I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 98

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 98

Selena POV: 

He gave me the syringe in my thigh and the pain it brought to me made me p@ss out, I even wished for death to take me instead. 

I thought this was it when the bond started to fade away, it felt like a part of me where about to d*ie when suddenly the thin thread that connected me to Kian stopped and pulled away. Just like it’s laying somewhere deep down, not completely gone but broken. 

My heart feels like it has shattered into small pieces and the only one who can mend it together is Kian. 

Tears run down my cheeks where I lay in the bed, prisoned in my own body not able to move or fight him, my heart goes out to Kian, and the thought he won’t survive this brings a sob to my lips, 

I should be stronger than this! I should be strong enough to fight for my destined mate, but I’m nothing more than a breathing blood bag right now to feed Elijah’s obsession with me! 

Opening my eyes I look right into a pitch–black room, not a light in sight and I know it has to be in the middle of the night! I’m not able to move when I hear his footsteps getting closer to where I lay on the bed. 

I’ll rather face death than be f0rced to have him as my mate! 

I know if he completes the mate bond and I K*ll him it will end up K*lling me too, that’s a sacrifice I’m ready to make just to K*ll him for what he has done! 

“Now the worse part is over for you!” I hear him say before his arms come under my body and he lifts me from the bed. Feeling his n@ked chest being pressed against my body I wish I had some strength to turn my head and rip his throat out but I’m completely cut off from my wolf. 

He starts to walk with me over to a door he pushes open with his foot, inside he walks over and places me down on the toilet. I see good enough in the dark even without my wolf! 

“I’m going to lean you against the sink and you can do your business while I pour a bath!” he says and leans my upper body against the sink as he said, I don’t care if I pee on the floor or over him! 

I don’t care at all about anything else than the pain and emptiness I feel after Kian, I’m hollow and dead inside! 

He took him from me! More tears run down my cheeks and maybe it would be for the best if Elijah s*cked me dry so there would be no turning back from the darkness, I don’t want to keep breathing without Kian! 

I hear him turn on a tap and water starts to pour into the tube, I feel how my bladder empties in the toilet and I don’t care if it does or not. I hear him walk over to where I am and I guess he plans to wash his food! 

“Are you done?” he says and I’m not going to answer him! Sitting completely silent when he leans down to pick me up again. 

“I bet you are a bit angry about all of this but as soon we have completed the mating it will all be good, and if you behave I will give you a nice time in the bathtub,” he says and a chill courses through my body, I don’t want him anywhere near me! 

He lifts me from the toilet and starts to carry me over to the tube before he slowly gets inside with me in front of him, I have already noticed he took off my underwear when I was unconscious and who knows what else he has done to me! 

The warm water covers a large bit of my body when he pulls me flat against him. and places my head on his shoulder, One of his arms holds a tight grip around my waist when I feel him trace his nose down my cheek. I feel disgusted wherever he is touching my skin, I hate it! 

“You smell so good! I’m going to wash you up so you’ll be ready for me once I can take your body!” he says and I bite my tongue to prevent myself from letting him. know what I feel about all this, I have a feeling if I’m going to be able and put up any fight against him I have to pretend to give in to him. 

He starts to pour some shampoo into my hair and his hand comes up and washes my hair before he travels down my body and starts to wash my upper body, I hate to feel his hands on me and I would rather have him s*cking my blood than feel his touch. 

His hands come to my bre@sts when I feel his dirk jerk behind my back and I have to swallow a sob. 

Remembering Emma’s words how she pulled away from what happened to her body and no one of the men could take her just her body! 

Well, I have to find a way out of this, I will not let him take my body! 

His hand travels down my stomach and I start to feel panic through all this, can’t move and he does what he wants! A sob leaves my lips I don’t manage to swallow. 

His hand comes up to my face instead when he takes a grip on my chin. 

“Are you still thinking of him?” he says with venom in his voice next to my ear while his grip on my chin increases, I don’t care to answer his question, he will not get anything out of me! 

He takes a large inhale at my skin before he travels down with his nose over my neck and down to my shoulder where Kian’s mark used to be. 

“I know something I can do to have you more willing against me!” his evil voice says right before I feel his teeth sink down into my shoulder, I cry out in pain when his teeth hit my bone, he holds me hard and tight to his body. 

Feeling when his d*ic*k grows hard behind my back when his venom starts to swirl around in my veins, he marked me! 

I gasp out from the feeling when he retracts his teeth and licks over the bite. 

“I knew you would be coming around once you get a taste of my venom!” he says next to my ear and I feel something stir inside my body. His venom spreads through my body slowly and for every place, it travels through my veins a warm feeling starts to take over, this is nothing like the mate bond I felt with Kian! 

My mind is occupied with the feeling when his hand comes down and cups my p*uss*y, I’m lost in my own body and trying to feel what’s happening when he starts to wash me and I gasp out from the feeling when his venom comes closer to my heart. 

“I knew you would like it! And the best thing is I get to mark you again once I take your body as mine to complete it properly!” he says when I feel something snap in place inside my body, Instead of fighting against it, I welcome it! 

It stirs and sizzles under my skin, ready to show its real face to me and I know his venom just opened up a new gift inside of me, I bet he didn’t prepare for this! 

Remember the witch’s word to trust my gifts and I haven’t gotten all of mine when 

I met him. This is something new and changes something in my body, I feel it mixes inside, pulling at my other gifts and spreading through my veins. 

It stirs and pulls at my strength and every nerve in my body gets connected to it. Something is taking over my senses and I know I will get s*cked down into the darkness again, this time I welcome it! 

I hope once everything has connected, I will get my strength back! 

If I do, I will show him what he has taken from me and my wrath will be unleashed!

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