I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 60

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 60 

Selena POV: 

Feeling someone patting my hand I slowly open my eyes and look to the side. Finding Emma sitting on the side of my bed with my hand in hers. 

“How do you feel?” She asks and looks at me. Looking around in the room we are alone. Pulling my hand out of hers I drag my body further up in the bed and rest my head against the headboard. 

Feeling some pain in my shoulder but that’s all I feel. Taking my hand up on my shoulder and it’s sensitive. 

“He had to mark you again to get your bond to calm down before the potion started to work or you would have f0rced yourself on him!” Turning my head to look at her I know she is right. I was crazy with the need to mate. 

“He isn’t so bad Selena! He didn’t take advantage of you when you were out of your senses. He did this for you!” She says and I sigh before pinching the bridge of my nose. 

I know she is right and he had every chance to complete the bond before, if he hadn’t done what he did I would have taken what I needed. 

“Where is he now?” I ask and look back at her, his scent is faint in my room and I guess he hasn’t been in here for a couple of hours. 

“He left after he put you in bed to go and check your notes again, but I guess he had a hard time being in the same room as you with the way he rushed out of here when I walked inside!” She says and smiles at me. 

“I have to go and talk with him!” I say and toss the blanket off me. Looking at my body he has dressed me in a long shirt and it has his scent. Taking it to my nose I take a large inhale and his scent fills up in my lungs. 

I hear Emma chuckle at me and I turn my head to look at her. 

“I almost didn’t intervene before. If I knew you wouldn’t be furious at him or us I would let you complete it instead!” She says and wiggles her eyebrows at me. 

Rolling my eyes at her I place my feet on the floor and start to walk over to the closet. 

“I know you would make beautiful babies and I want to be an aunt!” Emma says and I stop in my track and turn to look at her. She sits on my bed with a big grin on her lips. 

I just shake my head at her and turn back to my closet and walk inside. 

“You could get another one with your mate and leave me alone!” I say and start to put on clothes quickly. I’m not in the mood for her teasing right now. 

“Or we could get pregnant at the same time!” She says and I drop my shoe on the floor at her statement. Hearing her chuckle I know she said it to see my reaction. Taking up my shoe and putting it on I walk past her and head over to the door. She takes quick steps and places her arms in mine before I have reached the door. “You know what! I’m only teasing you to get you out of that serious mood. You need to relax a bit and try to enjoy his company instead” she says and I sigh. She will always be this way and it’s one of the reasons I like her this much, even if she gets on my nerves sometimes she can always lighten up my mood. 

“I know you are!” I say to her and reach for the door handle. I will have her words in the back of my mind and think about it, he might have changed! 

We walk together for a bit in the hallway before she goes down to the kitchen instead. I somehow feel nervous to meet him again after I lost it. 

Shewing on my nail I come to stand outside my closed office door and don’t manage to make me walk inside and face him. I can only imagine the amount of self–discipline he got to stop himself from completing the bond when I practically jumped him with my need. 

Lost in my thoughts I don’t notice at first when the office door is opened and Kian’s arm grabs me and pulls me inside the room before he closes the door and cages me in with his hands on each side of the wall. 

His nose comes down to my shoulder when I feel him take a deep breath. 

“I..!” I start saying when his hand comes up and grabs my chin in a firm grip when he tilts my head up to look at him. 

Meeting his gorgeous amber eyes he traces his thumb on my bottom lip. 

“I don’t want to f0rce the bond on you! Take the time you need” he says and slowly closes the distance between us. His lips come down on mine in a soft kiss that gives me b*tterflies in my stomach. 

He ends the kiss too quickly and I stand there wanting more when he places his arm around my waist and pull me with him over to the table. 

“I have found several issues with your notes and I have to go back and meet some alphas from the closest packs!” He says and I look at what notes he is referring to. “Alright!” I say to him and place the notebook back down on the table. 

“Can I borrow these?” He says and picks up a few of them before turning to look at me. 

“Yes, that’s fine by me!” I have no use for them right now and if he wants to bring them it’s alright. 

There is a knock on the door before Declan and Cannon come walking inside. 

“They are ready to head back!” Cannon says and I guess he means their drivers and guards. 

“Alright, tell them we will be down shortly,” Kian says while he keeps his eyes on me. 

“I want you to come with us!” He says and I look at him. 

“I won’t leave my pack! So I’m not coming with you” I say in a firm tone. There is no way I will be leaving them to go with Kian to his kingdom. I have to stay here and look after my pack. I see him take a big breath and sigh 

“Alright, I won’t f0rce you! But I’m coming back when I can” He says in a firm tone without any chance to argue with him. Looking all over his face before I give him a response. 

“You know I can always portal and you can mindlink me wherever you are!” I tell him when he grabs me and pulls my body close to him. 

“Don’t go and do anything rash before I’m back. Stay inside your borders” he says with a dominant voice. 

When I don’t answer he places one of his hands behind my head and f0rce my head up to look at him. 

“Do you hear what I’m saying!? Stay inside your borders” I just give him a light nod, if he believes I would stay under any command from him or anyone else for that matter he is mistaken. 

“Good girl!” He says and gives me a peck on my lips before letting me go. He turns around and is about to leave when I open a portal in front of them and take a seat at my big table. Looking at their surprised faces when they look between the portal and me. 

“The expressway to your castle!” I say and give them a wink. Declan chuckle and is the first one to step inside before Cannon follows after. Kian looks at me for a long moment before he takes determined steps and gets inside. Closing the portal after them I sigh. 

“Couldn’t you have sent at least Declan to a pond or something! Just getting him a little w*et” I hear Jessie’s voice and start to laugh at the thought. 

“You would have loved it wouldn’t you!” I say between laughs and get down from the table. 

“Yes! You have no idea how much he has gotten on my nerves these days” she says and sighs. I see a dreamy expression on her face for a quick moment. 

“it looks like he has gotten on some other nerves also!” I say and wiggle my eyebrows at her before I start to gather my notes and maps on the table and walk over and place them back where I store them on the shelf. 

“No, he is still annoying!” She says and helps me get the last one back. 

“I have some work to catch up on, everything alright with the borders?” I ask her while walking over to my desk and taking a seat behind my computer. There are a few things from work I have to take a closer look at. 

“Right now there aren’t any new activity and Jacob are out scouting with five more. He just reported they were on their way back here!” She says and sits down in front of me when I hear some fast steps in the hallway before Sari comes rushing inside. with a frightened expression on her face and tears streaming down her cheeks. Whatever has happened it’s serious! 

“I need you to portal me over to my sisters right away! I only heard screaming on the phone!” She shouts out and I get up from my seat when Emma and Zoey come running inside. 

“Alright! But I’m not letting you go alone. I’m coming with you” I say and open a portal to her sister and step over to the portal before Sari makes it there. I will be the first one out of the portal and if we are stepping into any fight I have a chance to save her. 

“I’m coming too!” I hear several voices when we rush inside the portal and I don’t have time to think about who is following after us over there.

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