I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 94

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 94

Kian POV:

No one says a word at first! Walking closer to where they all are standing I turn my head and look at Emma, I know there is something she knows.

“What is it, Emma?” I ask and have to contain my anger from bursting out, this is not her fault!

I see her hang with her shoulders before she slowly lifts her eyes to look at me.

“The chocolate you brought is sp*ked with some of his blood!” she says and I see how sad she is in her eyes.

“The chocolate is what?!” I boom out and now I can’t contain my anger at all! When I get my hands on him, I’m going to enjoy my time before I end him!

“Yes, and I believe I know why he has done it!” she says in a low voice and takes a step back. I know my anger is about to burst, I only need a small push and I won’t be able to control it any longer.

“Kian you have to calm down first!” Declan says and I feel his hand on my arm, I try to take deep breaths and get my emotions under control.

“Tell me! Why!” I say and look at her. She takes another step back and Cannon gets in front of her like a shield, I will not hurt her or anyone of them but I can understand his feelings if protecting his mate.

“He is trying to break the bond between you and I believe he wants her for himself and that’s why his blood is sp*ked in the chocolate!” she says and I have to clench my jaw together and hold my hands in fists from this information or I’m going to lash out on someone.

“Kian calm down! You need to focus on finding any clues to where she is being held!” Declan says and grabs my shoulder hard.

“Don’t f**king tell me to calm down when it’s my mate he is after!” I roar out and snap my shoulder out of his grip and turn to look at him.

“Yes, and that’s why you need to focus right now! You have marked her and as long the mark is still there you can feel her if we get close enough! So focus and take out your anger on him once we find him!” Declan barks back at me and he never

raises his voice. It does the trick and I stand there looking at him for a long moment and just breathe until I have calmed down enough to focus on what needs to be done.

“The herbs! Has anyone been able to get something out of them?” I say and avert my eyes from Declan before turning around and looking at Emma when Sari comes rushing into the house.

“What’s going on!” Sari says and walks over with a basket in her hands she places it on the counter before walking over to the table.

“They have brought some herbs with them! I haven’t got the time to look at them yet!” Emma says when Sari takes one can from the table and look at it closely.

Cannon reaches for the herb he is puzzled about and hands it over to Emma.

“I recognize this smell but can’t place it! I hope you know more!” he says when Sari places her can down and walks over to where Emma is looking at the can.

She opens the lid and I hear a gasp from one of them, seeing them both look at each other before Emma places the lid back on the can.

“How could he has this?” Emma says and I don’t like the sound of that.

“Have what?” I ask and look between them before Emma turns her head and looks at me.

“This herb is strong and very rare, only the highest witches know how to use it properly! If you do it right it will enchant every potion you make and there isn’t any bond you can’t break with it. There are only a handful of witches who would ever use it because of the side effects it can give, if it’s used wrong it will K*ll the one who ingests it!” Emma says and everyone is silent in the room and tries to process the new information.

I’m puzzled! How can he know about herbs and how to use them? He is a vampire and not a witch!

“I don’t get it! How can Elijah know about the herbs and how to make a potion? He is a vampire and not a high rank which!” Zoey says what I’m thinking.

“I have no good answer to that and we have to contact the witch council to ask them what they know! I’ll go and call them right now” Sari says and heads over to their herb room right away.

“Where can you find this herb?” Cannon asks and looking at Emma she thinks for a moment.

“They only grow in the soil in a swamp where you can find a lot of iron, very few places have that kind of environment where they can thrive!” Emma says and Cannon gets a frown on his forehead.

It takes a long moment in silence before he takes a step closer to the table and reaches for the map, he unfolds it on the table and leans over when he starts to look at it.

Walking over to where he stands and waiting for him to speak up when he suddenly places his finger on the map.

“I knew I recognized the scent! I have been in this area and it’s from here!” he says and we all look over at the map where he is pointing, it’s an area on the outskirts of the noman lands and the furthest end from the cave.

“When were you there?” I have to ask him since there isn’t a pack there

“Remember about a year back when I went to visit these two packs I decided to skip the car and run instead. I took a shortcut with two of our men and run right over here, we came right to a swamp which smelled like this herb and had to take a long way to come around it!” he says and I remember now.

“We need to get there right now!” I tell them and turn around to get out of there, we have to run back and get more men before taking a car and getting over to the area.

“What do you think we are going to find there?” Declan asks before I have walked out of the kitchen, stopping in my track and turning around to look at them.

“This is the only lead we have and if there is the smallest trace to find there I will find it!” I say when Cannon fold the map before turning and walking over to where I stand.

“let’s go!” he says and I see the others start to move.

“There is something you need to take before you leave!” Emma says when I’m about to turn around, seeing her walk over to the counter and take a few potions with her.

“Here you need to take these two!” she says and hands them to me. Looking at the potions before I take them and lift my eyes to look at her.

“What are these for?” I ask her when she looks at me with worry on her face.

“The first one is to give you strength. The other one is to strengthen your bond with Selena!” she says and I don’t take my eyes off her when she places her hand on top of mine.

“It will be painful! But you have to be strong for her and hold on to the bond you two have” she says in a shaky voice.

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