I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 114

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 114 

Selena POV: 

My feets carry me inside the house and pull me further down the hallway, I can’t stop my body. My gift is sizzling under my skin and pulling on the thread to the other energy in the room. 

Coming inside a dark living room I feel it getting stronger and whatever it is my gift is yearning after it I got to have, my gift starts to draw energy from the other, and as fast it connects with my energy it starts to intervene and fill my veins with a strong warm feeling I can’t get enough off. I want more, need more! 

It’s like a drug to my gift and I want it all! 

“You have to stop Selena!” I hear a dark voice inside my head but I am too lost in the feeling and keep drawing out the energy and s*cking it up in my body. I’m strong this way and untouchable, it’s the best feeling and I start to feel high on it! 

My veins are filled with the other energy and my surroundings start to glow purple, I know it’s my gift that does this. A hand grabs my shoulder and it’s from the person the energy is coming from. 

“You have to stop Selena!” the voice says again but there is no way I can stop when it feels so good. 

I’m getting hotter by the minute and I pant out when it feels like my veins are going to boil any minute now. 

‘You leave me with no choice!” the voice says when I feel the energy slowly getting drawn back from my body, but it doesn’t stop there!

The person is starting to take my energy from me, I feel it slowly getting s*cked out of my body. A small piece at the time! 

“Fight it, Selena! You can stop it!” I hear the voice but with every second p@ssing, my energy is slowly s*cked away from my body. Trying to stop it but my body is getting weaker, falling to my hands and knees I pant out and try to hold on to the last piece of my strength when it suddenly stops. 

Trying to understand what just happened when I hear some fast footsteps behind me and Emma comes to my side when she squats down and grabs my arm. 

“How do you feel Selena?” she asks while I try to wrap my head around it. 

“What happened?” I ask in shock and can’t understand anything from it. 

“I happened!” the voice says from behind me when his hand comes to my shoulder and I feel my energy slip back into my body from his touch. 

I gasp when it fills me up at a fast pace and it feels different, pure in some strange way. 

Staying on the floor when Emma starts to pull me up on my feets, I have to hold on to her for a short moment when my head spins. 

“Come let’s talk in the kitchen!” I hear the man say and turn around to see it’s Michael who is standing there, did I just take his energy? 

“I think it’s best if we do!” Emma says and starts to pull me with her, none of this makes any sense to me. I know my gift could take energy from the herb, but I haven’t met anyone else that has some kind of gift I can pull at. 

Walking behind Michael we come to his kitchen where he has herbs all over the place and I guess he where fixing them when we came here. 

“Take a seat I will fix us some tea!” he says and start to walk over to the stove. 

“I hope I didn’t hurt you in some way!” I say and feel bad I couldn’t stop even if he told me I had to. 

He turns to look at me where I stand beside the table. 

“You didn’t! I can control it, but you on the other hand would be the one in pain if I hadn’t stopped it!” he says and none of this makes any sense to me. 

“I don’t understand!” I say to him when he turns back and starts to prepare the tea. take a seat Selena and I will explain it all for you!” he says again and Emma tugs on my arm to come and take a seat at the table. Walking around it I pull out a chair beside her and sit down, in front of me on the table are several herbs I recognize and some I have never seen before. Emma reaches for some herbs and looks at them when she places her bag on the table. 

It takes a moment before Michael comes back and places some cups on the table, looking at the cup mine smells different from the one Emma and Michael have. There is no doubt I have gotten something completely different in mine. 

“Why is my tea different than yours?” I have to ask him when he takes a seat in front of us. He only gives me a big smile and looks at me for a long moment. 

“Because it’s good for you!” he says and turns his head to look at Emma, seeing. them exchange looks for a moment I know there is something more going on here. He takes his cup to his lips and sips on it, while both of them are silent. I’m about to ask them what it is when Emma speaks up instead. 

“I have something I need to ask you!” she says when I take my cup from the table and start to sniff at it. It smells strong on something I can’t place, deciding to give it a try I take it to my lips and sip on it. 

The first taste I can hardly describe and I’m about to spit it right out when the aftertaste is sweet and really good. 

“That was weird!” I say and decide to give it another try when it tastes better this time, the aftertaste is really good and the more I taste it the better it gets. 

“What is!” Michael asks and I lift my head from the cup and look at him. 

“The taste! First, it was awful than the aftertaste was really good and the more I sip on it the better it gets!” I say when he glances over at Emma and it has me suspicious of what it’s all about. 

“What is it?” I ask them when Michael only shrugs his shoulders. 

“What did you want to ask me?” he says and turns to look at Emma. Seeing her place the cup down before she takes her bag and opens it. 

“Selena was drugged with this herb when she was taken, they used it to have her bond broken. I don’t have enough knowledge of it and when she where in a bad shape and couldn’t heal she asked for this! I took the chance and gave it to her the way it is and she healed up fast but got high on it!” I hear Emma say when she takes a can out from her bag and I see the herb inside from the swamp when she hands it over to Michael. 

He takes the can and looks at it for a long moment, I see him being in deep thought when he places it down in front of him and takes a long look at me in silence. I wait for him to speak up when he takes his cup and sips on the tea, I’m at the edge of my seat and want to hear his thoughts on it. 

“This would explain most of it!” he says and keeps his eyes on me. explains what?

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