*inger down my w*et folds and I can’t stop him. I don ‘t want to!

He stops at my entrance before he pushes a f*inger inside of me and I cry out into his m*outh from the sudden intrusion. My walls clench around his f*ingers and I almost come undone right away.

He starts t*hrusting inside of me with his f*inger and I take my hand to his h*ard c*oc*k, wanting to t*ouch him. Feel his h*ard c*oc*k in my hand!

I wrap my hand around him, he is huge and my heart takes an extra beat when I start stroking his length.

He t*hrust inside my hand one time and my heart is about to beat out of my chest! I haven’t been this intimate with any man before.

He breaks the k*iss and takes my hand away from him and places it over my head on the shower wall. He holds it in a firm grip while he pulls out his f*inger and adds another one before he t*hrust back inside of me.

I feel overfull and close my eyes and my o*rgasm builds up in my body with every t*hrust. My l*egs feel like jelly and I meet his t*hrusts, riding myself on his f*ingers.

“Look at me!” He says and I open my eyes to stare right into his. He takes in my whole face when he starts f*cking me faster and drawing me closer to my o*rgasm.

“Now come for me!” He says before he presses down on my b*ud. I look at him with hooded eyes when I let go and my walls clench around his f*ingers. My o*rgasm rippled through my body! Almost seeing stars when I come undone around him.

I pant and ride out my o*rgasm on his f*ingers, my l*egs start to shake and I breathe heavily when I slowly start to come down from my high and the bond starts to subside.

My mind clears up bit by bit when I feel him pull his f*ingers out of me and I just stare into his eyes. I get control of my thoughts again and a shiver curse through my body. The truth hit me like a slap in my face what just happened and I understand what he has done to me.

Closing my eyes I lean my head back on the cold tiles and curse to myself before I put up a wall around my thoughts and emotions.

I gave into the bond and even wanted it! But I wouldn’t have if I had realized what he had done before.

I can’t believe how easily I gave into it at wanted him after everything. If I hadn’t let my emotions cloud my mind this would never have happened in the first place!

He let go of my hand he held to the wall and cage me in with an arm on each side of my head.

He is breathing heavily and I guess he was as affected by the bond as I was. No one says a word for a moment and just lets the water wash over us.

“I wasn’t myself when you found me in the cemetery and I forced you out of my kingdom!” He says next to my ear and I sigh.

I don’t want to have this discussion right now, I wasn’t supposed to let him near me in the first place.

“But now you did!” I say and push him off me before I get out of the shower. I’m not staying inside the shower with him for another second.

Taking a towel and wrapping it around my body I feel defeated when I walk closer to the mirror and look at his mark. Trace it with my f*ingers I sigh and see him walk up behind me. He leans his hands to the sink and his face comes closer to my ear when he looks at me intensely through the mirror.

“I don’t regret marking you! You would have been dead otherwise and I owe you that much” He says to my ear and a shiver runs down my spine when his hot breath t*ouches my shoulder. Anger boil under my skin from his words.

I push his hand away and walk out of the bathroom before I lash out at him. Hearing him sigh before coming after me over to my walk-in closet.

“Will you stop and talk to me!” He says when I grab some underwear and take them on me in a rush. I need to get out of this room and away from him.

He grabs my arm and swirls me around to face him. He stands close to me and his n*aked body almost t*ouches mine.

“You want me to talk! Well, let me tell you something, my king!” I say and poke a f*inger into his muscular chest.

“You didn’t want me all those years back! And you didn’t want me when you found out I was one of your prisoners! And you certainly never searched for me before you found out I wasn’t a weak mate and you saw that I have a white wolf!” I spit at him and he only keeps his intense gaze on me. Not saying a word!

“You took your chance to mark me only to make yourself stronger! Not once have my will crossed your mind. Don’t you dare come and say you did this for me when you don’t even know if I would rather be dead than bonded to you!” His silence speaks numbers and I know everything I said is the truth!

“You came here with your men and try to take over when I have been running this pack for years and surviving on my own. The second you interfered with what we do it went to shit because you can’t pull your head out of your a*s and let me do what I have been doing. I gave you the order to stay inside the barrier for everyone’s sake since you don’t know half of it!” He just looks intense at me and I’ m tired of this. Turning around I grab some clothes and walk by him out to my room again. Quickly taking them on when I see him put on his briefs and walk over to where I stand and blocking my way when I’m about to head out of the room.

“Not everything you said is the truth!” He says and I try to walk past him when he grabs my arm. I glance at him before snatching my arm away from him.

“My truth is that you forced me out of my home without even the opportunity to say goodbye to my family! I get it that you mourned her but I was left with nothing. Couldn’t even keep my clothes I had on me when I shifted under your command. Scared and alone without a home to return to or ask someone for help I had to find a way out here to survive.” I have to take a breath before I continue.

“You didn’t even have a bad conscience to come and look for me under all these years. To even see if I was still alive. So, whatever you think justifies that I’ m not interested to hear. I don’t have time to stand here and keep arguing with you! I have a pack to look after and make sure they are safe. You and your men are free to leave our grounds whenever you are ready!” I say before walking out of my room and leaving him inside.

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