I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 39

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 39

Selena POV:

It was so cold in the cell, If I only could have shifted then we could have been there without any problem.

When Kian came down and picked me up in his bare chest I knew he had done it on purpose. But I was too cold to fight against him. Just needed to get warm I snuggled in his warm chest and let him carry me wherever he planned to. When he laid me down on his bed I felt the warmth coming from the fireplace, I tried to wiggle away from him.

I don’t want to be this close to him, I just need to get warm again.

’’Relax,” he says and I feel how he let his alpha command wash over me, at first I try to fight it but I am too cold. I have no other choice but to do as he says. He pulls me closer and I inhale his scent. My body relaxes and I feel so calm and tired. Like I haven’t slept in ages.

Letting sleep take over, for now, I will get my energy back soon.

Waking up the next morning I find myself alone in his bed, the spot next to me is cold. He must have been gone a while, but how come he left me alone? Doesn’t he think I will run off anymore?

Getting up from the bed I find none of my clothes and I don’t want to go into his closet I head over to the bathroom and after I have washed up I decide to go looking for my clothes and grab my phone before I leave. My wolf is almost fully recovered and I feel our strength is back. I can easily leave now but I would like my phone and clothes back first.

Walking out of the door I see no one outside, heading towards the stairs I hear someone talking downstairs. Trying not to make any sound when I walk closer I hear their voices, saying something about being under attack and everyone is outside fighting. I feel my wolf whimper and I know Kian is hurt somehow.

Standing there for a moment and debating to myself if I should go and help him, but decide it’s not my fight and he is the Alpha king. He will make it!

It’s better to just get home even if I have to leave my stuff behind. Looking around there is no one here I open a portal and walk into it, coming to the other side I’m met by an angry Emma standing and waiting for me.

“I hoped I was wrong but I see now I’m not! How could you leave him when you know he is hurt? You have to go back now!” She barks out to me and I try to walk past her.

She grabs my arm and f0rces me to stay.

“I don’t think I owe him anything!” I say with venom in my voice. Emma looks angry at me.

“You have a choice here, either you go back and save them or the kingdom, and everyone inside of it will be K*lled. Including your family and friends,” she says and I feel her being serious about this. I know she has seen it in a vision! I sigh and close my eyes for a moment before looking back at her.

“If I do I will expose myself, and there is no turning back from that!” I tell her. She knows it too and it could come down to me being haunted for the rest of my life. I have been laying low with my gifts knowing I will be a target after that.

“We are here with you all the way! You are not alone in this fight!” She says and I know they are. “go back now! I’m coming with you” she says and I take a deep breath and open a portal behind us. I have no other choice. I can’t let my family d*ie because I’m scared for my own life.

We walk out of the portal on the other side and stand on a slope I see the fight under us.

There are wolves everywhere, I sniff in the air and I know it’s rogues. But I also smell a lot of silver and blood, seeing the king’s warriors fighting and bleeding. They don’t heal and I guess the rouges have done something more.

The King is easy to find in his big black wolf, he is injured but still keeps fighting. He is bigger than the others but I see four more big wolves one is black like him which I guess might be his dad, the former king. And the other two have to be the beta and gamma. Everyone is injured but fighting like they don’t care!

Turning my head I whimper in pain when I spot my little brother he is down on his knees and a rogue is about to attack him. I can’t let him be K*lled.

We shift in the air and gather all energy we can from the earth we are running on, jumping down the slope we come running as fast we can. Need to get there before it’s too lait for my brother, I can’t lose him! Heads are turning and I know in the sunlight with our power on display our white furr will almost look a hint of gold.

Gather all our energy to our paws from the earth and just before we reach the fight we jump in the air and when we land we push the energy into the ground and the ground underneath us starts to shake violently, letting our power slip out and shoot up from the earth like a shock wave, taking all the rogues out. They fall down unconscious!

The king’s warriors shift from the impact. We stand there and try to take in everyone. I see my brother standing up and I feel relief we made it in time. I never wanted to reveal myself but for my brother and family, I will. Standing there I know there is no going back from this! My secret is out.

All heads are turned our way, everyone is silent. Not a whimper is heard. I feel how scared they are of us and waiting to know what we will do. I don’t blame them, we are not part of their pack and they have no idea who we are.

The closest warriors take a stand ready to fight us. Seeing this my wolf let out a warning growl, ready to fight them if they try.

“Stand down,” Kian says to his men. They instantly take a step back.

Slowly starting to walk over to where Kian is.

My wolf is a big white wolf and we almost reach up to their chest. I know whe are not as big as the king’ s wolf but we are not as small as other she-wolves. The men we walk by taking a step back and my wolf let out a warning growl to everyone, not letting anyone come close to us.

Walking past men and rogues who still lay on the ground we reach Kian and his closest men I guessed were his beta and gamma, and I was right even with the former king. The resemblance between father and son can not be questioned. Kian is a copy of his father!

When we almost reach Kian we stop and look at him, he is injured from his hip up his chest with a large deep wound that won’t heal. Sniffing in the air I know they all have silver in their wounds.

He stretches out his hand to touch us and we take a step back, I don’t want him near my wolf!

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