I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 77

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 77

Selena POV:

His hand starts to travel under my shirt and over the side of my body when I remember why I came here in the first place. It’s important to have it fixed before Emma finds out we are gone again. This has to wait until I have solved the problem I came here for.

“Wait!” I say and break the kiss when he looks at me with questions in his eyes.

“I came here because we have a problem and need to talk with Cannon,” I say when he gives me a peck on my lips before he gets off me and pulls me up so I ‘m sitting.

“He’s down in the prison and interrogate the rogues you captured!” he says and I look at him puzzled. What are they doing here? I see his eyes glance over for a moment.

“he’s on his way now!” he says and captures my lips in a warm kiss before he lets go and gets up from the couch. Already miss his touch and want him back, but it will have to wait! Looking at his back when he walks over to his desk I need to ask him.

“Why do you have the rogues here?” I say and get up from the couch and walk closer to where he is when there is a knock on his door and his father walks inside after a short moment.

“I can tell you later!” Kian says and I turn my head to look at his father. He walks inside with a big smile on his lips.

“Hi, Selena. Good to see you back and well. My son here was about to lose it there for a moment!” he says and walks over and gives me a hug and places a kiss on my forehead. I stand there in shock! When did we become this close?

“Okay!” is all I manage to say when I hear the door being shoved open with f0rce so it hits the wall with a bang and I guess it will leave a print on the wall. Looking at the doorway I see a very bloody Cannon standing there with only a pair of shorts on him. He is breathing heavily and he looks a bit crazy at the moment.

“Where is she?” he booms out and I see how worried he is.

“Calm down Cannon!” Kian says when I notice his fists. They are trembling and he is breathing heavily.

“She is back home!” I say and the words hardly manage to get out of my mouth before he shifts and turns around and starts running out in the hallway.

I sigh but feel him and open a portal right in front of him and back inside the office again. He comes running out at a high speed and run right into the wall behind Kian’s desk and bounce back a bit and falls on his b*tt.

“Shift!” Kian orders out and with some resistance, he shifts in front of us. He stands n@ked when Kian growls at him and he covers his manhood with his hands. It is a bit too late, I have already seen him n@ked and don’t get what’s Kian’s problem with him being n@ked.

“He has his mate Kian! You don’t have to overreact here!” his father says when a man comes inside the room with a pair of shorts to Cannon he is quick to put on.

‚ÄúTell me quickly what it is! I have to get to her right now!” Cannon barks out and I understand what he feels.

“Cannon she is fine and you can’t run over to her with all that blood on you. Once you are ready I will portal you over to her!” I say when I see him look down on his body before he starts to walk out of the office with determined steps.

“Stop Cannon!” Kian says and he stops and turns around to face him

“What is it!” he says with anger in his voice when Kian points to me.

“She is here for you and it’s important! I suggest you try and calm down or I’m going to order you” Kian says when Cannon turns his head and look at me.

“We have a problem!” I say and sigh. A part of me wants to end that rogues life with my own hands for all the pain he has caused them. He is the one I have been hating for years since she told me her story of how she got the scar.

“What is it?” he says impatiently and I sigh.

“Can we close the door I don’t want anyone to hear and this part I’m not proud of!” I say when his father walks over and closes the door. Looking over at kian he walks in front of his office desk and leans against it while looking at me. Averting my eyes I turn around and think about how to explain all of this to them!

Taking a step over to his table I take out a chair and sit down, I guess this will take some time to explain. Turning my head their way before I start to explain.

“When I found Emma and her daughter all those years back she told us what she had to endure while she was captured and sold through the years. She and her daughter’s nightmares and screams finally got the best of us! Me, Jessie, Zoey, and Jacob

started to hunt the rogues down who had hurt them that way. We t*ortur*ed and K*lled everyone we could find. There was no stopping in us and when she said we got obsessed with finding everyone and torturing them, I think she is right. We couldn’t stop until we had found every one of them.” I say and look down at my lap before continuing. This is a dark time for me.

“We even started to think like the rogues when it came to the t*ortur*e and I’m not proud of it but we enjoyed getting back at them for what they had done! All of us want to get back at them for what they have done and we all would lay down our lives for Ella’s safety. She is something special! she is just a child with all these painful memories” I say and look out the window.

“I should have known we didn’t manage to get all of them!” I say and feel ashamed of myself for taking her lie that fast.

“You didn’t!” I hear Cannon burst out and I guess she has told him the same. That every one of them is dead. Looking over at him he has a glimmer of hope in his eyes and I know he will give them what they deserve.

“No!” I say when he starts to breathe heavily.

“Where are they!” he booms out when Kian’s father walks over and places his hand on his shoulder to have him calm down.

“We run into problems when we were at Sari’s sister ‘s village and you have to hear me out completely before you react!” I tell him and he gives me a nod. “When Ella where four years old Emma where badly beaten up by this man in front of Ella’s eyes. He hit her with his claws out over Emma’s face and let her bleed to death on the floor. He let her lay there in the darkness with her small daughter beside her. That night Ellas somehow manages to get her gift to manifest, but it was way too early, and I guess her will to save her mother made it to manifest. She has healing powers and I know one day she will be one of the best out there! O

But because she was only four and had no idea how she would do it she only managed to transfer some of Emma’s injury to herself and that’s why she has the same scar as Emma!” I only get to finish this when the worse roar I have ever heard reaches my ears.

Looking at Cannon his rage is all over the place! I know he hasn’t seen her daughter yet but I know now when he sees her he will understand.

Ella saved her mother but bear the scar from their time as prisoners. Looking at him he has a hard time containing himself. By the way he reacts now I know she will be safe with him. O

“Where is he? ” he roars out and looks at me

“I have him! But Emma doesn’t know and she can never know about this. She has forbidden us to K*ll anyone who is left of them. She can’t stand us getting s*cked into the darkness again! That’s why I ‘m here! I need you to take care of it for us!” I say and look at him. He understands perfectly what I mean.

“Just get me there! And I can promise he will beg me to end his life! ” he says with eagerness in his voice.

“There is something else you need to know!” I say and look over at Kian. The bag is laying on the floor beside his feet.

He has to get the whole picture before going after him!

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