I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 128

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 128 

Selena POV: 

Coming out of the portal on the other side I see one of my men laying on the ground and he isn’t breathing any longer, I followed him over here when I felt where he was. 

I already know he is dead before I reach over to where he is. 

Falling to my knees when I’m by his side I see his neck has bite marks from a vampire and I can’t do anything for him. 

He was one of the unmated warriors and a young shifter who joined my pack a couple of months ago, he was a great fighter and a nice man. 

My heart goes out to him and I hate not being able to do anything about it. 

Turning my head I start to look around but I don’t see anyone and since I can’t shift to my wolf I have to rely on the senses I’ve got. 

I recognize the place I’m at and it’s a bit in the forest from my pack, from here we are on the opposite side from the cave where the rogues are most active. 

I have to leave him here on the ground and come back for him later on once I have found the rest. 

Fear starts to creep up my spine I’m too late for the others! 

Getting up on my feet I look around when I slowly start to walk in one direction, have no idea where to go since Jacob and my pack warriors use the potion regularly I can’t smell them. My nose picks up a faint trace of blood and I turn that way when I start to walk in that direction, trying to listen for any sound. 

Walking for a bit I try to mind link Jacob without any result, he is cut off from me and I curse in my head for how stupid he has been going outside with a small group and not knowing what it is outside our barrier. 

Coming to a clearing I stop in my track when I see two more of my men laying dead. on the ground, a sob leaves my lips and I’m frozen to my spot. 

They are dead and by the sight of it there where K*lled by vampires, I feel how tears stay to prick behind my eyelids and run down my cheeks! I’m too lait! 

“Well, well, what do we have here!” I hear a voice say and snap my head in that direction. Seeing two men comes walking out from the trees in front of me I already know they are vampires without being close to them, their black eyes and black veins under their eyes give them away. 

Standing in my place and listening for more movement when it’s a bit off rustling to my side, my breath hitches in my body from the sight! 

In front of me, they have Jacob on his knees and one other of my men. Both of them are in a bad shape and I fear they won’t make it much longer. The vampire who is holding them by their necks looks over at the one in front of me and I guess they are waiting for a signal to know what to do. 

“I’m so sorry Selena! Don’t try and save me, get back instead!” comes Jacob’s voice through the mind link and I can’t let them do this! 

“It looks like we hit Jackpot! Get rid of them we have what we need right in front of us!” I hear him say when my anger flares to life again, even if I can’t shift I can still pull on the gifts and do something. My gift sizzles under my skin ready to be used when I see in slow motion how the vampires slit a cut over their throat and blood starts pulsating out. 

My anger burst out from my body and it hits them like a shock wave, I know it will only have them out for a short moment but I take what I can. 

I’m quick and start running over to where Jacob is laying on the ground, falling to my knees I see him fight for his life. Blood is running down his neck, and placing my hands over his wound I try to transfer some healing over to him but the gap is way too big and I need my wolf to be able and fix this properly. 

I only get a short moment to try and heal him when I get hit from the side and a vampire is laying on top of me and trying to get to my neck. 

Fighting with all I can to get him off me for a long moment, he is strong and without my wolf, I can’t put up much resistance. I don’t have the strength I need to fight him off much longer. 

Trying to take a deep breath and gather as much I can to form an energy ball and blast him off me, I see him land a far bit away from me and that took more off me than I wanted. Trying to catch my breath and get up when he is right above me again and push me back down on the ground. 

He grabs my arms and holds them in place to my side while I’m trashing 

underneath him with the strength I got, I know what his intentions are when he suddenly disappears over me and all I got time to register is a black fur. 

Turning my head to the side I can’t believe who it is when two others come and get right into the fight. Looking at Jacob I see his chest still rise and fall but my other warrior is lying dead on the ground. 

I can’t let Jacob d*ie from us without trying to save him! 

Getting up on my feet I rush over to Jacob and place my hands on his neck and try to get it to stop bleeding, I have no energy left to try and heal him, I need my wolf to do it! As of now, all I can do is try and stop the bleeding and hope he will heal. 

It only takes a short moment until Kian comes walking up beside me and stops right behind my back, I don’t know how he manages to get here but I’m grateful he is here and what others he has brought with him. Hearing someone grunt I believe they have K*lled all the vampires off. 

“I need to get him back to the hospital!” I shout and try to hold my emotions under control. 

“Why don’t you shift and heal him?” Kian says and I can’t explain it to him right now, need to get Jacob back. 

“I can’t right now!” I say in a rush and open a portal to get him inside. Kian stands. behind me for a long moment while I get up and start to drag him. Kian walks up and grabs him from me, and starts to drag him over to the portal when I get inside! 

Walking out on the other side I feel how my tears run down my cheeks when we walk right out in the hospital. 

“We need help over here right now!” I scream out and look for a nurse who comes running with the doctor behind. 

They instantly start to work on him and lift him on a stretcher and start to pull him away, I can’t follow after them or help him more when Kian walks up right in front of me. 

I’m a mess and my emotions are everywhere; I couldn’t save them! 

They are all dead because I didn’t lead them properly, I have failed them and my pack. A sob leaves my lips when I look down at my shaky bloody hands, my surroundings have faded away and all I have fought for to try and keep my men and pack safe has failed! 

I’m not a good Alpha to my people! 

Feeling a hand shake my shoulders I raise my head and look right into Kian’s eyes when I hear Emma’s voice comes from behind and I turn my head that way when I see her walk inside with Cannon behind. 

“Why didn’t you shift and got the vampire off you instead of trying to fight him off you in human form?” he booms out and I feel his anger. I feel ashamed by all of this and I didn’t only fail my pack, I failed him and our children by going out there and risking all of our lives even if I promised him to stay inside. 

What kind of mother am I to not remember I’m pregnant and keep them safe? I risked their lives and mine by going after them the way I did. I’m just as stupid as the others who went out because I can’t contain my anger and think rationally before acting, I know whatever anger will come from Kian I deserve it all! 

Turning my head back to meet his eyes I look right into them before telling him the truth. 

“I’m pregnant!”

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