I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 61

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 61

Selena POV:

The moment I step out of the portal I see several men and wolves trying to drag people from her sister’s village, there is no time to waste, and I quickly shift in the air.

Running over to the first wolf I get ahold of there is no question they are rogues.

Reaching the first wolf we jump and attack it from the side, when he turns his head to us our f0rce knocks it to the ground. I hear someone running beside me and turning my head I see Jessie’s wolf and Zoey’s wolves come running beside me and head right into the fight with no hesitation.

I’m happy they are here and together we can take these wolves out.

It takes a while before we have taken several down and a few have made a run for it when I hear a scream from behind and it sounded like Emma. My blood freezes in my veins. She can’t have followed us here, she knows how I feel about her coming with us to a fight!

Turning around I see her standing beside Sari and two rogues running over to where they are, this time I can do something about it.

Shifting back I gather my energy and blast away two big energy balls at the rogues I won’t let anyone come near Emma or Sari.

When my balls hit the rogues they quickly drop to the ground unconscious. Seeing Emma snapping her head in my direction I take a breath of relief when they are alright.

Booth Emma and Sari stand close to each other and no one else is around. O

I pay my attention to the fight around me and see it1 s only Jessie left who has a rouge by its throat and continues to bite it and toss it around.

There is no question in my mind that rogue is dead and she is overK*lling it. A woman comes over and hands us some shirts, both Zoey and I take them on while keeping our eyes on Jessie

“What do you think is her problem today!” Zoey says with a sigh. I just shrug my shoulders at the sight in front of me.

“I think it’s dead by sure already!” I shout to Jessie before I see her drop the rogue to the ground and walk over to us. She shifts right in front of us. The woman hands her a shirt while Jessie puts it on and starts to stretch. I look at her with a raised eyebrow and my hands on my hips.

Waiting to hear her explanation. She stops after a little while.

“What?!” She says and looks at me.

“You don’t think you overdid it with him?” I say and point in the rogue’s direction. She turns her head and glances at it before looking back at me.

“No! I’m tired of being underestimated by men just because I’m a woman and a small wolf. And besides, he bit me on my ankle! It soothes him right” she says and points to her ankle. You could see a small scratch on her but nothing more.

“Jessie do we need to talk?” I say and don’t take my eyes off her. She places her hands on her hips.

“Fine! I won’t K*ll the next one just take them out!” I hear Zoey chuckle at her.

“Yes, it would be good, that way you just did it we won’t have any chance to interrogate them!” I say and look around. Most of the rogues are just unconscious and we need to take them back and start interrogating them. I know the perfect person to do it but I have a feeling Kian would be furious if I came to his castle with several rogues and

revealed I didn’t stay inside our barrier, I don’t feel up to taking that fight with him today.

For now, there is no other choice but to take them back home and place them in our small dungeon. “I will start and tie them up!” Zoey says and follows after a man to find some ropes.

“That’s good! Have it done with Jessie while I start to look around the village!” I say to her and turn around to find Sari and Emma gone from their place. My heart takes an extra beat and I start to run over to where they were and find a trace of their scent. Both of them know to stay away from a fight in a safe place and never walk away on their own.

I can understand why Sari would want to go and find her sister but the place is not secure yet!

Taking off my shirt and shifting to my wolf she takes the shirt in her mouth and starts sniffing on the ground until she finds a fresh trace and starts running that way.

Making our way between houses and people’s lawns we run as fast as we can.

Coming around a corner where I find them sitting on the ground beside a body. I dread to come close and find it’s Sari’s sister.

Shifting when I come right behind them and pull on my shirt I drop to the ground. Sari is trying to hold a big gap in her sister’s stomach together and there is no time to waste.

“Selena save her!” I hear Emma’s panicking voice when I place my hands on her body and let my healing ability out and into her body. Healing her wound, the gap starts to glow before it heals up.

Hearing her take a big breath I know she will be alright and I take my hands from her.

Sari helps her to sit and leans her body against a tree behind her.

“Thank you!” Sari says and takes my hand in hers. Squeezing it I look between her sister and her.

“Always Sari!” I say when there are several shouting around us. There are a lot more injured people, and I know this will take a bit of my strength.

I don’t waste any time and get right on it. Emma follows behind and helps me figure out who needs help first. Since they aren’t a pack of wolves I can’t do it the way I did with Kian. I have to walk around and take one at a time.

Witches and humans are mated to live in this small village.

I see four more who I guess are witches with healing powers helping to heal some of the injured people. This will take a long time to have done!

Hours later we have the situation under control and the ones who needed to be healed we helped, a few dead people we have placed in one of their meeting halls. Once they can they will bury them and right now we are trying to get on top of how many they are missing and where the rogues came from.

“What we can find is they only managed to get three people from here!” Zoey comes over and reports to me.

“Well, we can’t just let them get away! Are the other rogues tied up and ready to have portaled back?” I ask her and look over at the village.

“Yes! You can mind linking Jacob and having some guards come over here to pick them up! I’m not going back without you” she says when Jessie comes over.

“I’m not going either! We will stay by your side” Jessie says and I’m grateful they want to stay by my side.

“Alright! Let’s head over to them and I will mind link on the way!” I tell them and start to walk where we left the rogues.

I get ahold of Jacob and once we have reached them I open a portal and several of our guards come

walking through and pick up our prisoners before walking back.

Closing the portal I get dizzy and know I have used up a bit too much of my energy. Jessie’s arm comes around my waist to help and give me some support.

“Come! Follow me and I can help her!” I hear a man ‘s voice from a distance. I just follow where Jessie takes me.

After a small walk, she gets me to take a seat in a chair and I do when I hear a deep dark voice.

“Open your mouth!” He says and pours something into my mouth.

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