I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 50

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 50

Kian POV:

I hear someone screaming my name desperately and I know whatever it is it’s seriously.

Turning around and leaving my men to K*ll off the last two rogues and head back to where the scream comes from.

Coming around the bushes I left my mate before fighting off the rouges my breath get stuck in my throat. I knew she was hurt but didn’t have time before to look at how serious it was.

Here she is dying on the forest floor!

Quickly shifting back and walk up to her.

“You have to give her your blood now!” I hear her friend scream at me and I don’t hesitate and drop to my knees, lifting her lifeless body in my arms and biting into my wrist.

Placing it to her mouth I see how my blood pour down her mouth and I just hope I wasn’t too late. She doesn’t move and I take my wrist and bite into it again and place it on her now blue lips.

Fear floods through my body at the sight of my dying little mate. I can’t let it happen!

“You have to mark her!” Her friend grabs my arm and I turn my head to look at her. I don’t want to f0rce the bond on her! And at the same time, I can’t lose her.

“We will figure it all out after! Just save her!” She says and I turn to look at my little mate. Her lips are even bluer than before and her skin is white. I hear a faint heartbeat in her chest and I know there is nothing else to do.

Turning her head to the side I lean my head down and sniff in her neck before I let my canines slip out. Holding her tight to my chest I bite down on her shoulder all the way so my canines hit her bone and her blood flood into my mouth.

The bond snaps to place and it has my heart take an extra beat when her emotions flooded me. I retract my canine and lap over the bite to seal my mark.

Holding her tighter to my chest while I rest my head against hers.

“Her wound is healing up!” I hear her friend say and lift my head to look down at her. She is right the wound is closing up and her lips have come back to their usual color when I hear her take a large inhale and her chest rise. I take a breath of relief!

My men and hers come running back to us and Declan’s mate drops to her knees beside us.

“Is she alright Emma?” She asks with worry in her voice and takes Selena’s hands in hers.

“She will be now!” Her friend I now have a name to answer.

“We just have to be prepared for when she wakes up! She won’t agree with what we had to do” she says and I look at her when she sees my mark and she turns her head and looks stern at me.

” If you do anything to hurt her again you will have to deal with me!” She says with a threat and would it be anyone else threatening their king I would have the person K*lled but when it comes to her friends I will let it pa*s. I give her a nod as my answer when I see her rise up.

” You know what we have to do and make it fast! I have mind linked the others!” She says and shifts to her wolf again. She and her other pack members start to run and drag bod*ies from this place. Declan runs over to help and takes the heavy body she is dragging with her mouth, only for her to snap her jaw at him and give out a warning growl. Declan sits down on his b*tt with a pout on his face. I can’t help but chuckle at the sight.

“Are all women here the same!” Cannon says and point to her. Emma rises up and places her hands on her hips and looks stern at Cannon.

“Do you have any problem with that!” She says and Cannon quickly looks to the ground and shake his head no.

She snorts at him before she starts to walk back to their pack. I rise from my place with Selena in my arms and come to stand beside Cannon.

He is looking longing at his mate’s back.

“Looks like I’m not the only one having his hands full with his mate!” I say and chuckle when I see Emma stops and turn to look at us with an angry expression on her face.

“Coming today or what!” She says and I start to walk after her while Cannon shift back and walk one step behind her.

It’s fun seeing my most feared warrior and gamma give in to his mate. Give him a day or two and he will be doing whatever she points at. I chuckle at the thought and will enjoy to see it happen.

But Cannon is right! They are headstrong females and I guess there is more to this story.

Taking larger strides I walk up to Emma and have to ask her.

“Can you tell me your story? I would like to know” Emma stops and looks at me and down at Selena in my arms I see her think about it for a moment before she sighs.

“It Isn’t my place to tell but I think it would help if you know some bits. Once she wakes up you will have your hands full with her rage!” She sighs but starts to tell me some parts of how they met and come to build a pack.

I couldn’t wrap my head around how many there are in this pack but it all makes sense why they are so close.

She explains about the barrier and the pack members. Listening to the story and looking around when we make our way back to the pack grounds and before I know it we come to stand outside their pack house.

” I will show you up to her room and your clothes are just inside.” She says and leads me up some stairs in the house.

When she opens the doors to her room her scent lays heavy in the room and I take a deep inhale before going inside.

“I will get a shirt for her and you can place her on the bed so I can wash her off a bit!” She says and I look down at my bloody mate in my arms.

“Just place the shirt on the bed and show me to a shower, I will clean her up,” I say and see when Emma walks out and look at me before she points with her finger at a door. I give her a nod and head over to her bathroom. 

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